American pilot for the bin Laden family offers insight as to how Osama bin Laden became radicalized

Osama bin Laden became an Islamic terrorist because of the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood, the SAME Muslim Brotherhood that Barack Hussein Obama is supporting to take over leadership of Egypt. The SAME Muslim Brotherhood that the Obama Regime wants you to believe is a moderate Muslim organization.

BARACK OBAMA has endorsed a role for the Muslim Brotherhood in a new, post-Mubarak government for Egypt. This should come as no surprise. Obama has behaved consistently all along, from his refusal to back the protesters in Iran, who were demonstrating against an Islamic Republic, to his backing of these protesters in Egypt, to whom he has just given a green light to establish a government that, given numerous historical precedents, will likely be the precursor to an Islamic Republic. White House spokesman Robert Gibbs sai that a post-Mubarak Egyptian ruling group “has to include a whole host of important nonsecular actors that give Egypt a strong chance to continue to be [a] stable and reliable partner.” Contrary to claims that it is a moderate organization, the Muslim Brotherhood is actually the prototypical Islamic supremacist, pro-Sharia group of the modern age.