MUSLIM atrocities against Hindus (WARNING: Graphic Photo Images)

It doesn’t matter whether you are Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, or any other religion. If you are not a Muslim, you are the target of Muslim persecution and slaughter.

Muslims sprayed bullets on Prof. Muhari, a renowned Bangladeshi Hindu educationalist. (Source: Mukto-Mona)

Documenting Reality – 58 Hindus, most of them returning from Ayodhya, were killed and 43 injured when Muslims attacked the Sabarmati Express and set afire four of its coaches at Godhra railway station in Gujarat on February 27th, 2002. The other images are from an attack at a Hindu temple using machetes plus two other random attacks.

Muslims must realize the Hindus of India will not tolerate terrorist attacks on our people. Muslims will not understand peace unless steps of this nature are taken” – Nilkant (last name unknown), Godhra

“Muslims are 90% of today’s world trouble. If we sit back and let them kill, they will only do it more” – Shivshankar Trivedi, Ahmedabad

“The world nations must take care of their Muslim problem today before it’s too late and realize that the problem should be treated as a top priority. Islamic history has shown how brutal it can be once it has gained control of your nation” – Ravi Chudasama, Ahmedabad

If you don’t want to see the rest of these graphic photographs, scroll down fast now.

A Hindu man who was brutally tortured and then murdered by Muslims in Bangladesh

The bodies of 44 dead Hindu children lay on the floor of the civil hospital in Gandhinagar after Muslim militants stormed the Akshardham temple in Gandhinagar

H/T Delhi Watch

AMAZING 13 year old Hindu girl takes on the Muslims.

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  1. Islam is a religion for peace… prophet Muhammad (s) said.. those who hurt anybody, he no longer in my religion….. terrorist is a terrorist…. not a Muslim or Hindu….. none of religions gave any permission to kill another one… a victim is not a Hindu or Muslim…. he is just human being

  2. To be honest I hate this religion islam from my deep heart. I dont value this religion even a little bit. All non muslims should unite and kill all these devil muslims. If all muslims are killed then the world will become a billion times peaceful. There is nothing known as GOD in islam but a shitty arabic word allah. Allah is under my feet and I shit on allah and your kuran. All muslims must be hunted down and killed for world means. Kill muslims as brutally as you can. Find muslims wherever they are show no mercy and kill them and behead them in the most brutal ways.

    • Don’t spread the lies…Islam is peace..a surreal one (PUN INTENDED)…that is after it finishes everything else.

      I wish that this psychopathic cult in the garb of religion dies and rots in the desert of Arabia with its hubris and lies..!!

      In the country like India where the killing, rapine , forced conversions and loot was conducted on the scale of the holocaust by the pious proponents of the death cult from Arabia, it is so paradoxical to equate it to peace.

      They play the victim card by making oxymoron statements like “We are the largest Minority”…to hell with means you aint a minority but a second majority.

      That being said its heart wrenching to see that these morons idolize the very invaders who spread the culture of rapine and loot here. That is without realizing that though they are muslim today..but maybe in a yesteryear or a few generations ago..they are so thanks to the atrocious gang humping of their great great great great granny..!!

      Most of the Muslims in India have Indic roots….these pitiable fools are those whom the fangs of Islam ripped apart first..!!! Get it through you thick and more so sick skulls you morons !!

      Islam go to hell…and hell, please don’t curse me for stating so…

      Maybe hell is happy after that..coz it has been waiting since ages for something which increases its obnoxious potency..and in my opinion you cant find a suitor better then the crowds of deranged followers of cult of death…May pig piss be all over Allah..The very UNholy prophet and his ilk and they drown in it…Amen…( pig piss plz forgive me for making you impure by stating this).

    • we need a powerful warrior leader ( like GENERAL PATTON was ) to start a militia and attack those Islamic sharia law monsters in the USA and Europe !

  3. All non muslims are attcked around the world If the radical muslims ahte us so much why leave their countries and come here stay there…only trump putin china isreal and india with australis can stop this islam amdness

  4. What i don’t understand is that why are Indian Christians so anti hindu.I mean look at Christian missionaries converting vulnerable hindus to Christianity. What Indian Christians need to understand that once Hindus would perish,all the muzzie scums will kill Christians. Look at the Christians professor who got his hands chopped by islamist. Why are Indian Christian so anti hindu when Christians are living peacefully in hindu majority lands.The nuns were raped by Bangladeshi sandnigger NOT a hindu.Please don’t hate hindus.Stand united with Hindus against menace of islam.

    • First Vulnerable Hindus are Dalits and Tribals who Hindus discriminated for thousands of years. Christianity, Buddhism etc is only providing a refuge to the discriminated. You got to blame Hinduism for this mess.
      Second Christians are not anti Hindu, but they are anti VHP, RSS and BJP who provoke mob terrorism against a defenseless minority.
      Third Some Christians who are Ex-Dalits who see there brethren being discriminated give some anti Hindu statements … which is pretty natural.

      • You don’t know the meaning of RSS.RSS is nationalistic organisation which helps people. During the floods,RSS workers helped to rescue them. Don’t believe whatever the media says. According to Indian media, RSS is more evil than taliban lol. Dalits are no longer oppressed, they have special affirmative actions, quotas. Indian Christians are aligned with the Vatican to spread Christianity in India.Look how they are illegally building church and convents which are paid by Hindu tax payers. Indian Christians never protested when Hindu women are raped, abused by priests,imams but hell breaks loose when someone throws stones to church.

      • No offense to your religion but i think Hinduism is more liberal and open minded than Christianity. Hinduism is the only religion along with Buddhism that allows the concept of atheism and agnostics. Meanwhile a Christian atheist would be threatened to go to hell for not believing in Jesus.

      • Hindus are allies and friends, Islam however is barbaric imperialism that hates all who disagree with Islam. Hindu supports religious tolerance, but Islam does not leave room for other people who believe differently. Even the Sikhs had to fight off Muslims for religious rights

    • you have misunderstood christianity.Bible says God send His son jesus to bring the kingdom of God in earth.So it was a commandment by him to his followers to go to length and breadth of earth to spread the gospel of love and baptize in jesus name. We all read in papers anti british rhetoric but dont hear about christian missionaries did for our country. But in retaliation they have burnt them alive like in orissa.This is very difficult to fathom. Two wrongs cannot make one right.

  5. In fact Religions are to dissuade people from the savagery of fighting each other. But one Religion boasts as best and divide people into 2 groups; butchers and victims. Butchers are promised eternal heaven for this human sacrifice. Thus today in every corner of earth, human sacrifice is seen.

    • There is no sacrifice in Buddhism. All living beings and animals should be spared. If all humans become vegetarians, they would not even think of killing one another. U can only find such practise of compassion in Buddhism..

        • we are from india and happy to see the service Barenaked Islam is doing to educate about True Islam is all about. for years and years since the invention of Islamic barbarians India was never the same.Bandladesh pakistan were all apart of India and all were Hindu indians living peacefully now islam has turned each other to an extend killing each other.Bangladesh was formed by the Help of the indian army and the Government the pakistan army were raping and killing them then indra our brave P>M ha dot help out by going to war with Pakistan to ceateindependence for bngldesh but same people forgot the help india did and now are killing hindus who were the same blood in pakistan same problem even agfanistan kashmir all were under indian rise until this Islam menace came and destroyed all our unity.
          in kashmir hindus who’re living for years had to leave because of these muslims.but the muslims who come to the west are demanding rights but inter own country do they allow any nonmuslim to exist ?
          we have to vote for trim pif we want save america and rest of the world he will with the help rssuia will stop this muslim menace

    • The Nazi’s weren’t religious at all, and they took atrocities in the ‘modern age’ to extraordinary new depths. Neither was PolPot religious. Or Kim in North Korea! Atheists are just as likely to cause great mayhem when a cause is close to their hearts. Its likely you have read nothing on this ghastly ideology called islam. Are you saying all Christians will eventually commit atrocities, and also the Buddhists? If you look at the REAL history of islam you will be left speechless. It has been so falsified and attempts were made to put blame on Europeans for not allowing islam to just walk into their continent. Because ALL muslims believe that the world ONLY belongs to muslims including you and me! They say we are withholding what is rightfully theirs. This why they have a much higher crime rate, muslims don’t think its stealing to take something that’s rightfully theirs according to the Islamic teachings. They say you and I have stolen it!!!

      It was Charles Martel in the 8th century who suddenly realised what was going on and said we must fight them and kick them back to the middle east.’Otherwise they will destroy our culture and take our women and girls. The Europeans had been stunned and horrified at the Islamic barbarism , even in those times, they had never seen anything like it.The Islamic mob were doing unspeakable things to the poor working people. The Crusades were nothing like how they are painted, they were only defending their continent and actually took a while to wakeup to this appalling group. Muslms are obsessed with Europe and have tried countless times to destroy it and take over. In Otranto in Italy there is a whole wall of mens skulls, built into the replacement church’s wall.The ottomans destroyed the original one. They refused to convert so they were beheaded.Italy is a part of Europe of course so therefore It was the muslims who WERE INVADING and murdering everyone in sight. Without the Crusades to help protect them, almost all of the peasants would have died. This was in 1480. Pope Francis made them saints in 2013.True martyrs for Christianity.

      Also If there had been no Crusades you and I wouldn’t exist and Europe would just be an Islamic outpost This is a v old tactic of this horror ‘faith’ and its a part of the jihad movement which has been carefully planned, aided by socialists. Socialism isn’t democracy and socialists admit they hate their own west cultures and want to permanently change them. Make them more like Communism These people are so disgusting, appalling traitors, mind-blowingly arrogant and smug and also violent. As well they have no shame as I have seen them manhandle 2 elderly ladies who were going to a v special lecture about islam and its motives.Socialism isn’t democracy either and countries where its moved into will gradually lose their rights and freedom. No free speech and worse.They are exactly like islam in this way.They will then move on changing constitutions (as Sweden is doing !!) Socialists and muslims worldwide are joined together in this. It is appearing to be revealed that Socialists want to destroy the wonderful west way of life.They will lose

    • Go ahead Christopher Spicer-Janku, tell me about he horrible atrocities the absurd Christians have perpetrated – that horrible Mother Teresa helping the poor of Calcutta, the thousands and thousands of consecrated Religious just like her who live lives of poverty and service every day without fanfare and only for the glory of God, the horrible Christians who are slaughtered everyday for their faith anywhere they have the misfortune of contacting islam…go ahead, tell me about the absurd Christians who dare to hope in the true God rather than the evil of satan and his myriad lies (secularism, islam, materialism, humanism, modernism…).

    • Actually this is a misconception. Islam is NOT the biggest ‘faith’ in the world and they know it. Christianity is the biggest religion and it has recently included 250 million Chinese, some who come from the ruling elite and high office. The reason they say its the ‘biggest’ etc is because its Islamic instructions say you must use ‘sacred deceit and brainwash kaffirs that islam is the biggest, so huge and growing at warp speed, by propaganda. The rules of propaganda are just keep saying it over aand over, whether its the truth or not has no bearing. The target group will be totally brainwashed, absorb it totally and believe it. They probably wont do any research

      Islam does this because it wishes to begin fear in the west. They often lie about their figures, such as how many muslims are there. They change the numbers frequently and its bizarre. It seems worldwide they come up with a different total, all however still less than Christianity. This why they hate Christianity so much!!

      Also they are lying or in denial about the great number of muslims worldwide converting to Christianity. Many keep it secret as it can be fatal to leave islam as you probably know…… A few years ago I saw an interview with an
      African muslim cleric who was yelling and outraged that 20 million African muslims had converted to Christianity. Soooo it appears that Islam’s lying is catching up with it. In Iran New Christian converts meet in secret in basements. These were born into islam and hate it. A former Yemeni hardline terrorist converted to Christianity and his mother said ‘if there’s some faith that can transform my rabid fanatical hardline son, about to become a terrorist, its the faith for ME!!!! His whole family converted and they now live in Sydney where this man runs info nights for muslims about Christianity. He is also a pastor now .

      He says in Sydney alone in his area hundreds upon hundreds are leaving islam but so far only in secret. They all go to his hall once a week to study the Bible etc and talk about Jesus! Ha, God. A camera was in the hall where he was talking to the latest converts and would be converts but their faces were all shielded. This man says he converted because by accident he stumbled on a book about Jesus and knowing he shouldnt even open it according to racist bigoted islam he still did it. It changed his life. He says he loves the personality of Jesus and the fact their is so much love which is non existant in islam. So islam keeps all this hidden, the fact that their numbers aren’t what they say they are. I expect great numbers will leave islam over next 10 years because its just too disgusting in every way, sex perversions sex obsessions, the hate, the violence, the sheer brutality of it all.

      • Wrong. Christianity is NOT the biggest religion in the world. Buddhism predates Christianity by 5,000 years and has the largest number of followers. But both Christianity and Islam are offshoots of Judaism, if it were not for the former, the two latter would not have come into existence. All three have committed atrocities in the name of spreading their religion at different points in their history (or defending it) and religion is by far THE worst reason in the world for killing people. It is the monotheistic patriarchal religions that have historically spawned these fanatics time and again who are nothing better than serial killers with violence in their souls and a ‘just’ outlet for their anti-human bloodthirst. Who could rightly justify this kind of unreasoning hatred and truly call themselves a follower of God? We do not kill animals for the sport of it, but to keep ourselves alive by eating, yet we will hack an unbeliever to pieces just for the entertainment value and cheer and pat ourselves on the backs for this? Insanity at its worst, because it is JUSTIFIED by religion. Also, your comparison of Nazis as atheists who committed atrocities for a cause does not fit the scenario, their reasoning was the same. They thought of themselves as THE CHOSEN RACE, and were therefore justified in attempting to exterminate all who were not Aryan, blonde haired and blue eyes. It is not exactly true to say the Nazis had no religion, either, because their secret symbol was the Schwartzsonne, or the Black Sun which figures largely in the ancient Thule religion. Please research this and amend your earlier statement.

  6. There’s bad then there is worse…disturbing on a very deep psychological level.. butchers!!! I hate them and do not feel guilty.. I’m glad my town is relatively free of twisted Qur’anic ideology! Only neutered impotent cowards attack, kill and burn to death peaceful devout men women and little boys..I want to condemn them to the worst section of the underworld forever!!!

  7. The media hardly talks about kar sevaks burnt down by the filthy muslim bastards. All they talk, even after so many years, is about the Godhra riots. If muslimes kill Hindus, there is nothing wrong to take up the sword for the purpose of defending.
    The Bhagvad Gita says – A person who commits crime is a sinner, but a person who tolerates a crime committed against him/her is a bigger sinner.

  8. Can we nuke the goat humping, 72 virgins seeking, boy loving faggots called ISIS at the earliest. Due to radicals like these the whole world is in turmoil. These mudhafukers dont have a right to exist.

    • AG, getting rid of the terrorists doesn’t solve the problem of Islam in the West. Only stopping immigration, banning Islam, and deporting all the non-citizen muslims would do that.

      • i am reporting this site to the concerned authorities for trying to inflame unrest and incense crimes against humanity(so that you dont put it in terms of Hindu or Muslims)
        and a request to track the ip of the person responsible for running this page with motives which are contrary to the ideologies of hindus or any other religion.
        mr. barenaked islam…ur intentions are to make unrest and crimes against muslim people….. n u can be tried for this under IPC.
        stop trying to be an asshole and if your a true hindu…try and see that these things happen in all countries and ages.
        crimes happen, you need to create a system to minimize this, its not abt hindu, muslims or any other religion, its about making your coming generation wise, rational and affectionate to each other which will stop all this… your efforts to retaliate with creating more violence is wrong.
        anyways I wish people like you who give a damn about humanity and want to just create more violence should be tried in public and your families also should be held accountable for not being able to make a proper human out of u..

        • vikas, knock yourself out. People have been “reporting this site to the authorities” for many years. Whatever the IPC is, it does not supersede my rights under the US Constitution.

          I am not a Hindu but one of my largest audiences consists of Hindus from India, most of whom also hate muslims.

          I do not consider muslims to be part of humanity and in my country I have the freedom to say so.

  9. What really pisses me off here is that fact that these Muslims in India and Pakistan and for that matter Muslims in Indonesia and Malaysia are not even classified as “proper” muslims ! These blood thirsty animals are descended from Hindus, Malays and other natives of these particular countries. Their ancestors were gutless bastards that got converted under that might and fear of the Muslim sword ! Now they practise this satanic religion and all it’s teachings in such vile ways. It just shows how hollow their heads are and how much of a dumb fuck these descendants are. As always Islam promotes fear and attacks the weakest links to gain conversion and support. The bravest ones either died, or survived to continue with Hinduism( in the case of India). This disease of Islam is continuously spreading and the only way to get rid of it is possibly Nuclear.

  10. In India we suffering from them last 1200 years they killing so many people and converting in Muslim many Muslims rulers destroyed our temples.
    They taken lots of gold. They love rape non Muslim women. They married forcefully many non Muslim women.after India independent from,British even they get their own country Indian Muslim never be loyal with india they always supporting Pakistan and Arab people.we really suffering lots western media never focus us.we are really tried now.after 9/11 western media know real face of Islam,but we suffering so many years. Unfortunately our government always supporting them,for votes in,election.
    We are really hope less now.
    They start now love jihad covert our girls in Muslim with their fake love.
    Please support us we really need your help.
    Bcoz most of Muslims hate india.they only loyal with Arabs and Pakistan

  11. Namaste …Hindu(Sanatan Dharm) is here in India from last 5000 years, Hindu (Sanatan Dharm)is the root of all other religion or community….. Yahudis (Jewish )are the branch of Hindu(Sanatan Dharm)They belongs to Lord Krishna’s cast and his decedents,at the time of Krishna’s Nirvana (holy death) Jews fought each other (5100 yrs ago).. Christianity and Islam are the Branch of Jewish ……Jewish has nearly 4500 yrs of History, Christianity is 2000, and Islam is 1500 years …… We belongs to One earth..!! One mother !! One Religion…. Spread Love..Kindness..Care…OM Shanti Shanti Shanti 🙂

  12. If we Hindus have to defend our religion by using violence then we will and that’s what we did in gujrat . we don’t like violence but our gita says that we must take up arms to defend us . India was a Hindu country and will always remain so

  13. I am a christian from India, we are only two percent of the total population but my India treats me as an Indian not as a dhimmi or a subhuman. My country’s history is a testament to Hindu tolerance, India is the only country in the world where jews lived without persecution for 2000 years, where christians lived for almost 1900 years, buddhists, sikhs etc still live just because of hindu kindness, tolerance and love to fellow human being. Even after brutal colonialism by the british, christians were never persecuted or looked at as betrayers like it happens with christians in the middle east. It would be really sad if the hindus reciprocate the violence that is meted out to them, Hindus do not get the media coverage that westerners or nondeserving terrorists get. they are persecuted, ridiculed and looked down upon in their own country. Thank you for speaking up for them. I hope, wish and pray that no more hindu blood is shed for killing a hindu is killing humanity itself. Hindus are peaceful not because they cant fight but because they believe that humanity is more virtuous than killing in the name of religion. Thank you for putting up these pics, In India the newspapers dont put up pics like these lest they raise communal tensions or be politically incorrect. how many hindus have to die before they realise that political correctness shouldnt stop them from telling the truth. thank you for everything you do on here.

    • David, I have posted several stories about the Muslim problem in India. Just enter “India” into the Search Box in the sidebar. Congratulations on electing a good Prime Minister Modi.

      • This are all wrong and bad things has been spread by this site, this is really bad to provocate and create social unrest and communal riots, I am a muslim and there are no such thing are in our religion like watever rubbish things are said by this site, this is very unfateful and i m continuosly living in Hindu colonies since 20 years and have not been seen such things and lived with integrity This is so political or extremist group backing site like VHP or RSS to create social rest. I strongly criticise all these absurd stories.

      • Aayush, allah is satan in one of his many disguises. He is a fallen angel, originally named Lucifer, the most powerful of the heavenly host and one who dared challenge God Himself. He is already consigned to hell, so he cannot be killed. You can torment him for eternity though, make his existence literally a “living hell”, by worshipping the true God, Jesus Christ, and following His commandments. God Bless you.

      • BNI, you are christian i guess, i am too. However do you really think killing or forbidding them to enter our lands can stop this. The solution you offer
        cannot bring peace to USA or India, even if Muslims are wiped out then Hindus, christans, buddists, jews will fight for the same..
        what arguments you give to denounce islam and muslims, infact have some reality but still violence will not solve this problem. instead some
        people from the muslim community have to take this challenge and change or bring reforms to their religion. it would not be easy, as every religion has seen reforms in the past except islam. i ask you a question, ‘can you kill a terrorist if he is helpless, unarmed, has his hands tied behind his back, begging for mercy’ . will you kill him if you know you can and nobody will question. answer this question.
        Some bold and courageous muslims can change this but you have to support them, however if you reject every muslim then what we do to them will happen to Christians, Hindus and every religion.. so my friend BNI have some respect for the son of God who gave his life for us to follow the path of truth… cheers

        • You think change will come from the muslims themselves?
          Forget it, they will never change,
          They can not change, are not allowed to change because their bloody “holy” book tells them never to change.
          Incite violence by commenting negatively about islam?
          Ayin techat ayin, or an eye for an eye.
          Pay the muslims back tenfold what they mete out to the non muslims.

      • I am an Indian Christian too. Though I lived in many countries, I am always Indian in my heart. In India we lived among Hindus and my Hindu neighbors treated us as special. They loved us like we are their family members. Most of my friends are Hindus. India is the only country where the Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Sikhs, Jews, etc. are called minority and they are given some privileges too. Though there are some Hindu hardliners in India, who have created some problems for Muslims & Christians, majority of the Hindus are peace-loving. India never had Hindu hardliners till recently. Because of Muslim fundamentalists, the Hindu fundamentalists are born in order to check the opponents. What is wrong if a Hindu hates an anti-Indian and pro-Pakistani Muslim? We Christians too hate them. What is wrong if a Hindu hates a Muslim terrorist, who is hell-bent to destroy peace in our society? Everyone hates such people. India is the birth-place not only for Hinduism but also for Buddhism Jainism, Sikhism, etc. We Christians, Muslims and people from other religions are there because of the Hindus who welcomed us. I would say India is the best place in the world to live for people belonging to any religions. Those Indians who don’t love India, should leave India.

    • Hi David. Thanks for beautiful words you said about Hindus. I am not mascot of all Hindus but yes the words you said about our country is very Beautiful. I am Hindu. I stand up against crimes done to any individual any where around the word even if it happened against Muslims whom I hate most. This is how we are educated in India. I respect those religions who do not enforce their beliefs and say non believers to follow their religion. I am very great full and proud that I am living among my Indian brother like you. You are Christian and i respect your religion and even visit church sometimes this does not mean I am not Hindu. I am very much Hindu from inside. I hate Muslims from inside a lot because of their beliefs and extremism. I have muslim friends but they knew I am good human beings but hate Muslims because they know the reason them selves. If any Muslim is reading this I do not hate your religion but I respect it. If you have beliefs like ISIS and think we are infedels then seriously suck my dick and fuck you and your motherfucking beliefs. All the countries where are Muslims are leaving a peaceful life should know this, if we would be the minorities and Muslims would be the majority then the place would be hell for Minorities. So respect your freedom and don’t fuck around the respect and liberty given to you and be patriot to the country which provides you food, water, house, freedom and security. Thanks David for such a beautiful words you posted and hope all Indians should be as patriot as
      you are to your country.

  14. Religion, it does not matter which, only teaches good.
    If your God is asking you to kill babies in his name then he is the Satan God.
    You dumb ass Muslims will meet Mohamid.
    But you will find out that his real name is Lucifar .
    You simple fuckers will get yours.
    Hopefully, a stray bullet from my comrades will find your child .
    So you can feel the same pain that you dished out.
    Have can someone kill and torcher the way you do and think that you can be rewarded with beauty. You Muslims are mentally fucked by the Devil himself.
    To believe you will be rewarded with wonderfiul things when you cut the heads off 3 year old children. I seen a picture of a girl 3 years old and you animals cut her head off and were carrying it around and laughing.
    You will get yours , you antichrist mother fuckers.
    If your a Muslim your a pig. Get the fuck out of the US., pig.

    • Hey Ray! Mudslimes are not Pigs! What did Pigs do to you, to have you or anybody relate them to those things that are lower than Sharksh1t?

  15. If one (single)hindi think about tihs shit(muslims) religion it will be wiped entirely from these planet earth.

    Killing innocent, women n children is muslim religion.

    wiping cruel,villans, terriost is Hindi religion.
    We ( Hindu)love peace, love n respect human as god.

    Request.. [Killing cows is should be abolished from indian govt n shuold punish those who cross it].

    All peace loving countries should fight together to remove this kind of things.
    If needed do any thing to keep world peace.

    No god teaches killing women n innocent children, cows.

    The only devil (ghost )teaches these all.

    IN INDIA FROM last 15 Years they are building mosque for every 50 to 80 meters in every town.

    Up to now india has number of mosques than any other countery.

    Is these hindustsn or turikistan ( in telugu ) ?
    Building mos. .not a problem but teaching cruel things inside n making musi people as psycho’s is very dangerous.

    may be this religion is training to make psychos, terroist n mother fuckers.

    Today’s major problem is only their terroism., so peace loving countries like india usa china etc,. Should take action on this activities.

    ((((All muslims are not terroist but, All terroist are only the muslims)))).


    Be good do good HINDU Religion policey


  16. Its very interesting, all terrorists are Muslims, but all Muslims are not terrorists.
    But i want to say why all gentle Muslims support Muslim terrorists. That means all Muslims like terrorism.


    • how dare u speak like this
      Aint u got any sense
      U speak bout ur religion as if its true, but all shall come to an end when the imam arrives
      Until then….

      • There should be created a special agency to find and deport every muslim who indicates, by any means, hatred towards other people, religion, customs, including disseminating hatred. All nations of the world should identify, sue and deport those individuals back to where they belong. Many of these individuals are born, raised and working in the US, occupying our land, breathing our air, eating our food, drinking our water and sharing our wealth.

      • Look, Moslem stool-pigeon:

        We know WELL what Islam is about – and we have EVERY RIGHT to tell the truth about it and its most sordid and Satanically-EVIL record, words of command from that arch-criminal and Antichrist Mohammed, and what Moslems DO!!!!! And what they’ve been doing over 1,400 years is such that anybody who knows the real truth ought to hate every last bit of that ideology and keep that hate going until every last single Moslem man, woman and child is no more; until every last copy of the Qu’rân, Hadith and Sira has been destroyed or securely interred in museums for only the most trusted scholars to access!!!!

        We have ALL the sense in this world that God Almighty Yahweh (YHWH) LOVINGLY Created in every possible way (including dogs, pigs and apes as well as woman and girls plus art, music, science, peaceful sports and Western medicine!!!).

        Finally, your “imam” is THE Antichrist – because Islam is straight from Satan himself (one of whose MANY names is “allah”), and whose sock-puppet was Mohammed the rapist, torturer, murderer, genocide, necrophiliac, bestialist, caninophobe, porcinophobe, simianophobe and misogynist. SO THERE!!!!!

        DEATH TO ISLAM!!!!!

      • You are all deceiving yourselves. How sad it is that, any of you believe in anything at all. When you die you will look back upon this earth and realize how you have been fooled and manipulated by your own religions and belief systems and, yourselves. You kill nations of people…. and then you die. For what? Even God, Allah, Mohammad will not show their faces upon the poeples who desparately need them. Open your eyes. You are living, killing and breathing a lie. You shall receive only what you offer to others in this life. It is a Natural course of action. Any individual or group who commits such acts should be eraticated. It would be in the best interest of all Nations and all Peoples.

      • your imam will not come bcoz there is no one like that… you hallucinated bunch of blood thirsty fools will burn on earth and in hell….time is not far when you are dispatched to netherworld. when other communities are sick & tired of your Islam crap you had it…every muslim will be hunted like a pig….bunch of bloody morons…

  18. See people.. God made good and bad both shit in this world…joy n sorrow.. Just like so.. He made good religions and one bad to destroy them..
    Well.. This is what people may think… But it depends.. People are good.. Just the teachers are cruel.. So as the students become. Many people who don’t read the Quran….i found them to be still peaceful.. Friendly. But that doesn’t mean you hate the whole religion.

    • Yes, you DO hate the whole “religion” of islam! You don’t hate the people until they give you reason to, and never fully trust a muslim. A lot of them are possessed (in the sense of “owned”) by the demon allah.

    • Islam isnt a brutal religion. Thats what you see from it we are total against this torcher. If you want to see torcher go to palastine (israel) and watch the thousand of childeren that are bieng torchered by jues. TELL ME IS THAT FAIR. You see all the muslems are brutal but tell me why do the other riligions come to dubai. We welcome them not kill them. When is the last time you heard that a musim was torchering someone. The last thing i heard was a cristain guy killed 3 muslim women with a machete in a hotel, but i dont blame a hole religion for 1 guy because im muslim and i think before i swear. If you want to talk about muslim you need to explore the religion first. My mom is muslim and she read the bible so she understands the difference before swearing!!!!!

      • It is always the same mentality . Lie and lie and never be ashamed of lying because Mohammad liked that .
        Christians don’t kill anybody and never did . What happened in wars is something else , that was war and they didn’t kill in the name of God or Christianity . It is only in Islam you kill for the sake of Allah and his messenger .
        I know your mother never read one page of the bible for one simple reason
        She would not live one hour after that , Be honest .

      • torture is what you muslims in palestine do to your own children against israelis. You kill your own children by tying up a bomb over them and order him to die and kill as many as possible. pbum, my ass.

  19. You are an ignorant fool.

    islam is the death cult and its central goal is the murder or subjugation of all people.

    It is a totalitarian political ideology founded by one of history’s most accomplished murderers: mohammed.

    mohammed was also a thief and liar that raped countless children.

    islam must be banned, all mosques & korans must be destroyed.


  20. Any religion not teach for hate or killing anyone, don’t bring personal things to religion matters. I just wanna say in this link don’t make you people so blind, this not about religion this is personal human being, depend on people will bring good or bad person. It wasn’t religion just by people characther.

  21. hindus must have to realize that hey are the brave dissents of brave hindu warrior. no cast is needed to save a hindu from muslim atrocities and one thing i always says that if you want to live like a human you must take weapons and kill barbaric people weather they are muslims or any other. weapons and fighting is must to protect you and your family and your colleagues from barbaric people and one thing to remember that you can’t live like a goat when across your society people become like wolfs thats why hindus must live like a lion by fighting these islamic wolfs with weapon and strategy.

  22. How can a religion that teaches killing children be considered or consider itself holy? How can a group of men armed with machetes attacking an unarmed meek man think of themselves as brave? How can consider themselves to be men at all that look upon women with disdain and disrespect? Christ taught love. Buddha taught love. Ghandi taught love. Mother Theresa taught love. The Dali Lama teaches love. Billy Graham teaches love. Mohammed’s idea of love was to trick a peaceful tribe during a wedding to lay down their arms, then murder them all including the bride’s and groom’s family, and then he took the bride, who was allowed to live and as he (Mohammed) put it, loved her passionately under heaven … or some such nonsense and supposedly the bride was accepting of him. This woman lying there, being raped, even saw her dead loved one. Islam can be credited with the murder, rape, and enslaving of hundreds of millions of people in it’s 15 centuries. The belief that such a religion can evolve to one of peace is absolute nonsense. And …. don’t even get me started on how a great percentage of Muslims believe that women must have the clitoris’s removed so to keep their women from straying. Nonsense, evil nonsense. Forgive me, I’m just not that foolish. Also, let’s not forget that Mohammed (Allah’s prophet) had two sons that died before they could reproduce and only 4 living daughters … WHAT ??? Out of 100 concubines and 7 wives….. Why, if he was truly blessed by his god… did his god not bless the fruit of all those wombs … and why did he not get any sons out of all those women. Seems like that would be the most telling part that his was not a chosen vessel of god …. any god. Would he not be most blessed. Hmmmmmm???
    … please forgive me my brothers and sisters (this includes Muslims) … I love you all and home that you ask GOD to reveal himself to you. Ask in this way. GOD if you are real … show yourself to me, in a dream, in a vision, in a fulfilled need that I must have so that I can truly know you. Teach me to love…. truly …. as you would have me love … come and save me GOD. I believe in you. Bless you all my friends and may GOD’s peace rise up in you all and bless your way. Brother Timothy

  23. Do you know that scores of Muslim elites both in India and of course in Pakistan, which goes without saying, beleive that Mumbai 26/11 was a handiwork of RSS and some Hindu extremists just they (Muslims) claim the 9/11 as of some Zionist forces. They are so intelligent, one must admire for their “(in)sanity…???

    Peruse this link:

    A feel good strategy, the world is stupid, isn’t it…???

  24. Dera Sir/Madam,
    Ever since the birth of East Pakistan (1947) the Hindus are facing atrocities in this land. During Liberation war, Hindus were the worst sufferer in the hands of the Pakistanis. Even though they fought side by side by the Muslims during liberation war, atrocities continued after liberation and it still continues.
    During Ershad, the all the family members of a Hindu family in Bramhan baria were killed, placed in drums and kept submerged under water, such that the bone and flesh may decay earlier.
    The sad story of the above incident has been recorded in the novel “The Drum-Lime Migration” (, or,
    Thank you.
    Akef Ahmed

      • mr barenakedislam, how can the people be sure you urself are using muslim nicks in order to sympathize for hindus and trying to give more mileage to dumb comments and creating further idotic confusion in masses mind…asshole u need to be ripped apart …and if u think sitting behind a computer and using false nicks you are being a man…then m sorry…if u r so strong in ur beliefs about all this and have the balls pls open a google+ or Facebook or twitter page with your original id and your photographs…
        infact everyone commenting here..stop sitting behind alias`s and speak your mind on some platform where everyone can be identified…so that we know who has got the balls…yaha chup ke bakwas karo sab… n stop spreading hate u fkers… there are wrongs and rights everywhere…in every country, in every age, in every religion…stop polorizing your views towards more violence and crime…

        and this asshole who comes with the nick barenakedislam…ur an asshole…m sorry…m from mumbai, a jain and not a dumb wit and retard like u …. seriously after reading all the things…i will try my best to get ur site looked by agencies and concerned authorities and track your whereabouts and initiate criminal procedures against u

        • Oh, you are from Mumbai? Did you take part in the Muslim terrorist attack in Mumbai that killed and wounded so many people or did you just cheer them on from behind your computer?

          FYI, I am a woman and your PM Modi is a fan of this blog.

  25. @riyaz and salimpathanali, would you please comment on these points joted down here, “Which book advocates these lovely peace loving quotes”?

    Islam in practice and theory quoting verses:

    The critics of Islam question, rightly or wrongly, “What about Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) who committed mass-murders, ordered assassination, rapes, looting, slavery etc?”

    Rape of non-Muslim women:
    Qur’an (4:24) – “And all married women (are forbidden unto you) save those (captives) whom your right hands possess.” Allah even permitted Muhammad and his men to have sex with married slaves, such as those captured in battle.

    Qur’an (23:5-6) also says the same thing. Qur’an (33:50) allows Muhammad to have sex with female captives.

    Violence against non-Muslims:
    Quran (2:216) – “Fighting is prescribed for you, and ye dislike it. But it is possible that ye dislike a thing which is good for you, and that ye love a thing which is bad for you. But Allah knoweth, and ye know not.”

    Quran (3:151) – “Soon shall We cast terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers, for that they joined companions with Allah, for which He had sent no authority”.

    Quran (4:74) – “Let those fight in the way of Allah who sell the life of this world for the other. Who so fighteth in the way of Allah, be he slain or be he victorious, on him We shall bestow a vast reward.”

    Quran (8:12) – “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them”

    Quran (9:29) – “Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.”

    Quran (9:38-39) – “O ye who believe! What is the matter with you, that, when ye are asked to go forth in the cause of Allah, ye cling heavily to the earth? Do ye prefer the life of this world to the Hereafter? But little is the comfort of this life, as compared with the Hereafter. Unless ye go forth, He will punish you with a grievous penalty, and put others in your place.”

    Quran (9:123) – “O you who believe! Fight those of the unbelievers who are near to you and let them find in you hardness.”

    Hate speech against non-Muslims:
    Quran (48:29) – “Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. And those with him are hard (ruthless) against the disbelievers and merciful among themselves”

    Quran (8:55)- Surely the vilest of animals in Allah’s sight are those who disbelieve, then they would not believe.

    Verse 7:176 compares unbelievers to “panting dogs” with regard to their idiocy and worthlessness. Verse 7:179 says they are like “cattle” only worse.

    Violence against non-Muslims in Hadiths:
    Bukhari (52:220) – Allah’s Apostle said… ‘I have been made victorious with terror’

    Muslim (1:33) – the Messenger of Allah said: I have been commanded to fight against people till they testify that there is no god but Allah, that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah

    Muslim (1:30) – “The Messenger of Allah said: I have been commanded to fight against people so long as they do not declare that there is no god but Allah.”

    Ibn Ishaq/Hisham 992: – “Fight everyone in the way of Allah and kill those who disbelieve in Allah.” Muhammad’s instructions to his men prior to a military raid.

    Do you deny these Quranic verses?

    • Great findings friend. These kind of hatred-spreading from the so-called “holy” book of islam itself must be given more PUBLICITY and awareness. Crores of people have brutally suffered under these satanic-physcopath islamisists for many a centuries right from the birth of Islam.

      In the medevial eras, there are thousands of instances of atrocities by the muslim rulers/elite , cited by Islamist historians themselves (and of course with pride), where not even an iota of kindness was shown even to women and children of non-muslims. ‘Inhumane’ would not be a word enough to describe their acts. Their ways of destroying a place and all its people were so brutal that its even hard to imagine today.

      Excellent job to expose the fundamental cause of all this. I’m sure there are many more such verses/quotes in it that’s directly against peace and humanity.

  26. I disagree that Muslims despise non-muslims only. Look at Pakistan, Sudan, Mauritania, Iraq and several other Muslim dominated countries and you’ll come to know that they dislike their own community as well. The Hanafis, Shafis, Hanbalis (Wahabis), Ibadis, Malikis, Shias and other sects, they all dislike and curse one another. I really doubt that Prophet Mohammed taught this culture in his own time. As time goes by, a religion needs to be updated based on the contemporary requirements, and that too in such a way that it serves the need of its followers. However, I see that the advent of ‘Radical Islam’ has only highlighted the ‘Minor kind of Jihad’ that promises the so called puppetized Martyrs a permanent abode in the ‘unseen and unfelt’ heaven. Such dastardly act doesn’t suit the humans. We have grown up and now have an option to say ‘goodbye’ to the Darwin’s ‘Survival of the Fittest’ theory, because we aren’t here to survive on the basis of our religions. Really shameful!

  27. ISLAM means peace. QURAN says you are not allowed to kill anyone irrespective of his religion. Please, do not hate ISLAM blinly. Read QURAN and HADITH first than post your comment. You know nothing about this religion of love,peace and prosperity. I m a MUSLIM whose aim is to spread peace upto my last breath becoz my religion teaches to struggle for peace. LOVE to all of you.

    • Anything and anybody that hates – AND BLINDLY HATES!!! – God’s Creation or any part of it, including dogs, pigs, apes, women and non-Moslems, is automatically EVIL!!!!

      Truly, dogs are Man’s VERY BEST FRIEND!!!! I can’t say just how comforting and helpful to me as a person my pet bitchlet has been to me, and I can vouch for MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of other dog-lovers having the same feelings!!!!

      Likewise, pigs are important not only for meat but in medicine!!! Apes, chimpanzees, orangutans, baboons and all the other monkeys are likewise important – how many doctors, by studying them, have brought their learning and everything else to Mankind’s GREATEST BENEFIT??

      As to women: they are the entire half of the human race (homo sapiens sapiens) – if you hate them, you hate yourselves too!!!

      Finally, non-Moslems have invented, created, improved and perfected virtually EVERYTHING Mankind has ever created!!! You Moslems have NOTHING WHATSOEVER to your credit – everything you claim you took from the Hindus, Greeks, Romans and everybody else!!!!

      You’ve been lied to even from the very moment of your conception!!!!!

    • You are a typical lying muslim bastard. Do you really think people on this site are going to believe even one word you wrote? No chance pal. We know about islam, probably more than you.

    • After reading a lot of Quran and Hadith. In the Quran they say kill those who don’t believe in Allah and his messenger wherever you find them till they say al shahadah which means to believe in Allah and messenger.the problem Islam is NOT the religion of love nor peace and nor prosperity . Where do you bring these words from
      We hope you are telling the truth bot neither history nor reality agree

    • We have been seeing your “PEACE, LOVE and blah, blah” ever since you tried to take our own land from us. Islam does not show peace, quran does not show values, and hadith does not show tradition; these are just misguiding contexts to fool slum muslim people. Pigs were staying in slums happily, muslims were envy of them and therefore killed all pigs and took over their land and made it their slum. This is how bad muslims are.

    • riyaz…You obviously have a different qu’ran than the one I read. Before Muhammad was chased out of Mecca and fled to Medina his “revelations” were relatively peaceful and he believed that his God and the Christian God were one and the same, but from then on, as his following as a warlord increased and he became intoxicated with his power and wealth it degenerated into a doctrine of “join Islam or die”. (Oh and just for the record Islam doesn’t mean “peace”, it is derived from two Arabic words, meaning “submit to God” or Submission”. Also “Allah” is not the name of his God, it also comes from the Arabic language meaning “the God”). It then becomes a disjointed, contradictory load of rubbish filled with “revelations” that support his crazed desires to rule the world. I don’t understand how any intelligent Muslim can read this crazy “Un Holy” book and not be turned into a Christian. Can you honestly believe that the God of the Jewish and Christian scriptures would choose a murdering, pedophile warlord to stand along side righteous Christian Prophets such as Abraham, Moses and Jesus. Wake up riyaz it’s because of brainwashed, power hungry and/or ignorant people like you that this cult still exists.

    • Its a miracle that I have read too many posts by bNi and muslim people ,but we indians used abusive languages and they didnt ,none of them.this only means one thing idiots ,that we indians are only talking ,every muslim or islam is not a crime .people who are creating people are not people or civilised persons,but a big fact is terrorists are people who are islamic in religion.thats what is truth.they dont even care there people .we have seen it .iraq ,syria are top badass countries today. Those who are indulged in crime are doing whatever they can becuz they know that there life is now over so they wont only death for others its human nature and islam has become its victims,people are ruthless ly following it.even the government is sitting.its not the religion or these muslim guys or anyone its the terrorists who have no religion ,some people after ruining their life wants only ruins and then they go deep down the shit of brutality that even films cant fellow indians dont waste yur time here .if u have it in u .do something for those who cant.


    • COMPLETE LIES!!!! You don’t fear God – if you feared Him, you wouldn’t be afraid of places like funeral homes or the dead due to ghosts supposedly being around, as one example!!!

      You fear NOT God but Satan (your “allah”)!!!!

      Islam is THE WORST possible ideology imaginable upon this world – even Communism doesn’t forbid earthly pleasures the way Islam does!!!! The REAL God Yahweh Created the world and all in it – including dogs, pigs, apes, non-Moslems and everything and everybody else – and Saw that it was VERY GOOD!!!!

      Islam is straight FROM THE DEVIL himself!!!!

      DEATH TO ISLAM!!!!!

    • You are still living in the 14th Century. If Islam is such a peaceful religion why are they attacking the very peaceful law abiding people they live amongst. Islam is an ideology and the interpretation leaves us all in no doubt what they think of Christian, Hindus or any other religion, unless we join you ,we are dead. The day will come when the scourge will end when we take control of our own countries when the people have had enough. The one question that never seems to be answered, as soon as the muslim emigrates for a better life he attacks the benefactors and wants us to change. I understand there are some good and peaceful muslims but that’s a minority, they create no go areas, dress in night shirts so they become unemployable and have to resort to commit crimes and you wonder why they become disaffected and don’t fit in.

      now what y say? this is all clear in this link……..

      And when the sacred months have passed, then kill the polytheists wherever you find them and capture them and besiege them and sit in wait for them at every place of ambush. But if they should repent, establish prayer, and give zakah, let them [go] on their way. Indeed, Allah is Forgiving and Merciful

      9:5 Surat At-Tawbah

  29. behind each atrocity u are seeing in the pictures, u should enquire why such reactions.have the integrists and communal hindus have not done anything against the muslims first.MINORITIES WILL NOT DO SUCH ACTS UNLESS ANGRY AND PROVOKED.TIT FOR TAT AND U SUFFER MOST.

    • that is why islam is the source of evil in the world.
      every muslim country is not at peace and never will be…you will see, each muslim of the world will pay for their atrocities. no islamic entity in the world will have peace and paradise. be sure of that. God will judge by our act and sin, not by religion.
      even in majority muslim countries, violence and murder is the same. however, this is not surprise. mohamed himself was a murderer and created a religion of murderers… satanic verses of kuran belongs to satan himself…islam is itself origin of satan…

    • Let me ask you one question, little muslim pig: if Hindus started it first, then how come Hindu community of Pakistan dimished so much, while number of muslims in India grew? Seriously, answer that simple one. Hindus maybe did a bit of violence but not enough to make muslim population so small that it would be considered genocide. But Hindu community in Pakistan became like many times smaller since independence of 1947. Come on, little muslim piggie, if you know so much, you should be able to answer that simple question.

      • ALL Muslim dominant societies have diminishing numbers of non-Muslims, e.g. Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Baha’i. Only malevolent Leftists allow Muslims immigrants into their societies.

        The Left is the cancer on Western Civilization. Islam is an opportunistic infection.

    • U sob the godhra riots the the only ripts by non muslims in india took place becoz u a$$hole p:gs burned hindu ppl alive u a$$hole ……u r the ppl who carry out bomb blasts every now and then non muslims do t do that they dont fly planes into building in the name of satan

    • Are you f’ng kidding me? Do you really think muslims need an excuse to kill, torture and rape non-muslims? Islam is all about that vile crap, right since your crazy pedophilic prophet and his even crazier followers started the savagery in Eurasia 1400 years back. You people don’t deserve 1% of the tolerance the rest of us show towards your kind. Maybe somewhere down the line we thought you might learn compassion by example, and I would say a few muslims are decent humans, but it’s evident enough that no amount of modern education and exposure to rationalism will cure that infection known as Islam.

  30. It is cowardly to tolerate such heinous tortures. It must be condemned in equal forceful manner. Islam is outdated in its current form and must be reformed for its survival. How long people will keep suffering this atrocious ideology?