TENNESSEE: How long until they burn down the hated mosque?

The people of Mufreesboro, Tennessee spent more than a year fighting to block construction of a giant mosque, already the target of arsonists, in their quiet neighborhood. But a left wing IslamoFascist-sympathizing judge sided with the Muslims and has given the mosque a go-ahead.

UK DAILY MAIL – A hugely controversial mosque in Tennessee has been given the green light despite massive local opposition. A lawsuit claiming plaintiffs would be ‘harmed by the risk of terrorism and Sharia law’ if construction went ahead was thrown out by a judge yesterday.

Now, after 16 months of court hearings and protests, the leaders of the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro will start building the mosque.

Last September there was a huge fire at the site, which was blamed on arsonists angry about the building of the Islamic place of worship. It’s thought the opposition to the site was part of a wider anti-Muslim backlash over plans to build another mosque near Ground Zero. 

Demonstrators have also protested against a mosque in California, and Christian preachers in Gainesville, Florida have been to court to insist on their right to burn copies of the Koran. 

A lawsuit seeking to halt the construction of the mosque had been filed last September. It claimed the plaintiffs ‘have been and will be irreparably harmed by the risk of terrorism generated by proselytizing for Islam and teaching the practices of Sharia law’.