The controversy shouldn’t be over the fact that the UK school trip to a mosque was cancelled because of security concerns after the bin Laden assassination…

….It should be over the fact that a school trip was planned for five and six year old non-Muslim students to go to a mosque in the first place. This incident was in the UK but it is happening in US schools, too.

UK DAILY MAIL – A primary school trip to a mosque was cancelled because of concerns over terrorist attacks in revenge for the death of Osama bin Laden. A group of five and six-year-old pupils from Orleans Infant School in Twickenham, south-west London, was due to visit nearby Hounslow Mosque. But the trip was ditched after the headmistress said she was concerned about the ‘safety’ of pupils. 

Furious parents said the decision to scrap the outing sent the ‘wrong message’ to children about Muslims. (Somehow I have a hard time believing that  it was the Christian parents were who were furious)

One (Muslim?) parent said: ‘This is the most bizarre and ridiculous decision. It seems to be based on ignorance and bigotry, the opposite of what education should be about. How am I supposed to explain it to my kids?’

In a similar mosque field trip, Christian boys are asked to participate in Muslim prayer while all the girls sit in the back

 In a letter to parents a fortnight before the excursion, headmistress Jane Evans said: ‘As you know, Year 1 were due to visit the mosque in Hounslow on May 24.  ‘In light of recent political  events, in conjunction with the advice sought I have taken the decision to cancel the trip for the present time.

In a later letter, the headmistress added: ‘In the meantime, we are fortunate to have organised for the deputy head of Suffah Primary School, who works closely with the mosque, to lead an assembly with the children.’ (Why the hell do they want a mosque representative to lecture to Christian chidren?)

The trip was organised as part of a programme to teach pupils about ‘Faith and Other Cultures’. (They need a separation of mosque and state law in the UK)

It was due to include a tour of the mosque, watching Islamic prayer and meeting Muslim pupils from a nearby school.

Here’s the video of the school field trip to a mosque that caused all the outrage in Massachusetts