BULGARIA: Hey Muslims, two can play the same game!

Last Friday afternoon, as Muslim asslifters were outside praying in the streets, Ataka, the new Bulgarian anti-Islam political movement, started blasting Orthodox (Christian) religious chants at eardrum shattering levels. PRICELESS!







15 comments on “BULGARIA: Hey Muslims, two can play the same game!

  1. Notice there is a mosque on one side of the street and Church on the other side. Battle of the bands, muslim howling versus church bells (notice at the beginning) and church music.

  2. Yeah but until we find the unity and courage to shut these brainwashed zombies from hell down and clear them out lock stock and barrel the joke is on the free world.

  3. This should be done every time they start their -warbling and spreading their prayer mats,also when they go to our schools to indoctrinate our children about any -misconceptions we might have about Islam we should be able to reciprocate and teach -their children about christianity-of course it would not be allowed ,so we would have a legitimate reason for not allowing their corrupt ideology into our schools ,what happened to -seperation of -church and -state?

  4. In Bulgaria, as in everywhere it happens, muslims using the streets and sidewalks, parking their cabs in traffic lanes, and spreading their little rugs are not “praying”. They are demonstrating.
    Every real citizen of any country should carry a small bottle of liquid pig feces to annoint the shoes left in the street. Give them a good reason to wash their feet.

      • Of course, if Judaic and/or Christian chants and/or sermons are ineffective, play Country, Old-School (pre-1990) Rap, Rock n Roll, Heavy Metal, or Classical music at them.

        IF those fail, or are not entirely to your liking, use pig calls and pig noises and dog barks. 😀

        • Some Lady Gaga (just banned from performing in Indonesia) and Marilyn Manson would be so cool. Shit needs to be rubbed in their faces (dog or pig, better if both) as they’re lifting up their fat asses in prayer.

        • They stick their asses out because who would want to look at their inbred faces?

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