WASHINGTON: Anti-Muslim note left on car, CAIR demands ‘hate crime’ investigation

“MUSLIMS LEAVE.”  Those words were on a note someone left on a Muslim woman’s car in Redmond.

It happened just outside a Starbucks location.  And when she and her daughter came out, they found a note on her car window saying, “We don’t Muslims in America.” And another message, strangely in Arabic, told the pair to leave.

“I was surprised, because we live in diverse neighborhood. Surprised to see it here,” said the woman.  “But I can’t believe that someone could hate me because of my religious beliefs,” the woman said. (Your religious beliefs tell you to kill non-Muslims, that’s why)

Neither can other residents of the area who are shocked by the incident. “I don’t know if we can ever educate those people,” said Hiromi Roe, another resident. (“Educate THOSE people?” says a Japanese woman who obviously is not that long out of Japan)

In fact, the Washington state chapter of the (Terrorist Front Group) Council on American-Islamic Relations says it is seeing a growing pattern of hate crimes in the Northwest, with 10 cases investigated since last October.