BULGARIA: Left Wing slimy politicians bow to Muslim invaders

Just as everyone was cheering the courage of the Ataka Right Wing Party for blasting Christian religious chants while Muslims were fouling the streets with the asses in the air, Left Wing traitors take the side of the Muslims.

Muslims act like they own the streets

Bulgarian officials condemned with a Parliamentary declaration the recent attacks on Muslim worshippers at Sofia Grand Mosque. This political act was welcomed by the society but experts feel that more decisive measures should be taken to prevent such human rights’ violations in the future. Ivaylo Spasov reports. (CRAP!)

Based on the recent attacks of far-right activists on Muslim worshippers during a Friday prayer, the Bulgarian Parliament has unanimously adopted a declaration,

condemning Ataka party for spreading ethnic and religious hatred and threatening the national security.

Experts welcomed this declaration as a historic opportunity for an atmosphere free of racism to be established. Muslims also greeted the declaration, but pointed out that mere political promises are not enough.

Bulgarian Minister of Interior assured the public that a thorough investigation is underway and that the perpetrators will be punished. But it’s not just accidents like this one. Ilieva names just a few of the ways in which one million Muslims who are living in Bulgaria are being discriminated against. They insist that there should be no place for Islamophobia, racism and xenophobia in Bulgaria.(NO…….there’s no place for Muslims in Bulgaria) Press TV