GOOD NEWS FROM DOWN UNDER – 'Jesus Prophet of Islam' billboard vandalized

AUSTRALIA: A provocative billboard carrying the slogan ”Jesus: a prophet of Islam” has been vandalized after it was posted on one of Sydney’s busiest roads.

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SMH – (H/T MARIA) -The billboard is one of three paid for by an Islamic group called MyPeace and features a phone number for people to call to receive a free Koran and other Islamic literature.

The organiser of MyPeace, Diaa Mohamed, said the vandalism of the billboard at Victoria Road, Rozelle, ”validates the reason they went up in the first place”. (That reason being to make non-Muslims hate you even more than they already do?)

Since the billboards were erected in Darlinghurst, Rozelle and Rosehill on Thursday and Friday, and featured in the Herald on Saturday, Mr Mohamed said he had been inundated with phone calls and emails. ”I’ve had overwhelmingly positive feedback from Christians, atheists, Muslims, everyday Australians, saying, ‘we support you and keep up the good work’,” Mr Mohamed said. (Like Hell he did, typical Muslim liar)

”About 10 per cent of phone calls have been really offensive, saying, ‘how dare you, go back to your own country, no one wants Muslims here’.” (Only 10%? Don’t believe it)Mr Mohamed said the damage to the billboard would not affect his plans to display similar ads on buses travelling through the city and in the Hills district, and eventually, on television.

The slogans, such as ”Holy Quran: the final testament”, and ”Muhammad: mercy to mankind”, were designed to raise awareness that Islam believed in Jesus Christ, and encouraged Christians and Muslims to find common ground, he said.

The Muslim community had been supportive of the campaign, which was funded by private donations. ”I wasn’t sure how they were going to receive it, if they’d think I was stirring trouble, but they have been supportive as well, and really proud.”

It’s time to put billboards up with this message: