AUSTRALIA bans some cattle exports to Indonesia after video exposes brutality and suffering caused by halal slaughter

The live animal export industry has gone into damage control, following the release of graphic footage of the inhumane Islamic halal slaughter of Australian cattle in their largest overseas market.

BNI has posted dozens of videos of barbaric Halal slaughter, so there isn’t much here that regular readers haven’t seen before. At least the Aussies are starting to do something about it.

SMH – (H/T Mark B) – Late yesterday, the Agriculture Minister, Senator Joe Ludwig, ordered his department to conduct an immediate investigation, after viewing the footage which he said left him shocked at the mistreatment of the animals.

An unprecedented joint investigation by the RSPCA and Animals Australia found that slaughter boxes provided to Indonesian abattoirs by Meat & Livestock Australia and LiveCorp, with the support of the federal government, have resulted in the slow, torturous death of millions of animals over the past 10 years, using methods illegal in Australia and in breach of international animal health guidelines.

The industry has already moved to suspend supply to three Indonesian abattoirs. The RSPCA chief scientist, Bidda Jones, who assessed the evidence from the investigation, said every slaughter facility filmed by Animals Australia breached international animal welfare standards.

Many more shocking videos here of: HALAL SLAUGHTER