Another reason to keep US Senate candidate George 'Macaca' Allen out of office

U.S. Senate candidate George Allen of Virginia is sticking with his Alexandria church despite rumblings within the congregation over the church’s decision to allow people from the Religion of Death to pray there.

Gee, I used to like this guy a lot.

Washington Examiner – A handful of people have left the Aldersgate United Methodist Church to protest use of the church by Muslims. 

Allen, though, must tread carefully to avoid an appearance of racial insensitivity. In his 2006 Senate campaign, Allen referred to an Indian-American volunteer for his opponent Jim Webb as “macaca,” a perceived racial slur. Allen has repeatedly apologized for the remark.

In a statement, Allen dismissed the matter as a side issue. “With so many families anxious about gas prices, losing their jobs, their homes, and fearful the rising national debt will rob our children of the opportunities we had growing up, it’s disappointing to Susan and me that our family’s church would become an issue in this campaign,” he said.

Chesapeake Bishop E.W. Jackson, one of several candidates seeking the GOP nomination along with Allen, criticized the church’s decision.

“While we have a biblical mandate to love them as human beings, no pastor or Christian should cooperate or assist Muslims in their worship practices,” he said.