"It was announced today that Buckwheat, of Our Gang fame, has converted to the Muslim faith and changed his name to Kareem of Wheat. I just hope he doesn't become a cereal killer."

It’s a great joke, but the stupid ‘dhimmi’ judge who emailed it to several people had to kiss the feet of Muslims who had their wittle fweewings hurt.

Goerie – When someone e-mailed Dunlavey a joke on Wednesday that riffed on Eddie Murphy’s “Saturday Night Live” Buckwheat skits — which Dunlavey had enjoyed — he quickly forwarded it to court colleagues who, he thought, might need a dose of humor.

Dunlavey said he now realizes the joke, which contained a reference to Islam, might not have seemed funny, particularly to Muslims. (Who cares? Everything offends Muslims. But Muslims offend everyone else just by being Muslims)

The joke had been sent from Dunlavey’s Erie County e-mail address to Dunlavey’s fellow judges, Erie County Adult Probation, the county’s court reporters and the former head of the Erie County Veterans’ Affairs office. It was titled “Muslim Convert (humor.)”


An explanation of ‘Dhimmis’