Radio talker Bradlee Dean accuses Keith Ellison (D-MN) of trying to overthrow the US Constitution and replace it with Shari'a law.

Bradlee Dean of ‘You Can Run But You Cannot Hide’ ministries lashed out at Democrat Rep. Keith Ellison on his Sons of Liberty radio program after Ellison called Dean ‘extreme.’ Dean claimed that Ellison wants to overthrow the U.S. Constitution, and that the Fifth District Democrat disrespected America when he took the oath of office on a Quran which calls for the deaths of all non-believers (in Islam).

Minnesota Independent – Criticism against Dean has mounted in recent weeks after he was invited by Republicans to give the opening prayer in the Minnesota House and took a swipe at Obama for being a phony Christian.

Ellison was interviewed by the Daily Beast shortly after Dean gave the official opening prayer on the Minnesota House floor in late May. Ellison said that Republicans in state House might not know enough about Dean.“There’s a slight possibility they may not know quite how extreme this guy is,” he told the Beast.

Ellison said Dean’s prayer was an example of the Republican party tracking toward the extreme right. “The people on the extreme have the momentum on their side, and they punish people in the middle,” he said.

Dean took the “extreme” label personally on his radio show on Saturday. “The extreme that America is looking for is called leadership,” he said. “To make myself clear the extremities that I have advanced in this ministry according to
Keith Ellison are not lawless but lawful. He’s breaking the law, and I’m magnifying the law, so again if you want to define me as being extreme for our country so be it.”

Dean didn’t stop there, however. He accused Ellison of trying to overthrow the U.S. Constitution and said that perhaps Ellison was upset because the U.S. doesn’t follow Sharia law.

“Keith Ellison seems to forget in his folly that I’m not the one trying to overthrow our Constitution or the laws of our land, he is,” Dean told listeners. “I may be extreme but I’m extreme in preserving this country because I love my country and my people.”

“What you have to understand is the problem with the radicals, they don’t know how to deal with those who do not roll over every time they want another law overthrown. Those days are over, radicals! Because people are tired of being rolled over by you and America’s been screaming from the house tops for three years now. Enough is enough!”

He continued, “I would also ask Keith Ellison, what is extreme about our laws? What is it you don’t like about who we are Keith? Our laws say no to Shari’a law in this country. Is this your problem? The people all over the country are rising up against the  agenda that you Keith are attempting to put forth.

Keith Ellison is also the first to blatantly disrespect everything about who we are as a Christian nation. Keith Ellison broke tradition in this country by swearing on the Quran rather than the Holy Bible. That’s pretty extreme, Keith, but not righteously.”

The Minnesota Independent emailed You Can Run But You Cannot Hide for clarification on Dean’s statements about Ellison and whether the group believed Ellison would try to implement Sharia law that would call for the execution of homosexuals. “Due to the fact that the Muslims are the ones who would enforce Sharia Law and execute homosexuals, and being that Keith Ellison is a Muslim, you should be asking him that question,” a spokesperson replied. “That is our point.”