DELTA AIRLINES screws up big time!

American soldiers returning from a war zone, literally, were charged nearly $3,000 in extra baggage fees from Delta Airlines. When flying coach, the airline charges extra for more than three bags, despite a contractual agreement, cited by one of the soldiers, between the U.S. government and the airlines that those returning from Afghanistan on military orders are authorized to carry four bags.

CBS Atlanta – Soldiers returning home from Afghanistan have Tough Questions for Delta Airlines. They wanted to know why they had to pay almost $3,000 in baggage fees on their way back to the states. An un-named unit of nearly thirty Army soldiers said they had to pay $200 each to get their luggage home.

“We found out that we had too many bags,” continued another soldier. “We had four bags but Delta Airlines allows only three bags and anything over three bags you have to pay for. Even though there’s a contract between the U.S. Government and Delta Airlines.”

“Delta offers active duty U.S. Military personnel traveling on orders up to four complimentary checked bags in First/Business class, and three complimentary checked bags in coach,” said a Delta spokesperson. A military spokeswoman told CBS Atlanta News that any extra bag fees charged by an airline will be reimbursed by the government, depending on their orders.

Some soldiers told CBS Atlanta said the military men in the video will be in a lot of trouble when their superiors find out about the clip on YouTube. (Then, shame on the military, too)