Oh, BOO HOO! Indonesians cry that Australia’s ban on cattle exports for halal slaughter is ‘discrimination’ (WARNING: Disturbing Video Footage)

Australia has banned the export of cattle to several HALAL slaughter houses in Indonesia because of the excessive torture and suffering that Halal slaughter causes the animals. Indonesia is threatening to refer Australia’s ban on live cattle exports to the World Trade Organization, arguing it may be discriminatory. (Who cares?)

The Australian – (H/T Peter S) – Agriculture Minister Joe Ludwig’s announcement of a ban of up to six

months headed off mounting criticism from the Labor left, crossbench MPs and animals rights groups following ABC TV’s screening of footage showing mistreatment of animals in Indonesian abattoirs.

However as well as angering many cattle producers, the ban was greeted with disappointment in Jakarta, where officials insisted it would only be temporary. Indonesia’s Deputy Agriculture Minister, Bayu Krisnamurthi, questioned whether the ban was discriminatory, saying other nations Australia exported to also had issues in relation to animal welfare. (Yes, all Muslim nations) “We hope this is not mainly a special policy for Indonesia,” he told reporters. “If applied only to Indonesia, this is discriminative and we will submit (a complaint) to the WTO.

“We need to establish sufficient safeguards to ensure exporters provide verifiable transpirable supply chain assurance up to and including the point of slaughter for every head of cattle that leaves Australia,” Senator Ludwig said.

Animals Australia campaigner Lyn White said she thought it would be unlikely all slaughter houses in Indonesia that import Australian cattle would be up to standard within that timeframe. “I would suggest that it is highly unlikely, considering that animals are distributed right across Java and Sumatra at the moment to local slaughterhouses and local markets,” she said.

Ms White said while she welcomed the minister’s announcement today, she would not stop until all live exports were banned completely. “This is an unacceptable trade and we need to keep going to see a complete ban,” she said.

Julia Gillard later rejected criticism of the government’s handling of the live exports issue. “We have acted quickly and appropriately to respond to the appalling footage and acts of cruelty that we saw on Australian television,” the Prime Minister said during a visit to Nhulunbuy, in the Northern Territory.

This is the shocking full length version of the video showing barbaric Muslim halal slaughter as practiced in Indonesia and other Muslim countries:

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6 comments on “Oh, BOO HOO! Indonesians cry that Australia’s ban on cattle exports for halal slaughter is ‘discrimination’ (WARNING: Disturbing Video Footage)

  1. Good job Australia! As for the Indoneasians, feeling discriminated …. well… get ready for more discrimination. The world is now waking up to your death cult. You can no longer fool people with your ‘religion of peace’ bullshit!

  2. We should do these thing to these men. And their leaders. The Australian government did a good job to keep this personal as i have always though that Australia was a animal loving place. We should donate more money to stop this.

  3. As an Australian I am ashamed,that our government is allowing our poor cattle and sheep to be tortured and brutally killed in this – disgusting- barbaric -riligious ritual,-halal,and for what?to appease a culture that openly states it’s first allegiance is to their own laws-sharia,not Australian law which those who became Australian citizens swore to uphold above any other -thus committing -perjury,this culture has no respect or love of animals as shown by their continual horriffying treatment of them in their filthy abbattoirs,but then ,those who aid and abbett them by sending the cattle knowing full well -the situation has not improved -are just as bad -worse actually-money talks.

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