Why we should have fought on the side of the Serbs, NOT the Muslims

The successful demonization of the Serbs, making them largely responsible for the Yugoslav wars, and as unique and genocidal killers, was one of the great propaganda triumphs of our era. It was done so quickly, with such uniformity and uncritical zeal in the mainstream Western media, that disinformation had (and still has, after almost two decades) a field day.

(All photos are of slaughtered Serbs) (H/T Serbian Girl)

SERB DEMONIZATION PROPAGANDA – The demonization flowed from the gullibility of Western interests and media (and intellectuals). With Yugoslavia no longer useful as an ally after the fall of the Soviet Union, and actually an obstacle as an independent state with a still social democratic bent, the NATO powers aimed at its dismantlement, and they actively supported the secession of Slovenia, Croatia, the Bosnian Muslims, and the Kosovo Albanians. That these were driven away by Serb actions and threats is untrue: they had their own nationalistic and economic motives for exit, stronger than those of the Serbs.

Milosevic’s famous speeches of 1987 and 1989 weren’t nationalistic — despite the lies to the contrary, both speeches called for tolerance of all “nations” within Yugoslavia. He also never sought a “Greater Serbia,” but rather tried to maintain a unified Yugoslavia, and when this failed — with the active assistance of the NATO powers — he tried, only fitfully, to allow stranded Serb minorities to stay within Yugoslavia or join Serbia, a matter of obvious “self-determination” that NATO granted to Kosovo Albanians and everybody but Serbs (for documentation on these points, see this Monthly Review article I co-authored with David Peterson in October, 2007).


Many well-qualified observers of the Bosnia wars were appalled at the biased reporting and gullibility of mainstream journalists, who followed a party line and swallowed anything the Bosnian Muslim (and U.S.) officials told them. The remarkable inflation of claims of Serb evil and violence (and playing down of NATO-clients’ violence), with fabricated “concentration camps,” “rape camps,” and similar Nazi- and Auschwitz-like analogies, caused the onetime head of the U.S. intelligence section in Sarajevo, Lieutenant Colonel John Sray, to state back in 1995 that:

America has not been so pathetically deceived since Robert McNamara helped to micromanage and escalate the Vietnam War…Popular perceptions pertaining to the Bosnian Muslim government…have been forged by a prolific propaganda machine. A strange combination of three major spin doctors, including public relations (PR) firms in the employ of the Bosniacs, media pundits, and sympathetic elements of the US State Department, have managed to manipulate illusions to further Muslim goals.

Numerous others made the same point: Cedric Thornberry, a high UN official who investigated atrocities in Bosnia wrote in Foreign Policy in 1996 that:

By early 1993 a consensus developed — especially in the United States, but also in some Western European countries and prominently in parts of the international liberal media — that the Serbs were the only villains…This view did not correspond to the perceptions of successive senior UN personnel in touch with daily events..[and one kindly soul at UN headquarters] warned me to take cover — the fix is on.

The same point was made by Canadian General Lewis Mackenzie, who insisted that “it was not a black-and-white picture and that ‘bad’ buys had not killed ‘good’ guys. The situation was far more complex” (Globe & Mail, July 15, 2005). The same was said by former NATO Deputy Commander Charles Boyd, former UNPROFOR Commander Satish Nambiar, UN officials Philip Corwin and Carlos Martins Branco, and former U.S. State Department official George Kenney. But anybody who parted from the party line was ignored or marginalized.

When George Kenney changed his mind from anti-Serb interventionist to critic, he was quickly dropped by the mainstream media. Journalist Peter Brock, who wrote “Dateline Yugoslavia: The Partisan Press,” in Foreign Policy‘s Winter 1993-1994 issue, which documented systematic bias and errors, was viciously attacked and driven into multi-year silence. A reporter like David Binder of The New York Times who refused to adhere to the party-demonization line was soon taken off the beat.

An important part of the fix was dishonest demonization, as with the famous August 1992 picture of Fikret Alic, an emaciated prisoner behind barbed wire in a Serb “concentration camp.” But the UK journalists had pushed forward a man who was sick and quite unrepresentative: the barbed wire was around the journalists, not the camp, and it was a transit camp, not a concentration camp. Western journalists went berserk over these alleged camps, but failed to report the Red Cross finding that “Serbs, Croats, and Muslims all run detention camps and must share equal blame.” John Burns’ Pulitzer for 1993 was based heavily on his interview with an alleged Serb killer-rapist, Borislav Herak, who later confessed that after torture he had recited lines forced on him by his Bosnian Muslim captors.

The joint Pulitzer winner in 1993 was Roy Gutman, who specialized in hearsay evidence and handouts from Croatian and Bosnian Muslim propaganda sources. Gutman never got around to Croat and Muslim camps. His and other journalists’ claims about “an archipelago of [Serb] sex-enslavement camps” were spectacular and wrong — ultimately, there were more credible affidavits of Serb than Bosnian Muslim women rape victims. (For an excellent discussion of the wild news reports versus ascertainable facts, see Chapter Five of Peter Brock’s Media Cleansing: Dirty Reporting[GM Books, 2005]). All these journalists portrayed the Bosnian Muslim leader Alija Izetbegović as a devotee of ethnic tolerance; none ever quoted his Islamic Declaration, which proclaimed that “there is neither peace nor coexistence between the ‘Islamic religion’ and non-Islamic social and political institutions.” For an extensive discussion of Izetbegović’s close relations with Iran and commitment to an Islamic state, see John Schindler’s Unholy Terror (Zenith Press, 2007), which I reviewed in Z Magazine.


Another part of the fix was the failure to pay any attention to crimes that preceded brutal Serb actions.  But the tit-for-tat was common and much of it, and many of the mutual fears, were traceable back to the mass murders — disproportionately of Serbs — of World War II, the Nazi occupation, and Croatian fascist Ustasha. This background of truly mass killing was blacked out in the mainstream propaganda system.

Most important in recent tit-for-tat was the Srebrenica case, where the background to the Serb behavior in July 1995 was (and remains) ignored. You won’t read in the U.S. press the claim by veteran British journalist Joan Phillips that by March 31, 1993, “out of 9,300 Serbs who used to live (in the Srebrenica municipality), less than 900 remain…only three Serbian villages remain and around 26 have been destroyed.”  Many more were destroyed after that, and a 1995 Serb monograph entitled The Book of the Dead listed 3,287 Serbs from the Srebrenica region who were killed in the three years before July 1995. Serb forensic expert Dr. Zoran Stankovic and his team uncovered over a thousand Serb bodies in the Srebrenica area well before July 1995, and General Lewis Mackenzie has stated that “evidence to date suggests that he (Naser Oric, a Bosnian Muslim commander in Srebrenica) was responsible for killing as many Serb civilians outside Srebrenica as the Bosnian Serb army was for massacring Bosnian Muslims inside the town.” Stankovic and the Serb authorities could never get the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) or Western media interested in these massacres.

A microcosm of the bias of the ICTY can be seen in its treatment of Naser Oric. When a video turned up in 2005 showing an alleged Bosnian Serb execution of six Bosnian Muslims, this received widespread and indignant attention in the West, and was alleged to be a “smoking gun” proving the 8,000 executed at Srebrenica. But there are more clearly authentic videos that Oric showed to Toronto Star journalist Bill Schiller and Washington Postreporter John Pomfret, in which Oric brags about the Serb killings and beheadings displayed for them, and claims to have killed 114 Serbs in just one of these incidents. Pomfret had a single back page article on this, Schiller two, and otherwise silence reigned. Nobody said this was a “smoking gun” proving that Serb victimization in the Srebrenica area was massive and that the supposed “demilitarization” of that “safe area” was a fraud. 

The ICTY also failed to take the evidence of Ibran Mustafic, a Bosnian Muslim official in Srebrenica, who in his recent book, Planned Chaos, declares Oric to be “a war criminal without par,” and describes personally observed gruesome murders by Oric. French General Philippe Morillon, was also not called, although he had testified in the Milosevic trial, claiming that Oric “took no prisoners,” and that his mass killings from the “safe area” had been the key factor in explaining Serb vengefulness in their takeover of Srebrenica.

The ICTY wasn’t an instrument of justice — it was a faux-judicial arm of NATO, created to service its aims in the Balkan wars, which it did in numerous ways. But a key role was to focus on, demonize, isolate and condemn Serbs, who were the NATO target. Whenever NATO needed a lift, the ICTY was there to help — indicting Karadzic and Mladic explicitly to remove them as negotiators at Dayton; indicting Milosevic in May 1999 just as NATO was starting to draw criticism for its bombing of Serbian civilian facilities (war crimes). For crushing analyses of the ICTY and its role, see Travesty byJohn Laughland (Pluto Press, 2007) and Michael Mandel’s How America Gets Away with Murder(Pluto Press, 2004).


Inflating Serb killings was institutionalized early in the Yugoslavia conflict, crucially helped by media and liberal-left gullibility. There was huge dependence on Bosnian Muslim and U.S. officials, who lied often, but were never doubted by the press. In the case of the infamous Markale Market massacre on August 27, 1993, timed just before a NATO meeting at which bombing the Serbs was approved, key experts and observers on the scene — UK, French, Canadian, UN, even U.S. — were convinced that this was carried out by the Bosnian Muslims. But this could make no headway in the mainstream media. The Bosnian Muslims claimed 200,000 dead by early 1993 (and of course, exclusively Serb concentration and rape camps) and it was swallowed, along with the alleged drive for a “Greater Serbia.”

The same inflation took place regarding Kosovo both before and after the bombing war, with an alleged pre-war genocide and a more wildly claimed bombing-war genocide (with the State Department estimating as many as 500,000 Kosovo Albanians murdered). These were all big lies. The 200,000 (later, up to 300,000) has shrunk to 100,000, including about 65,000 civilians, on all sides in Bosnia. The prewar Kosovo toll was diminished to some 2,000 in the year before the bombing, a majority of them victims of the KLA rather than the Serbs (according to British Defense Secretary George Robertson), and the body-plus-missing total for Kosovo during the bombing war contracted to some 6,000-7,000 on all sides. But there were neither apologies nor reassessment from the mainstream media or liberal apologists for the “good war.”

They still have Srebrenica. But like the other inflated or untrue elements of the demonization process, they have it by cheating. There’s no doubt that there were executions at Srebrenica, but nothing like 8,000 and very possibly not any more than the number of Serb civilians killed by Naser Oric in the Srebrenica areas, as suggested by General Lewis Mackenzie (who in my opinion was conservative on this point). The morality tale rests heavily on failure to acknowledge that Srebrenica wasn’t a demilitarized “safe area” but a protected Bosnian Muslim military base that had been used to decimate the local Serb population. It also rests on the failure to see that the massacre was immensely useful, like the Markale Market massacre, with the hope and expectation that it would produce a NATO military response. Bosnian Muslim leaders were crying “genocide” even before the Serbs captured Srebrenica.

It also rests on numbers manipulation. There were only about 2,000 bodies found near Srebrenica after intense searches over the next six years, not all Bosnian Muslims and those that were not necessarily executed. There had been intense fighting outside Srebrenica, but it was convenient for numbers inflation that these deaths could be ignored and any “missing” could be assumed executed.

The idea that the Serbs moved several thousand bodies en masse has never been plausible: Trucking them would have been easily caught by satellite surveillance — no such pictures have been produced — and some of the alleged new graves were closer to Srebrenica than the alleged places of removal. The belated grave findings after the year 2000 have been under the control of the Bosnian Muslim leadership, which has provided disinformation from 1992 on a very consistent basis. Their post-2000 findings and DNA identifications have been further compromised by their very unscientific handling of the body remains (in the ground five or more years), their inability to distinguish between bodies killed in fighting and executed, or those that may have died before or after 1995, and their frequent timing to reinforce political events.

The continuous publicity over Srebrenica, like its initial surge, has been hugely political — this selective and inflated victimization has political payoffs for the victims and their patrons, along with psychological rewards in inflicting pain on longstanding enemies and targets. And in this case, the imperial rulers aren’t only able to point to an allegedly justified “humanitarian intervention” to help cover over their larger plans in a global projection of power, but they have been able to transform the Balkans into a staging ground for NATO’s post-Cold war expansionist order.




Why have Muslims not been on trial in the Hague – for atrocities against humanity





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  1. Man will never learn. It’s funny how this far lesser propaganda victory is so obvious, but we still believe the entirety of the farce that got us into WW2 and literally turned the USA into a vassal state.

  2. Well, all I can say is that the article if full of facts mainly unknown to the general public. Congrats to the author, finally somebody is saying the truth, backed with the evidences.

    • As a veteran, this tragedy in U.S. policy under Bill Clinton must be told to generations who are unfamiliar with the Clinton policy of immoral policies. Clinton behavior based on a self serving purpose versus U.S. citizen welfare and U.S. constitution. Hillary will be just as bad and likely worse than Bill since he at least had political savvy, she is ignorant.

  3. I never could figure out during that war who the good guys were vs the bad guys, but I knew instinctively that whatever side bill clinton took was the bad side.

    • I knew there was something not right about what was happening.

      It just did not make sense and had to be more to it.

      Only trouble is I was on other side of world to see. Those in Europe should have known more.

  4. Oh yeah. Just saw a news story today about a Saudi mosque in Bosnia, that is causing trouble. There was some moz that fought in the Bosnian war saying his mosque is moderate & he doesn’t like the Saudi’s giving the impression that islum is radical. You know the usual spiel, islam is a religion of peace b/s.

  5. I’m getting so filled w/ hate for these people, everyday. I’m trying not to as one needs their wits about them. Where I’m working at the library there are mostly moslem guards. I had one spy on what I was working on, when writing on FB. He came over near close & practically screamed at me using a scowling, growling, sound, – GET OUT!, GET OUT, NOW!!!! He approached me 3 times in a row. I looked at him & told him to Fuck off!! He got such a shock that he hasn’t dared verbally assault me again. Bullies are cowards. A nice lady at the library came who witnessed his bullying came over & asked me nicely. That was unexpected. They’re all lefties here, so would normally back me up. He had no right to be spying on what I was writing. Such Islamonazi Supremacists, they think they’ve got us all wrapped around their little finger in Australia. (insert obscene gesture here)

  6. What is said here is true and tragically unknown and too late! The book “Icon of Evil” deals with the story of the founder of the PLO, Islamic’s coordinating ally of Hitler, Haj Amin Husseini who personally led the Bosnian Islamic Army of WWII fame whom the German Military finally stopped from murdering Serbs when Serbian patriot, Mujalevic realizing how the allies were helping Tito, made a deal with them to get them to free Serbian women and children in Husseini’s concentration camps! Like Milosevic, Mujalevic never had a chance with the allies!
    Fact is the Bosnian intervention was a sham just like the trial of Milosevic in the Hague! The Germans led NATO and perhaps finally in Merkel’s refugees, the Germans will get a taste of what they brought to the Serbs of Bosnia! The West loved Russia’s Yeltsen because unlike Putin, he turned a blind eye to his friends in Serbia while Putin would not in Ukraine!
    Had the Serbs had the benefit of Russian air cover, their superior army would have rode across those Bosnian Muslims proving to the Islamic World that modern technology not Allah is supreme! The current Islamic terrorists were encouraged by Bosnia to believe that they can win despite being militarily inferior which is a mistake and a problem for us now!

  7. The article poinfs out a simple truth – Nato decided to dismantle Yugoslavia and found good grounds in Croatian, Slovenian and Muslim nationalism.
    Still, The Yugoslav constitution did not allow secession without the federal parliament acceptance. So, Croats and Slovenians left the federation illegally. By force. Yugoslav Army had a constitutional duty to act and defend the country.
    That is when western propaganda steped in and started demonazing Serbs.
    The first murder occured in Sarajevo when a Muslim chauvinist killed a Serbian wedding party member out of pure hate.

  8. ✪Attention opponents of Islam✪
    While debating Muslims and roasting Islam on the Net; stop spinning your wheels. The way to win against Islam (and dissuade potential converts) is to make the Muslim doubt the core theological thought process leading to Islam in the first place.

    Bashing them about parts of their holy books just makes them stronger; similar to the way antibiotics are creating immune strains in medicine. The following flowchart illustrates the theological thought process leading to Islam.

    You MUST persuade the Muslim (or truth seeker) to choose differently at one of the (either / or) choices; if done, you will shake them loose from Islam; as well as thwart potential converts from joining.

    [START] [god(s) / pure atheism] if ‘god(s)’ → [God / gods] if ‘God’ → [God has orders / God is aloof] if ‘God has orders’ → [organized monotheism] = ✡,✞,☪. [START] [Jesus was important / Jesus was not important] if ‘Jesus was important’ → [God is decidedly anthropomorphic (has a gender, creates offspring, rests after work, etc.) / God is non-anthropomorphic (Independent, Alone, Unique) if ‘God is non-anthropomorphic, Independent, Alone, Unique’ → Islam ☪

    ✪ Game Plan ✪ Atheists; you start at the beginning. Hindus; you work on the [God / gods] fork in the road. Agnostics; you work on the [God has orders / God is aloof] part. Christians; work on that last one. Jewish faith; you have to convince the Muslims that Jesus was a hoax, because he is mentioned too many times in their koran for them to just forget about it.)

    • good luck with that ! wear a nice mail collar it`ll make it harder for them to take your head ! dumbest thing I`ve read in the last 40 years !

  9. A quick comparison of the Muslim Quran and the Christian New Testament is very revealing. In the Christian New Testament Jesus tells us to pray for those who oppose us and are our enemies. In the muslem Quran Muhammad tells us to attack, make war against and kill those who oppose us and are our enemies. When we understand the intrinsic nature of Muslim aggression and intolerance we hold out little hope of self policing within the muslem community. I know that what I’m saying is not politically correct and I don’t have a perfect answer to our dilemma but I know the first step is to have courage enough to be honest about our problem.

  10. Wtf is this what about 10.000 civilians people killed on albania (kosovo)
    400 of them were kids from 0-10 years oh thats was nothing they are Albanian you can kill them nobody cares search more about Kosovo war and you see who was attacker and who victim

  11. It is such a HUUUUGE MASS shame that you try so hard to make Kosovo people as terrorist, just like Israel tries to blame Palestine and still slaughter innocent kids and civil society.
    The whole world knows what a serbian is, no doubt you have to try your best to cover up the shit you made since you bloody criminals came into Europe and took land of Albanians (and u still keep trying).
    You did this with Croatia, after that you did with Bosnia, and finally with Kosovo!
    I know you have ABSOLUTE NOTHING to be proud of, instead posting killed soldiers of Serbia (which they were in a war I guess, so it would be obviously they’d be killed) why don’t you post the massacre of children, women, elders and burned buildings in Kosovo by you?
    An albanian NEVER kills anyone except legitimate solders in war area.
    I don’t blame you, a country with no history, no pride and nothing to be proud of, always tend to blame others 🙂
    May God take revenge on all of you ! 🙂

    • Wait… What kind of war is that where they chop of humans heads and picture them selves like they have war trophies? You make it sound like its just an usual war.. And you talk about as if albanians are civilized people while all you do is move your family to neighbouring country and make like 10+ kids, and after 50 years you become big minority and claim thats your land, pretty tribal behavior. “An albanian NEVER kills anyone except legitimate solders in war area”.. Just month ago Albanians raided Serbian forests to chop and sell our wood and killed two Serbian cops in the process? Serbs gets beated in Tirana just because they talk Serbian and many friends from my hood are albanians even though it’s Belgrade, and guess what no one ever pointed a finger at them they are accepted as our own.. End of story don’t talk shit about our pride i can name you over 100 big Serbian names while all you have is that Skanderbeg guy and that Teresa granny.During times of Tito albanians lived better in Serbian kosovo then in your capital, know fact.

      • I will fight next to you this time, I have written letters to many Churches in Serbia and begged for forgiveness for helping to kill my fellow Christians. I trusted my Government and believed at the time we were doing the right thing, but I was wrong, This will never happen again and next time I will fight next to you.

      • I worked in a Camp while i was there feeding and providing aid to Muslims, my eyes were open during what they call in Europe “Football” aka Soccer I remember I was watching these Muslim kids kick around a ball smiling and thinking how great it was that they were happy and having some fun, So I walked up to get a better look and I saw that to my disbelief that 2 of the balls were actually heads of 2 Serbians and it took all I had to not shoot those seeds of Satan.

        • Well, You must support us. You all come from us, from I2a. All Europeans (whites) are Serbs genetically. If we are killed off, which is in process for centuries by everyone, white race is going to die. Without parents. Branches of the Tree cannot survive without Roots.
          Never fall into trap Good vs Evil. That is a grave to fall in. We all have common enemy. Zionists Jezuits… Nazi ideology is very much alive…
          Every religion, race… is suffering from common enemy. We simply amuse our foster parents while killing each other like animals.

    • @AlbanianA

      You are Kosovo-Albanian muslim creep, ridding the same innocent-victim propaganda. It must be the bad Serbs, because they did it in Bosnia, right? That’s the only argument you’ll ever have. You Albanians overtook Christian Kosovo because of your high birth rate in the last 30 years, because you invited thousands of muslims from Albania to illegally settle in Kosovo, just to pump up the muslim population. Mind you, with a big help of the Serbian (Yugoslavian) government at the time, who was stupid enough to pay you child support. And now, how’s your new country working out for you, since there are no Serbs to pay benefits? Life sucks for you, doesn’t it? Open employment positions only in the gun, drug and organ trafficking business, that’s all you do. Now you don’t mind applying for Serbian passports, jumping on the current refugee bandwagon to Europe and seek asylum by posing as oppressed Albanians from Serbia. This is how you muslim scum operate.

      And it didn’t matter if nobody was on Serbian side. Nobody can win the “high birth rate” modus operandi, as we see the same pattern in Europe, child support to polygamist muslim refugees and each of their (pregnant) wives and children.

  12. People should be able to accept one another. We all have are differences, and yes, there are crimes committed by people in other cultures many times. But there are many Christian and catholic people who commit horrible crimes. Just know this, the Muslim extremist is to Islam as the KKK is to Christianity.

    • Dante, the problem isn’t the extremists, the problem is the rest of you who are trying to impose your repugnant belief system on the rest of the world. Violent jihad is easy recognize, easy to fight. Civilization jihad is much harder. You non-violent muslims are every bit as bad as the terrorists because no one realizes how bad you are until it’s too late.

      • Yes, they are even worse ! Radical Islam is used by them. And created by nazi’s. By Albert Rosenberg.To justify killing of Arab civilians and spreading of Great Israel. And to move huge population of Arabs to Europe to eliminate anyways dying and old white race. Occupied by fucking faggots all over ! IT IS AL AN AGENDA ! Jezuits have recruited ALL on Balkan to eliminate millions of my people all throughout 20th century ! Balkan soil is soaked in Serbian blood. Dig around and You will find our bones all over ! Serbia is main launching pad for ruination of Europe by every fucking secret society, intelligence and secret services. Masons were the only ones working as opposition to 2/3 cleric Faggot-Pedophile Vatican, trying to emancipate and elevate citizens, and have helped Serbia a lot ! They are blamed for all, undeserving. By Vatican, of course !

        Look, I am Orthodox Serbian. Orthodoxy is proclaimed as enemy that must be dealt with, by western Europe.

        USA have continued nazi ideology in general, B-plan of the same enemy, of whom we’ve all heard ”it’s all over, He killed himself”. Bedtime story for exhausted children / the world, who simply wanted light sleep and no nightmares. That is why shallow understanding peoples are born after that, and deep understanding people who speak truth, got labelled as ‘conspiracy theorists”. Yes, Germany and Wehrmacht were defeated, but nazi ideology was not and still is not ! They knew Germany and Wehrmacht are going to lose. How many bloodiest nazi’s escaped to USA? Such as Heinrich Gestapo in 1948. Or Martin Bormann to England. How many are convicted? From ’45 – ’78 about 30 000 from 3 million, which is 1%. Even stalled to old age by lawyers. Almost all punishments were from several months to 2-8 years. Murder of John F. Kennedy and 9/11 were the same nazi NWO gong bells. 9/11 – nazi text book operation, even used by Hitler. All technology in USA, various experiments, Montauk and all… Nazi projects… ”Cold War” and ”Red Danger” was cover up for this, an excuse… That allowed – nazi Kurt Waldheim to be the leader of UN, nazi Reinhard Gehlen to help create CIA, how many Bundeswehr generals had nazi past?… 80 out of first 120. Wernher von Braun and nazi NASA rocket projects… ”PAPER CLIP”

        Do not need any kind of alliance or help. Don’t need anything from Your world or to do with it ! You know what my first question would be for all of fucking ”advanced Europeans” ???!!!! HOW MANY OF TRILLIONS YOU OWE TO SERBIA FOR WAR REPARATIONS ???!!!! Pay up, admit genocides towards my nation of everyfucking kind, and we can talk. Instead of that, Europe is declaring us as genocidal nation. Just how crazy this world is??? Every European country and big cities should be over-flooded with Serbian heroes statues and museums !!! You owe to us whole existence of Yours !!!

        I am able to stand in front of God, unlike many.

    • Study history in depth and look out side the tunnel to find truths.

      At the moment you only have a tunnel view. You do not see what is happening and you mainly listen to the garbage fed to one by the media. They only want to tell us what they want, and only half truths if lucky.

  13. Yugoslavia was destroyed by nationalism of Yugoslav peoples (Serbs, Croats, Muslims, Kosovo Albanians, Montenegrins, Macedonians, Slovenes…). Foreign factor is also to blame for the breakup of Yugoslavia.

  14. u came into our country u slaughtered our children raped our women you think we wont do it 10 times worse let me tell u this right know Serbian shit Albanians get revenge we always get revenge our laws are based on revenge when u spilled Albanian blood u started a blood war the kanuni demands it

  15. I am a Bosnian Catholic. There has been no war in this world where both sides weren’t involved in massacres and atrocities against civilians. However, that still doesn’t mean that all are equally wrong. No one doubts who was the “good guy” in WW2, no matter of Hiroshima, Nagasaki or Dresden. I believe that pictures are authentic, but you have to know tat Serbian crimes (which, by the way, mostly preceded Muslim ones)outnumber Muslim ones in thousands. It was no conflict between Islam and Christianity, but a conflict between Serbian nationalism and other nations that wanted their freedom. Serbs committed massacres like these on pictures over Croatian Catholic people while it was still peace in Bosnia. It was not startet ba jihadists since most Bosnian Muslims are secular and many atheists. It was started by Serbs.

      • U should know more about war in bosnia before post it perhabs u should live the war.
        Have u ever been in war ,live in war,eat in war,sleep or try to sleep but know that airplanes r flying over ur head and in same time wanted to sleep but try not to couse u dont wont to die.its like call of duty just without restart.

    • Cute, “not_true.” And also not true, “not_true.”
      Hmmm, maybe the audience can understand what you are doing this way: So suppose a helpful German comes along and explains that the Muslims are not actually attacking the Israelis because of their religion, because, hey, lots of them aren’t that religious, and don’t you know, lots of Jews are “Nationalists” anyway – Well, then, we would recognize that as a load of Taqqiya crap right off the bat. You are doing the same thing, except that you are a Croat nazi and not a German nazi. Muslims have been slaughtering Christian Serbs for centuries BECAUSE of their religion, and the fact that a nazi like you is all too happy to feed her Serb enemy to the dogs doesn’t make anything you say correct.

    • I welcome all allies in my fight to save Western civilization from Islam, but idiots like you, “not _true”, sold your souls to the Devil when you decided to ally with Muslims to finish off your fellow Christians. You should be ashamed.

      • So, I see we can call each other names – well then, Anna you are truly an stupid ignoramus, who judge about things you have no facts and know nothing about, let alone be able to communicate and converse on the subject as a decent human being, which you are not. You are simpleminded barbarian, and probably fat scumbag, hating everything and everyone, Muslims are just most scary unknown for you, or maybe you are just Zionist genocidal zombie from apartheid entity called Israel.

        This blog is place for you, Anna !

      • The Chinese asked the lama of Tibet with what defensive strategy he had to defend his people from all out massacre. Lama replied “spiritual faith”. Chinese response”RELIGION IS POISON”!