BULGARIANS continue their courageous fight against the Islamization of their country

Daily use of eardrum shattering mosque loudspeakers and Muslim asslifters prostrating themselves in the streets, have resulted in Sofia’s Muslim community coming under attack when masked individuals stormed the Banya Bashi mosque and viciously assaulted the guard, leaving him in a pool of blood. 

Sofia Echo -This latest act of desecration has escalated tensions after a previous attack on the mosque on May 20. Tensions erupted on May 20 when three (Right Wing party) Ataka supporters were arrested and one of the party’s MPs, Denitsa Gadzheva, was injured in the incident at the Banya Bashi mosque. The violence followed a protest by Ataka against the use of loudspeakers to broadcast the call to prayer.

This was the latest in a series of protests which started some years ago against the loudspeakers, but Ataka has revived its campaign in the run-up to Bulgaria’s autumn 2011 municipal and presidential elections, in which Ataka leader Volen Siderov has said he will stand as a presidential candidate. Scuffles broke out after one of the Ataka protesters tried to steer a column towards Muslims taking part in Friday prayers.

To prevent future incidents, the Sofia mosque was ordered to get new loudspeakers that will reduce noise levels on Friday prayers, chief mufti Hussein Hafuzov said, quoted by Bulgarian National Radio on June 6 2011.

Despite the gigantic size of this Sophia mosque, Muslim asslifters like to pray in the streets, blocking pedestrian traffic, and angering non-Muslims

People nearby have been complaining not only about the loud noise emanating from the speakers but also about traffic obstruction because of worshippers occupying pavements outside the mosque. Subsequently, the chief mufti promised that those worshippers who cannot find room in the mosque during Friday prayers will no longer be allowed to pray on pavements outside the temple, a bone of particular contention in the past.