CANADA: Toronto mosque says, "To believe in Islam is to believe in barbarism"

Ezra Levant discusses the radical Somali Khalid Bin Al Walid Mosque with Raheel Raza, a liberal Muslim, who says the problem is not the extremists but the silent majority of Muslims who allow the most radical (Saudi funded wahabism) form of Islam to spread.

I want to like this woman who sounds like the kind of muslim we wish all muslims would emulate. But she blames the radicals for hijacking Islam, and preventing other muslims from practicing a more liberal/peaceful form of Islam. This sends up a red flag for me, knowing that there is no liberal or radical Islam, Islam is Islam, and what the radicals believe is supposed to be followed by every ‘good’ muslim according to Islamic law. I put Raza in the same category as Zuhdi Jasser, a muslim you would like to invite into your home, but don’t, because you never know if/when he will stab you in the back (literally or figuratively)