SMACKDOWN! Peter King bitch slaps Sheila Jackson Lee when she tries to hijack his hearings on radicalized Muslims in U.S. prisons

Dumb Leftie bitch and Muslim sympathizer, Sheila Jackson Lee, tries to minimize the threat of radicalized Muslims by equating their actions with Christian militants who bombed an abortion clinic.

The Right Scoop – One thing is clear from listening to the prison radicalization hearings held by Rep. Peter King this morning, that the Democrats want to try once again and suggest that Islamic Radicals are no different than gang members, other criminals, and in the case of Sheila Jackson-Lee, Christian militants who have bombed abortion clinics. In fact that is where Jackson Lee put much of her focus when it was her turn to ask questions.

Rep. Peter King however was quick to remind Jackson Lee, after she submitted statements on white supremacist and Aryan Brotherhood gang members for the record, that the minority held the committee for four years yet never looked into any of the issues:

“I would just remind the members of the minority for four years they controlled this committee and they could have had hearings on any of these issues at any other time if they wanted to. I never heard any mention of any of these groups at these hearings until we held our first hearing on Muslim radicalization. I wish you would have been as attentive during the previous four years.”