The Israelis should have shot this self-hating American Jewish piece of human sewage

Lucas Koerner, a left wing college boy who was probably brainwashed into hating Israel by his Jewish parents, came to Israel to spit on Israelis and kissass his mortal enemy, the illegal occupiers of Jerusalem, aka palestinians.

(H/T Dr. Nancy Bonus) A sophomore at Tufts University, near Boston, Massachusetts, this schmuck is majoring in International Relations and Spanish. Koerner, who went to Israel on his parents money, posed as an American Jewish activist, wearing a Muslim skullcap-kippa and a keffiyeh, the terrorist neckerchief and  a palestinian flag. He attended Jerusalem Day, the day the Israelis celebrate the unification of their Holy City and participated in a pro-Arab-“Palestinian” rally. Koerner, a foreigner and a guest in the State of Israel, stood near the Damascus Gate where he discharged his venom: “Israel is occupying the ‘Palestinian’ people in my name, in the name of world Jewry and I, myself, an American Jews, I am here to say that it is completely unjustified and ethically reprehensible.”

Sajepress – In his words as recounted on his blog, “an Israeli police officer ran up, seized me, and dragged me to the other side of the street. He then punched me in the face, put me in a choke hold, and with four other officers, slammed me to the ground. I was eventually handcuffed and carried to the car; I allowed my body to go limp and refused to walk on my own in a gesture of nonviolent defiance. Throughout the whole affair, the only thing audible coming from the policemen was a constant stream of curse words, “motherfucker”, “piece of shit”, etc., which was to me a ringing confirmation of how infuriated and threatened they were by a 19-year old wearing a kippah and a keffiyeh standing with the Palestinians”. (They should have turned this POS into a male Rachel Corrie)