There aren't enough American students for the elementary school, but more than enough muslims for an Islamic Center?

Where the hell are all these muslims coming from? Why are there mosques and islamic centers trying to open in neighborhoods all over America? Where were all these muslims before Obama took office and why are they suddenly all over the place now? Why is it impossible to find out how many muslims Barack Obama has let into this country?

WXYZ (H/T Rob E) -FARMINGTON, Mich. – Residents who live near the closed Eagle Elementary School at the corner of Middlebelt and 14 Mile, one of the four elementary schools that closed at the end of last school year, are upset over the Farmington School District’s sale of the building to the Islamic Cultural Center of Franklin, without getting approval of the community.

The board voted unanimously to sell the school to the Islamic Center for a reported $1.1 million. The homeowners are concenred that the district tried to push the sale through. Greenstein says “What’s the hurry. Why not wait a month?”

The superintendent of the Farmington Public Schools denies anything improper. Susan Zurvalec released a written statement. “Our Board of Education has followed all of its policies and procedures regarding the sale of the property.”