Marine Corps Reservist found with suspicious materials near Pentagon is a MUSLIM

Aren’t they all? And we are still allowing Muslims into our armed services. WHY?

FOX NEWS  has confirmed that the man taken into custody early Friday after being found near the Pentagon with suspicious materials in his backpack is former Marine Corps reservist Yonathan Melaku.

22-year-old Melaku was arrested in Arlington Cemetery overnight. He was believed to have a backpack containing 5 lbs of a substance that was labeled ammonium nitrate. Tests showed the material to be an “inert” substance.

A notebook was also found in his bag with words such as Taliban and Al Qaeda.

Melaku was a Lance Corporal Marine corps reservist who joined in August of 2007.

According to Marine Corps records, Melaku is a MUSLIM.

Authorities reportedly found al Qaeda-related statements, a backpack initially believed to contain ammonium nitrate, and spent 9mm shells at the scene, ABC’s “Good Morning America” reported. A notebook containing words including “al Qaeda” and Taliban” was found at the scene, FOX News Channel reported.

A man was in custody Friday after a major security alert outside the Pentagon. The incident began when a man — believed to be a naturalized US citizen who came to the US from Ethiopia — was found in the nearby Arlington National Cemetery overnight Thursday. The man was arrested at the scene.

Several roads near the Pentagon were blocked off as law enforcement agencies including the FBI, the US Park Police, and the Pentagon Police rushed to the scene. A Pentagon Police spokesman said that an explosives team was also called in to investigate the vehicle.

CBS News reported that the arrested man was suspected of planting several suspicious devices around the Pentagon, the Arlington National Cemetery and the Iwo Jima Memorial

“We’re pretty early in this right now so were going to be doing sweeps. We’re coordinating our efforts to make sure that the entire area is safe,” Schlosser said. He refused to comment on whether the man arrested by authorities had any links to terrorist organizations.

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