'OCCUPIED' DEARBORN: Terry Jones attacked by muslim, black, and leftwing IslamoFascist sympathizers

Dr. Terry Jones, Wayne Sapp and supporter were attacked while trying to march to the Arab Festival from City Hall on June 17th. There were several arrests made due to violence. (Video below)

DETROIT NEWS – Terry Jones, the Quran-burning controversial Florida pastor, was swept up by police this afternoon and driven away from an increasingly angry crowd as he tried to march from City Hall to the Dearborn Arab International Festival. Following the confrontation, police and festival officials said Jones will not be attending the festival, as had been planned for weeks. It is not known if he decided against going or if police are prohibiting him.

Angry mob of raghead supporters yell "Racist" "Racist"

At the festival, organizers had little reaction to the news that Jones would not be stopping by. “He didn’t belong at this place in the first place,” said Ahmad Chebbani, chairman of the festival. “I’m hoping he goes home.”

Jones’ visit to Dearborn was cut short after a crowd of about 100 people tried to block his path as he attempted to walk down Schaefer toward the festival grounds. He was put in a police SUV and driven from the scene.

Dearborn Police said six people were arrested during the protest, all of whom were later released on bond. Police moved in quickly to quell the disturbance, which began just moments after Jones finished his 90-plus-minute rally Friday afternoon at City Hall and started his walk.

During the rally, Jones called for the United States to stop allowing Muslims to immigrate into the country and advocated the federal government regularly monitor mosques to make sure they are not a place of “propaganda of Islam.”“Sharia must be banned in America,” Jones said, referring to the Muslim religious law practiced in some countries.

About 125 people attended the rally, mostly protesters from By Any Means Necessary, or BAMN, a local radical advocacy group that has dogged Jones during his visits.

Jones, wearing a bulletproof vest, and three others spoke to a mostly hostile, small crowd in Dearborn, home to one of the largest concentrations of Muslims in the United States. However, Dearborn residents were noticeably absent from the crowd.

During the rally, Nachum Shifren, a rabbi from California, interrupted his speech to point at a group of mostly African-American protesters and call them “low-level scum” and later likened them to “punks, rappers and gangbangers.” He pointed at a group of mostly white protesters and labeled them “communists.” (Look at that, a Rabbi who isn’t a leftie pig)

Karrington Kelsey, 19, of Detroit is a member of BAMN. She said the rabbi’s words illustrate he is not following his own religion’s teachings. “He’s not following his own word,” she said.

It is Jones’ third visit to the area in recent months. In April, his attempt to protest in front of the Islamic Center of America in Dearborn was aborted by a court fight that resulted in his jailing after he refused to pay a $1 “peace bond” to the court. A week later, he cut short an April 29 rally in front of City Hall after crowds pelted him with shoes and water bottles when he approached a metal barricade and challenged them to recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

Opposing Jones today were BAMN protesters who chanted “Hey, hey, ho, ho, Terry Jones has got to go” and carried signs, including some saying, “Honk against anti-Muslim Bigotry” and “Stop Terry Jones, Defend the Arab International Festival.”

Earlier this week, a Detroit federal judge signed an order allowing Christian evangelists to work the sidewalks at the festival. The decision came after a federal appeals court in May ruled Dearborn couldn’t prohibit the evangelists from passing leaflets on sidewalks inside the festival boundaries. The court found that past restrictions violated the missionaries’ free-speech rights.