MUSLIM mother tried to run down the police officer who arrested her son for burglary

CHICAGO: Samar Hadid, 38, of Orland Park was charged with reckless driving, resisting arrest and three counts of aggravated assault after she allegedly used her SUV to threaten a police officer who had arrested her son, Hasan A. Hadid, 18.

MSNBC – (H/T Don S) –Hadid claims she’d been arrested because she’s a Palestinian and the officer is allegedly Jewish. (Yes, when all else fails, blame the JOOOOOOOS)

According to police, officers were concluding their investigation around 7:30 p.m. when Samar Hadid pulled out of her driveway and, with engine revving and tires squealing, drove at a police officer and sergeant standing in the roadway, almost striking them. Both teens are charged with residential burglary in connection with the May 21 break-in on the 9300 block of Dunmurry Drive. Police declined to release the name of the younger teen, citing his age.

Police said she continued speeding southbound before abruptly turning left onto Dunmurry, where she sped away with tires squealing. She pulled into a driveway before returning to the street, speeding back to the intersection where an officer was standing, police said.

Hadid stopped when the officer approached her vehicle, police said. But she allegedly refused to cooperate when he told her to get out and that she was under arrest for reckless driving and aggravated assault. “At this point, the driver began screaming at the reporting officer using profanity,” refused to exit the vehicle and continued to scream, police said.

It took three attempts and the assistance of a second officer to extract Samar Hadid from the vehicle, police said. She actively resisted and continued screaming as officers attempted to handcuff her.