Fight breaks out between Muslims and English Defense League (EDL), police stand down

WARNING: The following story came from a far left website, the video from a muslim website, which explains the anti-British, pro-Islamist tone. The good part is that for once, the police weren’t there arresting EDL members while giving the muslim thugs a pass.

HopeNotHate – Three Asian MUSLIM youths have just been seriously assaulted by ‘racist’ EDL thugs over in Dagenham. They were viciously set upon as they were standing on the side of the road as the ‘racist’ rabble walked past. Over 250 EDL supporters and hangers on are in the area to protest against a disused butchers shop which is being converted into a local Muslim centre.

Shockingly, the EDL are marching without a police escort. In fact, the only police presence was a single community support officer on a bike. The EDL have taken over the road and are even directing and stopping traffic. Searchlight photographers have also been assaulted. One muslim was hospitalized.

Given the violent assault by EDL supporters on a recent (Communist) UAF and Labour Party meeting in Barking recently you would have thought that the police would have taken this march more seriously. The ‘racist’ march is still happening and there is of course further potential for violence as they reach the site of the planned Muslim centre.

In the meantime questions will be asked of the police operation and the local police’s general approach to the EDL. Innocent people have been seriously assaulted and the absence of any police presence has allowed this to happen. (As if anyone believes muslims are innocent)