AUSTRALIA: Appellate Court overturns 6-month jail sentence for Muslim woman who falsely accused a police officer of pulling off her headbag

An appellate judge overturned the conviction because he could not be sure of the identity of the the woman in the headbag which covered her face. A group of enraged Muslim men yelled “Allahu Akbar” and swore at the media and police yesterday as they left a Sydney court after one of their kind won the appeal.

The Australian (H/T Matt B) –The crowd were supporters of Muslim woman Carnita Matthews, 47, who had just had her conviction overturned for falsely claiming a highway patrol officer was racist and had attempted to tear her burka from her face.

Police car video proved the officer did not pull off her headbag

As they left the NSW District Court, the men formed a barrier around Ms Matthews, chanting “Allahu Akbar” before jostling with the small media pack and telling them to “f . . k off”. The noisy and aggressive scene prompted a large number of police officers to intervene and move the crowd along.

Ms Matthew’s lawyer, Stephen Hopper, defended the Muslim men’s response to the successful appeal. “They’re obviously happy about the result and they’re expressing it in a way that’s culturally appropriate to them,” he said. (And behaving like wild animals is culturally appropriate for muslims)

Muslim savages behaving like savages in front of the courthouse
 The mother of seven from Woodbine in Sydney’s south was convicted last November for knowingly making a false complaint against a police officer who had booked her for not displaying her P-plates properly. The woman claimed the officer had threatened to pull off her religious veil.

Magistrate Robert Rabbidge sentenced Ms Matthews to six months in jail and said the evidence against her was overwhelming and there was “not a shadow of a doubt” that she knew the complaint she was making was false.

Ms Matthews’s barrister, Phillip Boulten SC, said there was no evidence his client was the one who made the complaint. “All we know is that a woman in a black burka came with a man in a brown suit with an envelope and that’s it,” Mr Boulten said.