GEERT WILDERS WINS! Freedom of Speech Triumphs. Islam Loses.

The Dutch Court has acquitted Geert Wilders of all charges of hate speech against Muslims. Long live Wilder’s Freedom Party and the destruction of Islam in the Netherlands.

The controversial Dutch politician Geert Wilders – head of the third largest party in the country’s parliament – has been cleared of inciting racial hatred on screen and on the internet. Speaking to reporters outside court, Wilders described it as not so much a personal victory, but a triumph for free speech in the Netherlands. Public debate allows for criticism of Islam. he added.

Clearing Wilders of the charges, the court said that, while offensive to Muslims, his views constituted part of a legitimate public debate. Gilders 2008 film Fitna portrayed Islam as an inherently violent religion. Provocative comments included comparing the Quran with Hitler’s Mein Kampf and calling for an end to Muslim immigration.