GOOD NEWS FROM BELGIUM: Anti-Muslim sentiment higher than ever before

 A total of 166 out of 1,466 cases launched in connection with discrimination and racism-related offenses involve faith. Eighty-four percent of these cases are connected to Islam while only two percent concern Christianity and Judaism.

Todays Zaman – The high number of cases of discrimination against Muslims is likely to bring more debates on Islamophobia back to the agenda. Eighty percent of the complaints filed with the CEOOR involve racism.

About two-thirds of the cases involving Islam stem from Islamophobia, the report says. (No they don’t. It isn’t an irrational fear to be suspicious and afraid of Muslims. Muslims are no longer welcome anywhere in Europe and for good reason)

These incidents of Islamophobia are mostly characterized by propaganda being disseminated through email and pressure in the workplace. The workplace-related cases of discrimination include exclusion and verbal provocation of Muslims. The report notes these instances are a result of workplace administrations believing that “religion has no place in the workplace.” The tension arising from Islamophobic attitudes in the workplace is mostly eliminated “by transferring the Muslim employee involved to another department or laying her/him off.”

Furthermore, 50 percent of cases of discrimination involving faith are linked to media organizations that publish or air unfair accurate accusations or generalizations about members of a specific religion. Twenty-five percent of these cases concern recruitment or promotion while 8 percent involve services provided. The cases of discrimination in the latter category are mostly visible in real estate purchases or rentals. Some real estate agents and home owners are not inclined to rent out their properties to people who they believe are of a different faith.

Additionally, the number of cases of discrimination reported to the CEOOR in 2010 increased by 25 percent compared to the previous year. A list of companies allegedly reluctant to employ foreign employees was recently posted on the Internet.

This video will show you why Muslims are hated in Belgium: