Meet Allah the Pig!

Muslims in Denmark are squealing over a farmer’s brand on his pig because it spells out ‘Allah’ (God) in Arabic.

Faith Freedom (H/T Caroline R) -A DANISH pig farmer is in hiding today after receiving death threats from Muslim groups who accused him of branding a pig with the Arabic word “Allah”. Gerulf  Toksvig, 53, who has a farm near Aarhus, caused outrage this week when he invited reporters to examine the “miracle” markings on his prize piglet, Paprika.

“At first the markings were very indistinct, but over the last few weeks they have become a lot clearer. I had no idea that what they signified, but a farmhand suggested that it looked like the Arabic sign for Allah.” Toksvig added: “I checked on the internet, and sure enough, it IS Allah.”


Asked why the markings should appear on a pig, of all creatures, when pork is strictly forbidden to Muslims, Toksvig replied:

“Maybe Allah had a change of mind. Surveys have shown that Danes eat the most pork per capita in the world. Also that Danes are the happiest people on the planet. There has to be a correlation between these findings.” “Perhaps Allah wants Muslims, who are generally a right sour bunch, to lighten up a little. I think a bacon sandwich now and again would make them a lot less grumpy.”

 But a spokesman for the Danish Muslim Society, Mohammed Kaseem, dismissed the Priscilla’s markings as “a crude hoax”, clearly part of a “Zionist/homosexual/feminist conspiracy”.

Wrinkling his nose, Kaseem snorted:

“I saw this pig up close – but not TOO close. From where I was standing it looked to me like a branding of some sort. Or a tattoo or whatever. It’s definitely man-made and NOT a sign from Allah. Pork is one of Denmark’s biggest exports, and I believe this a part of a conspiracy to infiltrate huge Islamic markets by convincing gullible Muslims that pig meat is halal. This is a blasphemy. Every Muslim knows that pig flesh is harmful to human health. Pigs – like Jews and Christians and Hindus – have very low personal and moral standards..”

Hey Kaseem, here’s a little bonus for you.


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  1. Allah is the lowest piece of shit that ever fooled a dumbass like Mohammad. My God is the is the father, son Jesus, and the holy spirit. I dispise the Islamic scum that has infiltrated our country. I go out of my way to discriminate against any business that I even suspect is owned by or hires scum sucking raghead shit. All true Americans should do the same.

  2. Bonnie…can U post this on your next post….THIS IS SO HILARIOUS , THE GUY WHO LIVES NEXT DOOR TO A MOSQUE bought this dog, very nice doggy , does not bite, but he loves to sing duet with the imam in the mosque next door and really pisses of the imam, because i think the dog’s recitation of the koran is so much more melodious beautiful and doggone enchanting LOL …may allah be pleased with Achmad the dog ! I think this could be in albania , if I am not mistaken

    • Hello, Jasmine.
      I liked you comment it reminded me of the years I was backpacking around South-East Asia. Several f the countries are muslim. However in Malaysia there is an island Penang. A beautiful place as it is mainly Chinese with a smattering od mosques.
      The backpacker hotel I used to stay was Swiss Inn. $US5 per night for a single room and all the mosquitos you want. No breakfast. Oodles of cold water.
      Somewhere close by was a mosque.- 4am, noon, 4pm and again at 10pm the resident mullah would call all their faithful to pray – and so they could not say “We did not hear your call” – – –
      The bastard used a loudspeaker so people over on the fucking mainland would hear as well.
      This deafening noise started the hotel’s dogs howling in support – – –
      – – – in support of the mullah ? ? ?
      – – – in support of the hotel management (Chinese) ? ? ?
      – – – in support of the none-too-happy hotel guests ? ? ?

      NO ONE EVER FOUND OUT ! ! ! !

    • Please excuse me mate Shafti –
      he dozen’t no how ter spel
      that sweet, tasty little pig ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

      Everyone knows that what

      Arabic:- تبين لي المهبل

      English:- Shufti Cush

      No idea what language:- Shafti – – –

      says about muslims (bless their little trotter socks)
      muslims are a peaceful, law-abiding, beautiful, friendly group
      You only have to look and see.
      They are every where – in practically every country – in this world.


      Every country they live in peace.
      It doesn’t matter if they are living in . . . eh
      and then there’s that country next to . . .
      Slips my mind for a second . . .
      How about . . . over in eh . . .
      Come on you lazy readers, help me out – – –
      Surely SOMEONE can name just ONE country

      where muslims live peacefully?

    • LERN 2 FUGGEN SPEL Shafti
      What does the word “bastets” mean ? ? ?
      Did you mistype and mean B A S K E T S ? ? ?
      Did you mistype and mean C A S K E T S ? ? ?
      Did you mistype and mean FA S T E T S ? ? ?
      Did you mistype and mean G A S K E T S ? ? ?
      Did you mistype and mean K A S K E T S ? ? ?
      Did you mistype and mean P A S T E T S ? ? ?
      Did you mistype and mean – – – I GIVE UP ! ! !

  3. Peace be upon all Humanity. The Koran clearly says “If anyone slays a person, it would be as if he slew the whole people: and if any one saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of the whole people.” Qur’an 5:32.

    All religions on earth have sour grapes, Media seems to pick only the bad apples and portray them as exemplary Muslims.

    “Muslim” is an Arabic word meaning “one who submits (to God)”.

    • The filthy quran might say that, but you stole the idea from the Jews. Too bad you don’t practice what you preach.

      The media portrays muslims in much better light than they should. That’s why the media is losing their audiences and blogs like this one are gaining them.

    • TRUE Izzy Ibrahim,
      ALL RELIGIONS have sour grapes,
      Surprising though how the WORST one is the islamic CULT.
      islam would have the largest number of
      PAEDOPHILES (deny they promote marriage under 10-years-of-age),
      ANIMAL TORTURE (claiming halal)

    • You just falsely quoted this verse. It actually says:

      “On that account: We ordained for the Children of Israel that if anyone slew a person – unless it be in retaliation for murder or for spreading mischief in the land – it would be as if he slew all mankind: and if anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of all humanity. ” Qur’an 5:32

      “Spreading mischief” means anything un-Islamic. So killing people for doing anything not commanded in Islam (“retaliation” for “spreading mischief”) is perfectly OK according to this verse.

    • Ibrahim, no taqyia, please!
      I read the filth Koran. You guys are a Tyrannical {Political Movement that disguises itself as religion so you can cross borders and invade, without being stopped. Once in, you bring this sub species ways and Sharia. May Pig Blood be upon your head.
      But, I understgand why you lie so much, must be very strange for muslims: they never know if mom is a goat or the almost human.

    • No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no Ibra-fucking-him
      Don’t listen to that arsehole BareNakedIslam
      would NEVER EVER copy anything the Jews said.
      YES, mo-blow-me-down DID BORROW from every other religion
      around his place at the time
      and PROVIDED mo’s LISTENERS agreed to its inclusion
      It became part of the wonderful CULT called islam.
      The ones who post here are only trying to make you angry.

    • SIGH
      What s it with your muslims?
      Not one of you seem to have grasped the art of spelling.

      YOU, Ibrahim commenced “Peace”
      Unfortunately you have the word confused with the true islamic (meaning).

      muslims only want a P I E C E of everything that belongs to others.
      There will be no P E A C E with islamd until
      every P I E CE is in the hands of muslims

    • And that’s why you’re bombing the shit out of civilians? I’ve always been tolerant understanding to other cultures and religions but muslims make my blood boil. Your lack of humanity, reasoning and religious extremism is the reason why the middle east is far behind the rest of the world. I mean, you’re raping 14 old children and cutting of women’s noses just because they don’t love their husbands any more. Muslims are sick fucks and hypocrites. “Peace be upon all Humanity” – my Ass. Gonna’ order a Qran and take a shit on it just to make you mad. Fucking trash.

  4. Allah was a pig and this why he forbade other stupid Muslims to eat the flesh of the sacred and the holy (for Islam) pig

      • Pork is only dirty to muslims and then only because so many cuts are eaten using one’s hands ie. bacon, ribs. Because muslims wipe their asses with their hands and don’t wash them, their own intestinal bacteria transfers from their hands back into their bodies. Nasty. Eating your own fecal matter! then try to place the blame on the pigs. Learn basic hygiene and the bacon won’t make you sick. We’ve also discovered fire. Have you heard? Kills the bacteria in the meat. Gawd! Come into the twenty first century.

      • God is not a pig, but Allah is a pig because Allah matches the description of Shaytan. This pig must live in the pigpen called the Ka’aba.

      • SIGH
        I am definitely confused, Heba.
        You tell God was not a pig.
        We ARE talking about alalalalalalalalalalalakalalalalalalalalala
        You know how the Ay-Rabs-sitting-on-camels
        with their tongues jumping like fucking crazy ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

      • Must be a very small god that you worship Heba if it lets you speak for it. Omniscient, Ineffable, Uncontainable, the Alpha and the Omega. And you want us to believe that you sit on the judgement throne of the Great I Am? Careful Heba, the last to attempt to elevate itself above God got its ass kicked, but you know that, don’t you because that’s who you worship. allah …the greatest of deceivers. Your holy book names your god as such. In the Holy Bible God speaks of satan and describes him as follows, “He was a LIAR and a murderer from the beginning. So we don’t care what this thing that you call god has to say because what you worship is not Our God.

      • .
        Where did you get the idea we are poking fun at islam ? ? ?
        Like your cobbers with
        I-fucking-sil or
        fal-fucking-uja or
        who behead unbelievers
        We ARE DEADLY SERIOUS – – –
        HONEST ! ! !

      • Heba, never get the impression
        ANYONE is trying to make fun of muslims.
        Those unfortunate people who follow the islamic CULT
        So it is IMPOSSIBLE to make fun of them.
        As a non-believer in mo’s copied texts
        which he fucking-well changed
        whenever idiots followers did not like them
        Provided they can have YOUNG 9-year-old brides
        Provided they can torture animals and say it is alalalalalala’s wish
        Provided they can cut enemies (and other muslim’s heads off
        Provided they can fight every other bastard for no reason
        Provided they can be allowed to live in otherwise peaceful countries
        I DO CALL A fucking SPADE A SPADE, Heba
        Now Heba will you answer a question I ask, PLEASE?
        Name me just one country
        Anywhere throughout this entire WORLD
        Where muslims live peacefully beside any other race or religion???

    • Well on the Fourth Of July went to a local bar with a band here in Texas and instead of the bowls of pretzels or peanuts at the bar and tables there were plates of bacon everyone was munching on. This is only blocks from where they recently put a refugee center and all kinds of free resources for Muslims.

      The other big thing in Texas that cracks me up obviously the majority of all restaurants everything breakfast, lunch, dinner snacks are served on tortillas you can get a taco anything here. So all of the Muslims consider a lot of these places as Halal friendly because they will put anything they want on that tortilla all veggies, fish anything. I guess no one ever told them that those tortillas are made traditional Texan way with pork lard (fat).

    We should have a worldwide draw Mohamed day. I think we should have it soon and any ideas on a date ? Maybe on the Ramadan time frame ?

    • Like the Hands Across America Movement, everyone hold up their drawing! All across the land. July 4th seems an appropriate day. Returned Vets could provide security along with militias. I’ll volunteer. Have two dogs that can sniff out trouble. They need some practice on their bite work.

  6. I say we have a National draw Mohammed day. That way we can show these assholes our 1st and 2nd amendment rights at the same time.

  7. Barenaked. You are CURSED.From today your life will start falling apart.You will destroy this blog, your Karma is catching with u bad….just dont suicide

  8. I serve food to Muslims everyday and while they think it is chicken it is actually pork.
    The funny part is they love it and come back everyday!

  9. To my Christian brothers posting here I would like to remind you of whom you serve. Do you think our lord Jesus would approve of such blind hate that I’ve seen here? We are to be ambassadors of His kingdom, a Holy Priesthood, and a faithful witness to our savior Lord Jesus. These people have been deceived by their false prophet. Pray for them. I make no excuses for the actions of evil men, and as a United States Marine I’ve helped send many of them to be judged by the One they have rejected. I would urge you to stop this clash of cultures and be the faithful witness that you have been called out to be. “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Ephesians 6:12

    • Adam. Please don’t come on here and judge your fellow Brothers and Sisters in Christ who stand in solidarity against these “powers and principalities “. ” Take the beam out of your own eye. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. ” You see? We can go back and forth all day pulling quotes from Scripture to prove a point? When you stand restrained and watch 20 grown men rape your daughter, then sew her vagina up so they can get a higher price for her as a virgin on the sex slave market, if she lives, then come back and tell us how that works for you. He who stands in the face of evil and does nothing is complicit in that evil. Read the WHOLE book before attempting to take the moral high ground. Even Jesus tipped over a few tables. He wasn’t a fuckin ‘ wimp. Oh, thank you for your service. Too bad Ohassat in the wh didn’t let you guys finish the job!

      • We just shouldn’t have too much doubts any longer! Islam is an evil cult and not a religion! Evil cults are banned every where!
        If those arrogant Islam fanatics call others unclean and non believers and if those nonbelievers are obstructing the Islamic ways, they can be killed instantly by the praise of Allah (fucker). Then this is the beginning of the end of Islam, and this is near – the downturn started 2015 -halleluyahhhh.

    • Adam, Adam, Adam . . .
      Like so many of your islamic brothers and sisters
      you use Christianity to try and prove your false profit
      – yes, P R O F I T.
      Willie Wonka mo copied all his ideas from other religions
      simply because WWmo
      had no revelations,
      no word from God Almighty
      even via his Archangels
      However his was not a religion because
      the bastard kept changing his fucking mind
      Every time those who ‘listened’
      islam is simply a C U L T

  10. muhamad the child raping pedophile was a sexual pervert. he even had sex with his son’s wife, raped slaves, and perform necrophilia with his dead aunty’s body in the grave. he concocted the verse in the quran 8:41 where he and allah together commands 20% of lootings, stolen war properties, slaves and cattles. what a load of bullshit

  11. Boycott Subway in Australia for taking ham and pork off menu for these filthy rapist faggots!!! This is OUR country. If u don’t like ham or pork fuck off back to the desert. Oh and Allah is actually a pigs anus.

  12. Didn’t know the devil fuckers believe if they SMELL pork they become filthy and immoral. Can anyone think of a way we can create an intense cooked pork smell to spread across the land??? Like a massive factory of pork cooking lol

  13. When Muslims can’t defend their hate creed with facts and logic, they resort to either lying or insults or violence to silence the opposition. I ask that the non-Muslims posting here refrain from descending to the level of Muhammadans. Instead of cursing and insulting, just stick to the damning facts: the Qur’an is filled with violent hate speech (while the ahadith and sirat are even worse); Muhammad was a psychopath, whose crimes against humanity would result in a death sentence if he were alive today; modern archeological evidence indicates that Mecca did not even exist in the 7th century; other historical evidence suggests that Muhammad is more legend than fact; the earliest mosques contain qiblas that point towards Jeruslam and the surrounding area, not Mecca; Allah was known to Arabs prior to the 7th century, as one of their pantheon of little gods; paleograpghic evidence indicates that the Qur’an of today is significantly different from the earlier versions; the modern Qur’an is filled with errors of grammar, history, science, logic, etc., so it is obviously not divine. And so on.

    In short, Islam is a house of cards founded upon lies. As the world becomes more educated, Muslims will not be able to hide from the defects of their manufactured religion, nor will they be able to silence the critics with threats of violence. Already millions of educated persons are fleeing form this irrational creed. At the current rates of attrition Islam will be a mere shadow of itself by the start of the 22nd century. It is dying. If you want to do your part to bring about its demise, refrain from insults and just keep reiterating the truths about it.

    To the Muslims posting here: Modern individuals do not object to Islam because they are ignorant of it, but because they know too much to be hoodwinked by taqiyya. Simply repeating the mantra that “Islam is peaceful and true” will not make it so. The evidence to the contrary can be seen around the globe.

  14. This is quite strange – maybe a message!
    i have in my possession a pork scratching with strange marks upon it, maybe it’s a sign or maybe it’s a miracle but it’s sort of Allah shaped with a rag type thing on it’s head. Can I make any money from this? I remember a few ‘Virgin Mary’ vegetables in the 16 century that were quite famous.

  15. The point is people are make fun of everyday and get “offended” and move on.
    be a bigger man and take it on the chin like the rest of us.
    if muslims are allowed issue bashing or death threaths just cuz someone “offended” them then everyone else gets to do the same to a muslim who “offends” anyone in any way. If this is not equality I suggest living
    in a fascist country where you cannot even complain to the government about your rights to practice your beliefs.

  16. Why all of you say that things for islam and muslims and allah ?….its not the point that you belive in allah or jeasus or buda or you ateist, its about respect between people, its about respect to someone, to be good people and to try to help each other because you live once u dont know what is next after death nobody came back to say what is it…so live peaceful and try to think good on people…i am a muslim and i thing that pictures and comments u posting on this website is not good but its your choise and i dont thing that djihad thing is from real islam and that people is not real muslims…islam learn to peace between people not to killing each other and to blowing buildings,to kill kids or leaving them without mother or father, that is not muslims that is someone who not thing about people or allah he thing how to get more money no matter what but for everybody get what he deserve…so try to look everything on the good side and u will not have problems and be thankful for what u have everyday…! THANK YOU

    • Palikarov…
      How about you preach to your MUSLIM buddies that burning people alive, beheading them, stoning them, performing FGM, raping young girls, marrying juveniles … All the bullshit your Koran tells you to do. Reverse that, then come preach. In the meantime … ISIS are looking for young peaceful MUSLIMS like you.. um more than happy to fly you over to Syria to play with them! Yes, I’m very kind.

    • Respect? You as a Muslin have a cheek to talk about respect. Respect as in beheading people? Treating women like shit? Throwing Christians off a sinking dinghy? You might also like to think about the grammatical structure of your ravings as the way you have written them makes little sense. Capital letters at the start of a sentence are also a good idea. I assume that Muslin keyboards do have capital letters?

  17. Disgusting. Haram, harem!.
    Why is this pig not wearing a burka!
    Look at all the mozlems on this page getting all turned on.
    This is the one animal of which they haven’t ‘tasted the forbidden’ succulence.
    Do you realize infidel Bonni, how many moz males you have led astray w/ your diabolical seduction? I can feel a full on Fatwas coming at you. (Better stick that pig on a very short leash).
    Seriously this is the first time I’ve ever found Arabic attractive. My first response was ‘how beautiful’ – the moz ruined it of course taking it to ‘that’ next level.
    This is an example of art raising islamic consciousness.
    A place for everything & everything in its place.
    Still not fair on the pig. It’s too good to roll around in Islamic shit.

    • Muhammad can suck my sausage!….well actually not because I’m not a switch hitter, but I’m sure y’all get the inferred meaning.

  18. I personally believe that Allah is a bunch of bullshit along with all his bitchass followers. I’m not religious but do believe in God. And the Christian believe does not say to behead anyone who doesn’t convert. God will be the judge at the end.these fucking radicals need to be anihialated. These people are scum of the earth and should be treated as such. America needs to open their eyes and purge these fucking evil people out of this country as well as all our allies should do as well. They are murders that kill innocent people. They don’t have the balls to face a true soldier and look him in the eye while death is there to greet him in the after life. We need to purge these fucks and let them know that if they fuck with our homeland then we thepeople will rise up against them And fight for what is ours. Kill them all let God sort them out is my what I think

  19. As an ex service man from the UK when thaes towel heads say Arabs are strong people, let me tell you have fought against these dickheads a few times when they come up against Western troops they can runaway fast enough even taking their boots off so they can run faster, but not fast enough, i can proudly say i’ve sent many of the dirty, hairy assholes to hell.

    • to be honest i feel bad for the pigs that have mohammed associated with their kind.apologies pigs we all know u are way more intelligent than muslims

  20. Look guys, different people have different people have different perspectives on situations. I mean a lot of Christians are saying oh how can you prove that Allah is the real god? How do you know Jesus is the son of god? There is a thing called a prophet!!! Disrespecting religions is a sin and isn’t nice. Islam is the newest religion therefore I think it is the most reliable. Not you, I think this. In addition, what are the cons of eating pig? Do YOU know? If you hate Muslims, just don’t read about them. And most Muslims are against terrorism. 1/3 of the people in the world are Muslim. They are becoming an empire. The good Muslims in this world, why are you against them? There are so many other religions, why do you pick on Islam?

    • to cutiecake4321:

      People having different perspectives in different situations (as you say) does not have anything to do with your wanker prophet. Under the rule of the boy-lover and girl-rapist mo0-HAM-mad, people were not allowed to have ‘different perspectives’, or else they would have gotten whacked by that perverted son of a biaitch.
      So please don’t serve us the tolerance plate, you mother funker! In case you don’t know, your prophet sucks donks in hell as we speak. Pig donks, of course.

      And YES!, I don’t care about your feelings if they are hurt. And even less about your prophet-masturbator’s feed-back. Now go back to Allah and report me. 5 times a day, 11 times per session. Bang your head to the floor and then come back to me when moslems will become an empire.

    • Where the good muslims are? They hide very well for up to now we haven’t seeing them. And by the way Christians don’t behead others. Eventually you will have to take a stand and realize this people are for real. A menace to the world to propel their faith by any means.

    • “If you hate Muslims, just don’t read about them.”

      Right, will just ignore the news or turn it off when musloids are killing innocent civilians. You’re a braindead corpse and typical liberal hippie-stank crank yanker. Get lost idiot, pack up your bags and move to the mid east. Let’s see how far that apologist attitude gets you with “allah” under sharia law. Stupid ass.

    • Cuti, Do you have any idea what you are talking about? Research what Muhammad did when he started his cult. He raped, murdered, tortured and robbed people to get what he wanted. Muhammad even rapped a 9 year old girl (look it up) Islam has been killing people ever since it started 1400 years ago, it is very dangerous. It is because of people like you who have no idea what the religion is, and who the evil leader cult leader that started it is, that it is able to spread. If Muhammad was a profit, he was a profit of Satan. The kinds of things he did are horrible. Their are many so called religions/cults that have been started after Islam, so they would be newer; does that make them the the most reliable? Truth make something reliable not newness. Please understand what you are defending, Islam is dangerous and believe me you do not want it here!!!!!! I will pray for you God Bless!

      • Why thank you for replying so nicely! I appreciate your concern but I still support my original opinion. If you were actually Muslim, you would know that the Prophet Muhammad actually helped the people of this time! Did you know that the Bible has gone through some changes here and there if you didn’t know. And yes, I am aware about him marrying multiple women, only because women back then needed a husband. People back then in Saudi Arabia killed women for no apparent reason except for their gender. Islam was created to help this issue. Muhammad’s parents died when he was very young. I didn’t know that they had rap music back then, you might of meant to use the term “raped” instead. Many haters are out there and alter events in history to make cultures look bad. And Jesus says to drink wine, I don’t want to get drunk thank you very much. I do not believe that wine is his blood and bread is his flesh. I am sorry if this makes me look as a disrespect to Christians out there, for I have read the bible since I was very young. And I would like my name to be spelled “cutie” not “cuti”. Cut off an ear, does that do you any good? Then why did one of your prophets do that? Please before making decisions relying your information from the web, I would very much appreciate you to read the Koran. And don’t call Jesus god, because “god” spelled backwards is “dog”. Call him YOUR lord, they are your beliefs. Allah bless you good folk out there. Amen.

  21. It’s about time we have a massive amount of Muslims denouncing and leaving their religion. If I learned Christians did even 1/1000th of the horrible shit this religion teaches, I would have nothing to do with the religion. WW3 is definitely gonna be coming in the next 10 years. This shit is never gonna stop until we totally eradicate these radicals and maybe the entire religion altogether.

  22. Don’t worry folks, Islam is headed for extinction, along with all other religions. This primitive superstitious bull shit is just intended to control people, and let the “leaders” get away with anything they want. Man will only be free when he is free of “God”.

  23. There are over 400,000 of the scum in this great country Australia. They must be expelled; they will not “Live and let Live”- that is definitely not in their fucking pigshit Koran.

    Speaking of pigs and Muslimes, why not make it clear that any Muslime who Jihads his stupid self in a terrorist attack will have every little bit of his worthless cadaver gathered up, sewn into a pig’s stomach, and buried in a Jewish Cemetry? Apologies to any Jews, but you get my point- no kohl-eyed virgins for these sexually repressed retards, just eternal damnation. It might slow the fuckers down a bit, and encourage them to continue wiping each other out, rather than Human Beings. They really are just as happy butchering each other as murdering us, we just get in the way a lot trying to enforce Civilised concepts like Democracy, Humanity, Decency, Compassion and all those other weird ideals, utterly alien to a Muslime.

    They have swords, they chop the heads off people they do not like (which is the entire world). We have F/A18s, we can blow the living shit out of countries we do not like.There is no choice- this is a war to the death. The 13th Century or the 21st. Burkas or bikinis. Make your choice- people sitting on the fence tend to wind up with splinters up their arse.

    • exactly correct.. fed up to my tits with all these muslim scum bags all the time comming over and denanding this and saying that .. if u dont like europe,, then fuck off u towelheads europe dont like u and your evil stupid so called beliefs can rot in hell


    • When I look around all I see is a bunch of you filthy muslim shitheads complaining about how everything offends your stupid fucking made up religion and that pig fucker Allah. And as for us being punished in this life, seems theres no worse punishment these days than being branded a muslim

      • Unfortunately they have a cop-out clause in that crock-of-shit Koran. If they are forced to eat pork then they are not committing any sin. Typical wriggling that you get from the buggers.

    • Why can’t you people just accept that other have different religious views? My god is just as legitimate as yours. I do not condemn you for believing something different. Respect me and I’ll respect you, differing views and all.

      • Because islam doesn’t accept other religions. No respect for those who seek our destruction. Do you get it now, you moron?

    • Listen Ahmed, if you really believe what your prophet mo said, you are another poor little brainwashed idiot. mo was a criminal, a pedophile, a ruthless murderer, rapist and a sex maniac who had sex with his aunt’s dead body. And now muslims are terrorizing the world with the shitty preaching of mo. Read your qoran in the language you understand before parroting your claims. Here, I’ll make it easier for you

      And get out of your blood cult real fast! allahhufuckbar!!

    • God is everywhere alah does not exist. Muhammad was a rapist, murdering, lying, thief pedophile, why would you follow him? You sound like a good person, ask the one true God to show you the truth and you will be saved!!! God Bless

    • all mosslims should be forced to bath in pigs blood while eating pork, moHAMid was a false prophet who loved to rape little girls. Thankfully moHAMid is burning in hell right now and will forever with all his satan worshiping followers

  25. Quran 8;12 urges beheading of infidels. Now how does that make you any peaceful.
    And please do not let anyone decieve you into thinking that you worship the same
    God as christians do.

    • Hey fucked up inbred, banged your head way too hard when assuming that submissive position of yours if you came here thinking we’d give a rat’s behind about your squealing rants. What’s the matter, you don’t like pigs ? Tough, we do.

    • IDOL Mohammed, “Aneeq”!!!! He truly is THE ANTICHRIST of all time, right next to SATAN HIMSELF (who pretended to be “allah”)!!!!

      Again, LONG LIVE DOGS, PIGS, APES, women and NON-Moslems!!!!! And we don’t care how much vomiting-rage, spitting-hatred, genocidal contempt, &c. you VILE Moslems feel against us!!!!!

      BRAVISSIMO, Monsieur Alain, for what you wrote earlier to that good-for-nothing arse-smeller who calls himself “Aneeq”…

    • There’s absolutely ZERO – repeat, ZERO, to be proud about in Islam unless you’re proud of being SATANICALLY-EVIL!!!!!

    • no such thing as allah….that is all BULLSHIT. concocted by the psychotic mad man from the sick century..muhamid is a murderer, allah is a mass murderer. and all muslims are being duped and lied to so the muslim elites can continue their murdering hamas.isis.hezbollah. Sufis. Taliban. alahaqudea….all serving up murder for islam.the poison of human decency.

    • Muslims are the cancer of the world. Like your tosser of a prophet Mo that “married” a 6 year old child and RAPED her. Now, that’s a good guy, or what!!!

    • Listen you bitch aneeq. Prove allah is the true lord. Your profit mo was a psychopath and he heard voices in his head. Even his child bride Ayesha said that he got convenient revelations. Was allah only concerned with mo and his perversions? That pervert could not resist his adopted son’s wife so much so that he asked him to divorce her in order to get married to her. And conveniently covered it up with a revelation. Bang on! Smart ass!! He should have been poisoned much before.

    • LONG LIVE DOGS (Mankind’s BEST Friend), PIGS (also a very important Friend to Mankind, notably in research), APES (yet another important Friend), WOMEN (half of the whole human race!!!!) and “infidels”!!!!!

      We PROUD “infidels” are SMARTER, WISER, more CULTURED, more FLEXIBLE, of BROADER MIND, far BETTER DEVELOPED and overall-BETTER PEOPLE BY FAR than you Moslem PUNKS can EVER hope to be with your “pure Islam” that wants to kill everything and everybody (even your fellow-Moslems) because of your SATAN pretending to be “allah”!!!!!

      By God’s Grace, not only will Ms. Bonni and her Website flourish for centuries: she and her progeny will see your Moslem-overlord Satan end up imprisoned in the Bottomless Pit for 1,000 YEARS!!!!!

      Yes, again I say: better by infinitely FAR to be a dog, pig or ape than to EVER be a Moslem – heck, even the lowliest bacterium or virus is INFINITELY BETTER than any and ALL Moslems!!!!! Take that and SWALLOW IT!!!!

      • Hear hear ADHD ! And indeed, long live our Bonni’s site : informative and educative, getting those inbreeds fits of their pajamas getting the mother of all twists, not to mention the laughter for us going through that crap they come up with. When they can manage to half-spell a sentence.

        Not forgetting of course replies they get for their trouble :mrgreen:

      • ADHD, thanks for hitting the nail on the head. Moslems hate pigs and dogs because of their (quite understandable) feelings of inferiority when confronted with these more highly evolved, agreeable and intelligent beings.

      • Well said ADHD!

        Saleem you cannot be blamed. You and your ilk is born with brains in the genitals on which there is no control. Period.

    • to saleem (who seems brighter than his prophet):

      Just to let you know that for the civilized people, calling a muslim a ‘dog’ is an insult to the dog.

      Mo0-HAM-mad being an ape would of course be an insult to the mighty ape. Primates are actually much smarter than the profit of pislam.

  26. ADHD you’re so hypocritical and still arrogant. Cant even take the truth about how dumb this site is and how ignorant it’s users are, and then you make up lies lmao grow up. Can’t even reply to you so I guess ill just comment here

    • Who cares, ‘Ali???

      We PROUD, CLEAN, LOVING AND BELOVED “infidels”, who are INFINITELY SUPERIOR to ALL Moslems, individually and collectively, DESPISE YOU for your bragging, arrogance, bluster, contempt and hatred!!!!

      It’s YOU, ‘Ali, who can’t take the truth about just how EVIL, Satanically-VILE, culturally-ANTIPODAL and utterly-MONSTROUS the CULT of Islam actually IS!!!!! If you were able to really think for yourselves, you would flee Islam like the Devil from Christ!!!!

      It’s NOT we Westerners that are making anything up – it’s YOU MOSLEMS who – because you’re so convinced that your lies are the “truth” – can’t open your eyes to the REAL TRUTH!!!! TOO BAD – LIVE AND DEAL WITH IT!!!!

    • Ah yes, one of their favorite pass-time : turn-table taqqiya. Hey Ali (another one), wouldn’t know truth if it hit you square in that inbred face of yours. And one of their best crap : calling ignorant those whom in fact they would be NOTHING. Guess you’re gonna give us that lonnnnng list of all that you good for nothing vermin “invented” ?

      In that case, then get ready for Istanbul_Chick : you’ll be in for a treat and a major round of virtual kicks up your obscurantist ass.

  27. I am Muslim and Proud to be one; born as one and will die as . But to all those ignorant uneducated people one advice for you guys “TURN TO ALLAH BEFORE YOU RETURN TO ALLAH” and Pls ask for forgiveness to Allah. You guys have no idea what you guys saying about Your Lord Allah who created you from dust. Allah mighty god forgive all the muslim brothers and sisters in the world, save us from hell fire and allows us to enter Janna tul Fardus.

    • Thats one good thing all u muslims must do and that is ‘DIE’ and help in turning this world a far better place than it is now.

    • Hey wench of allah anybody with half a brain knows i am here because my parents created me by having sex with each other……but ohyeah your just allah’s wench so you take it up your ass and dont know about sex with beautiful people known as females…..
      And to all you dumb asses that put this site down, your on this site….think about it

    • RETURN to Allah? Allah is the Zoroastrian moon-good, not the Creator. He doesn’t exist and never did.

      Incidentally, the Christians who said “with their own mouths” that Allah was the same as YHVH, it was only because of the way the false prophet Mohammad had described him in a few words, as being the one true Lord of All. No one who has read the Quran would think so.

      I wish you had the capacity for reason necessary to understand this.

    • what a fictitious world you live in mentally!! created from dust? eh? canyou prove it ? All i see is the degree of self indoctrination you will be a peaceful place without your evil doctrine

    • you truly are blessed,, idiots are innocent, but when you knowingly support such a terrorist group as islam then I have no sympathy for you.fuck off and die or denounce your religion of hate.islam has raped and murdered its way across to many nations.note that conversions come from FORCED illigitemate marriages,
      the murder of innocent human beings…not through peaceful means. islam is death,
      death of the individual, death of freedom of thought and expression, death of a peaceful world. islam is not peaceful, it is a warring hate filled ideology that needs to be obliterated from human society.Then the world will know TRUE peace.
      repent repent repent evil moslem. save the entire world one human at a time.

    • I was created from dust by the great I AM, the God of Abram Issac and Jacob the true on e true God. allah is a god of nothing and is not real. Mohammad was a pedophile, a liar, a murderer, a thief and a cult leader. Mohammad murdered, raped, pillaged, robbed and tortured people for years, just like his pathetic followers. All these horrible things he did for his personal pleasure and gain. The history books tell how discusting he was, how can you follow such a evil criminal? Mohammad, my his soul burn in hell for what he has done. Repent and run from the cult of Islam before you do something stupid like blow yourself up.

  28. I’m an atheist,my girlfriend is a French Catholic,one of my best friends is an Indian Hindu and another is an Isreali Jew.I respect people who respect others,but I really can’t fucking stand Islam.

    Its the most hateful piece of shit in world history.Allah is nothing but a sky pimp who gives his men 72 virgins and lets them kill Christians,Jews,Atheist,Sikhs,Hindus and anyone who does not believe in their sky fairy allah or his pedophile profuck Mu-ham-MAD.It condones sexism,homophobia,slavery,child molestation and racism.The dirty fascist laws of Islam called shitria have done nothing but to make the Islamic Arab world stuck in a perpetual Dark Age that never ends and lives on the blood of “infidels”.Muslims are nothing but intolerant savages who cannot coexist with people of other races and religions.Such arab cults must be stopped.

    7th century saudi barbarianism has no place in the 21st century XD

    • Look.. Allah isnt the name of the muslim God.. Allah means god in an other language.. so, the christians are believin in the same god as the muslims, and the muslims are believin in the same god as the christians, but not the same way..
      Look, why dont you just go and buy the real Qur-an and read it? islam says to not kill people.. to have respect from all religions.. it says who have no respect to other religions he also dont have respect to his own..
      And if someone kills himselfs, the Qur-an say, he will right get into the hell.. it doesnt matter why he killed himself.. everybody who kills himselves will burn for ever in hell..
      So real muslim are not killing civilian people..
      in my eyes these are not muslims who kill other people without any fuckin reason..
      I am a muslim too, Elhamdullilah, and so i tell you that everybody who says he is a muslim and he kills people without reasion, he is not a muslim!!

      • NO, ‘Ali and JouKah: it’s YOU MOSLEMS who can’t take the truth!!!!

        You want to destroy us all and think we’re so cursed and vile that we’ll stretch our necks out for your knives – just because your sevenfold-ACCURSED IDOL Mohammed said so?!??? You think every last word he uttered is true??? [By that idolatry you’re making him your REAL “god” – his “allah” (aka SATAN!!!!) was merely his sock-puppet!!]

        Tell me then: how come did we then manage to defeat you at Poitiers in 732, at Constantinople in 717-18 and so many, many other times and places throughout all the centuries, eh???? How come are you unable to use all the scientific, technological and other discoveries you “CLAIM” you all produced?? [Yeah right: WE PROUD “infidels” MADE THEM ALL!!!!!] How come all your armies, Ghazis, Janissaries, Hashasheen, pirates and other Moslem “warriors” FAILED to destroy Israel ever since it was created permanently in 1948???

        If you can’t see that your Islam is a 100%+ pure LIE, then may this anger you so very much as to make you literally drop dead of either a stroke or a heart-attack!!! If you do: GOOD RIDDANCE!!!!! [Of course, if you would come to your senses, REPENT for your crimes and RENOUNCE AND CURSE Islam, EVERYBODY will rejoice…]

    • Hahahah….. just wait upuntill 2050…. The muslim community of america will be the biggest community of america …. and that all is how ? due to your type of fool people …. there is million or billion of people who dont know the word of “islam” but through you they know … then investigate …. then love the fact …. convert into muslim ….. you do a great job….. keep it up!

    • Yeah, B.A., I’m not religious myself but Mohammadism is a uniquely loathsome mind-fucker. Filthy, degenerate from the start, brutal to women, destructive of ANY civilization that has the misfortune to make contact with it, inferior in all respects, Mohammadism is the AIDS virus of belief systems.

    • Muslims are most brainwashed mullahs..Islam lacks lack of freedom of expression.. Muslim womens are just victim of male harrasment and live like prisnors under vail.

  29. hey guys, please don’t fight for religion, we all are one.
    GOD make us. Don’t fight that i’m muslim, hindu, christian etc. live like a human being.

    • If Islam were NOT calling for the outright EXTERMINATION of everything and EVERYBODY un-Islamic, I certainly would be AMPLY happy to sit down and “live and let live”!!

      It’s the MOSLEMS who INSIST on “your way or death” that have backed us into this corner – and in that very way prove that they are NOT, repeat NOT, one with the rest of us!!!

      Since Islam DEMANDS the outright EXTERMINATION of art, music, science, peaceful-sports and Western medicine – not to mention dogs, pigs and apes as well as women and ESPECIALLY non-Moslems – that’s why we have ZERO choice but to fight back!!!!!

      • Why do people get beaded in iraq, iran n other muslim country…why they shout allah hu akbar before killing civilians?? Why every terrorist is muslim? Why they kill peoples who are the people spreading violence in Syria?? Why shouldn’t we hate MUSLIMS ??

    • rjkumar. Please dont say that all religions are equal. Don’t you know islam is above all the religions of the world and muslims are above the law of the land? They are given special status by thier allah. All non-muslims all dhimmies. They are allowed to kill all infidels, use taquiyya, behead those who insult islam, stone to death those who apostate, rape women and take them as sex slave, wage jihad against non-muslims. And all tihis is sanctioned in their holy crap qoran. Please educate yourself before making such irresponsible statement.

  30. I see that this article posting is more than two years old, from January, 2012. Since then the islamic shit heep has quite simply grown into a mountain that is smelling up the entire world. The stench has become noxious and intolerable.

  31. Please cover the UK in ground up pork scratchings, leave a message to say you have done so and let them breath the dust in. As a footnote dont they realise that the wrld is round and all there prairs to Mekka are going into space, thick cunts. Praise be to the bacon roll.

  32. Listen fuck allah. All you islamic followers do nothing except kill innocent people rape our women and a disgrace to humans. If you follow islam, go to your islamic country and follow your religion dont come to places like the uk and try to interfere in our country. Go back to your country and leaves us alone. We do not need allah or muslim and islamic beliefs – there all full of lies.

  33. tere amma ko chodu sale barenakedislam walee …..fuck

    how day to tell like that……u pasterd nd all of u……
    dont about islam …islam is the best religion …..

    • LIAR!!!!!

      We know all too well why we HATE Islam: given its hate for anything good and wholesome (particularly including art, music, science and Western medicine – not to mention women, dogs, pigs, apes and non-Moslems), that’s why we want nothing to do with it!!!!

      Take your taqiyya and your kitman ELSEWHERE – and all Moslems OUT OF THE WEST, NOW!!!!!

      DEATH TO ISLAM and all tyranny and totalitarianism, PERIOD!!!!!

      • Okay why so much hate Islam is very peaceful and hummable learn the religion before judging it . Allah is the maker had he done any hateful thing to you know he give life and take it . He created this world for you and everyone else do not curse my lord or you will forbid it when you go to lay in that dirt and you will feel flames from the hellfire . People hate to hear the truth about Allah and his mercifulness so please don’t curse my god and you will be amongst those who did and he maid a prime example out of. Them

    • I’m sorry, Mohammed, we didn’t quite understand that post. Could you repost in a language intelligible to human beings?

    • Did Allah created pig or not? If yes why hate pig?if no then who created pig?
      And how Allah Almighty?who can not create even a pig?

    • hey anwar,,,,go have a nice pulled porker ,,,,it’ll do your nasty moslem breath good.and you might like it.just like all my other moslem friends that I have converted…Abdul,gumma,hardi fasial they all said fuck you to moohamid and started eating pig..yea and before you know it there they were in the pew sucking up that sweet cheery wine and flat bread..,,.and holy moses wouldn’t you know it they started acting just like regular human fucking beings .go figure.

  34. I was always very suspicious why we can’t eat pigs or play with them like adult man play with woman while we can do it with goats and donkeys and they don’t seem to be clean as well unless you clean them but then even pig would be clean.

  35. Attention, world muslims, jews and all others that believe it is unlawful to touch pork or allow it into your bodies due to impurities that God purified, Americans eat pig! Pig is in American’s blood and water bodies. Our bodies sweat pig water into the Air. If you breathe in American Air or Drink American Water, You have pig entering into your mind, body and soul already. If you smell bacon, it has already entered your brain and cannot be removed. If you have SEX with an American that eats pig, you are touching pig in their body of water that exumes from our skin. The only way to be saved is to leave the country of America, accept Jesus Christ as God, for Him and His Father, is in us All and Water too, purifying pigs to those that believe in Jesus Christ and BY NO OTHER NAME, SHALL YOU BE SAVED! America’s sweat, water and air, will follow you wherever you go so you had better hurry up and repent from worshipping some other perishing false impurities and false gods and idols for My God IS in the Air, Light and Water and is coming to All, in All, so is pig.
    Who wants a yummy cream filled twinky? Attention All muslims, jews, Christians, Buddhists and Gentiles of America or has ever been here. When you smell bacon being cooked, that is molecules of pork of pig, entering your body and brain and cannot be removed. Restaurants and Americans cook with pig fat. Whomever eats or whos generations past has eaten or smelled pork is also in you now. Whoever’s had any generation that ate fried chicken or any fried food In the past made with lard as All Americans free or in slavery in the beginning of America to now has already, has eaten pig fat and is in you now. Accept Jesus Christ for in and with Him entertaining His righteousness living in Him and His Father with holy spirit of Christ In and through All, with Them in you and nature, then, All things are pure To you. I say as was told Peter, “Do not call common or impure that in which I Have Purified”. Eat pig, pork and cook bacon too for all to smell for food is purified in sanctification and prayer by faith In Jesus Christ, as food Is His Flesh as is drink is His Blood. JOHN 6:50-59. Acts 11:1-18. Titus 1; 15-16, Romans 14. NKJV.

    • India is full of muslims and you pigs are making fun of my nation saying it as intolerant. Our media has also become hypocratic about you guys (pigs).

      You can burn our innocent ppl travelling in the train.

  36. I am from INDIA.I am Atheist.But I hate the ideology and teachings of FUXSLAM sorry Islam. I-slam ISLAM.
    ALLAH HU FUCKBAR sorry ALLAH HU AKBAR. Muhammad was the only person who frequently used to meet ALLAH in JANNAT(Heaven) , where MUHAMMED used to enjoy sex with HURR(celestial beautiful virgin girls of 72 types) and GILMA(72 types of GAY slaves)
    Allah had two hands both on right sides.Allah mocks and cheating was his quality.Muslims says that ALLAH is eternal without body and unseen then how come MUHAMMAD see him? I know most of the Reality of ALLAH.I will expose this religion more and more in next comments

  37. May allah have mercy on you,this is sign that you are ready to accept islam,same way many people like you did the same and thereafter accepted islam.

    • And another one blinded by stupidity. Get lost Rashid, only dumbasses give any kind of credence to that backwards cult of yours.

  38. “Pigs – like Jews and Christians and Hindus – have very low personal and moral standards..” As a Christian, I guess I’m supposed to be insulted by that rather juvenile statement. If it had come from someone rational, I might be a little perturbed; however, the fact is, knowing that it comes from a representative of the paramount culture of death and hate, I consider it a huge compliment. If I were to be complimented by someone like him, it would probably indicate that I had gone over to the “dark side”

      • Dear Mr/Miss. barenakedIslam
        first I wanna tell you that we are not killers n trust me in that and i wish we could but simply we cant bcuz of our religion, if the religion allows us to kill then we wouldve killed all the other religion bcuz we are strong people with strong faith and specially Arabs we are bad dude!! you making fun of my God oh really?! why bcuz you too scared to go out to a Muslim and curse him or start a fight with him! he will beat you up and mop the floor with ur ugly looking I bet thats true too! but you people are stupid you keep making us believe that we are the killers n stuff like that will make our kids believe in that and they will become like this and they will delete chickens like you from this planet, back to our subject you only do that bcuz you are nothing nd you were nothing and your school maybe and everybody treat you like S#!t so you were nothing all your life and you start doing this bcuz it made you something am I right?! I kno I’m im not waiting for your answer bcuz you are nothing to me, as an advice go become something by yourself not by cursing others religions!
        In the end just wanna tell that if you hate somebody or someone thats only bcuz they are better than you and if someone hates make sure that you are better than him! thats why we dont hate, but I feel so sorry for you and for your past, read about this religion that you been making fun of and then tell me whats in it that makes you hate it

      • @ bare naked Islam you will regret that you said those words your mind is evil and corrupt Muslims don’t kill nor are they evil those who claim there Muslim and kill out of rage is not Muslims they are made of the devil not Islam my religion is the truth and my lord is forgiving and merciful he is pure and he give to whom he want and he give and take away life who do you think wakes you up everyday ? Not you Allah blows life into you and tell you to be I child of Adam don’t associate my god with a big because he not nor is Muhammad. Who will eat those words trust me you will

      • What the hell is this………

        Are you all are pure MaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaD…. writing these..?

        If u r belongs any religion, you can not insult others….this way..

        So sad to see you a inhuman …….

        • Typical taqiyya and kitman – we’ll NEVER forget how you Moslems DO insult both Jews and Christians, the true followers of the REAL God Yahweh (YHWH)!!!! Also, the way you, with your “al-Walaa wal-Baraa” doctrine, insist on destroying and killing EVERYBODY not a Moslem whenever it suits you!!!!!

          We Christians have developed a MUCH thicker skin and more mature attitude towards those who get angry at Him in whom we believe. We can forgive and forget – whereas YOU Moslems welcome every possible opportunity to get angry and enraged past the point of committing wanton RAPE, MURDER and DESTRUCTION!!!! It’s as if anger is a DRUG for you!!!!!

          Then on top of that, you DARE to call us “inhuman”!!!!

          That’s PRECISELY why Moslems by rights have NO PLACE in the West – and why I’d rejoice if all Westerners also left “dar al-Islam”!!!! [Mind you, Israel is part of the West, no matter how much you hate it and the rest of us…]

    • And dumbass Nashrin. We will never respect your pedophile prophet, your god Allah or Islam. Why can’t you inbreds get that thru your thick skull? You revolt and disgust me with your death cult. You choose to be Muslim so YOU totally respect your hideous prophet. We are not muzzies and we never will be! Therefore we don’t have to respect one perverted ideology being shoved down our throats from a seventh century mentality intent on destroying my way of life

      Listen you lice ridden savages. The largest population of the US is the baby boomers. We said the pledge of allegiance with the word GOD. We were taught patriotism and a love for the American way of life. Look around, all those Islamic pitholes . I know I wouldn’t go anywhere near that shit. Yet they come here and demand we make concessions and respect Islam. Go to hell with your mo and your Allah! Do they really think its going to be easy to conquer the US? Try taking away the important things Americans cherish, like football, beer, and a mouth watering rack of ribs on the barbi. You’ll see how fast Americans get off their asses! Of course, by the, it will probably be too late.

    • yes how dare you insult such a pretty pig like that by writing that stupid stupid name allah on its dare you insult that poor little porker.all allah and moohamid would do is rape the poor little porkerand even taste her tasty bits …poor little piggy.

  39. According to their high moral standards muslims kill their christian victims on a regular basis. Every 5 minutes they kill one. Every 5 minutes, day in and day out, every week, every month, every year, until we all are muslims. Ain’t that peace man?

    • Something like 150,000 Christians are killed for their faith every year. The majority of the spineless murderers are Muslim. This is from the religion of “peace”.

        • Barenakedislam is a site full of dumbasses and it’s mod won’t even let you reply to some comments cause of how stupid and arrogant he sounds

        • Just as well, ‘Ali: even if what you said was true, it – and all of us “infidels” – would STILL be infinitely BETTER than every last single Moslem man, woman or child, both individually AND collectively!!!!!

          Know why?? Your lying, bragging, exaggeration and BIGOTED HATE for everything and everybody “un-Islamic” means that you’re locked into prehistoric fatalism that accepts everything evil and won’t do one IOTA to change itself for the better!!!! That in itself proves how all you Moslems are in TOTAL BONDAGE to Satan himself….

  40. Pigs – like Jews and Christians and Hindus – have very low personal and moral standards..”

    Really?!?!? When Muslims are allowed to have sex with animals, corpses and who knows what else! And then the honour killings.

    • I believe the world is becoming unglued!! All this talk about Different religions I’m Christian and believe that there is only one god, But when it becomes to the point that Moslems make up there own version like be-heading people because they won’t convert is sick shame on the Muslim people if you can call them human ,I think you people should stay out of Our Countries, we don’t want you coming here. And Our Owen Government needs to put a stop to it. THANK YOU…

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