UK Muslim community worker who was told by a colleague "You can never trust a Muslim" had his claims for 'racial' discrimination in the workplace thrown out

Ahmed Bham, who is Muslim and a community development worker with the NHS Foundation Trust, said he heard the remark in a conversation about the Mumbai bombings. Bham, (no doubt looking for a big payoff) also argued that he was subjected to “humiliating, insulting and verbally aggressive conduct” in a team meeting, refused time off during the Islamic religious festival of Eid, and discriminated against on the basis of his sex. (goat sex?)

Gloucestershire -(H/T Sheik Yermani)But employment judge Christopher Carstairs dismissed all claims by Bham, whose work took him across Gloucestershire. The tribunal

NHS Muslim nurse burqa

heard that Bham himself had been questioned by a senior colleague during a conference at Cheltenham Racecourse about “unacceptable behaviour”. Judge Carstairs ruled that there was no evidence to uphold Mr Bham’s complaints.

Bham claimed the discriminatory incidents took place between September 2008 and January 2010. He complained to his employers after a colleague said: “You can never trust a Muslim” in September 2008. However, the matter was not included in his initial claim, so was not considered by the tribunal. Bham’s other allegations of racial and religious discrimination were rejected after the judge decided not to accept his recollection of events.

Witnesses at the tribunal said Bham had been “aggressive” at the meeting, in November 2009, where he claimed to have been the victim of discrimination.