Are THESE the Libyan 'rebels' Barack Obama is supporting with your tax dollars? (WARNING: Very Graphic Images)

According to the descriptions, Libyan rebels are carrying out these barbaric acts of torture. However, I have no confirmation that the torturers are, in fact, ‘the’ rebels. One thing we do know they are: Muslims.

(I don’t expect these videos will stay up on YouTube very long. Please copy and save them for me if you can. Still haven’t figured out how to do that and repost here)

Rebels sodomize a soldier with a gun

Rebels sodomize and torture a small boy

This video has now been removed from Youtube. But you can download this one as well as the other two here from this link:  4BNI.html  (Password: infidel)

H/T Jonah

Rebels hang and behead Gaddafi soldier