27-year-old Israeli man was savagely beaten and nearly killed after taking a wrong turn into an Arab neighborhood in northern Jerusalem

Local residents who were out on the streets immediately began pelting Nachshon’s vehicle with stones after identifying him as a Jew. Nachshon was then pulled from his van and brutally beaten about the head before being rescued by one of the village leaders.

(That he was saved by a Muslim man still doesn’t change the fact that no muslims should be permitted to live in the Jewish capital. Period.)

Israel Today – Nir Nachshon, a moving company employee, was trying to reach the Jewish town of Ma’aleh Adumim on Jerusalem’s eastern outskirts when his GPS device mistakenly directed him into the Arab neighborhood of Issawiya.

The muhtar (village leader) of Issawiya protected Nachshon from further attack until an Israeli Border Police unit arrived and rushed him to a nearby hospital. He is currently in stable condition. On numerous occassions over the past year Israeli Jews have errantly entered Arab neighborhoods in eastern Jerusalem only to narrowly escape with their lives.

Israeli commentators say the younger generation of Arabs has been so radicalized by a Palestinian school system full of anti-Jewish incitement that they will try to kill any Jew on sight. Police officials have lamented that Arab parents suffering either from indifference or fear of appearing to be “pro-Jewish” typically do nothing to prevent the younger generation’s violent ways.