Israel Intelligence is reporting that flotilla terrorists will be carrying a gift for the Israelis: CHEMICAL WEAPONS

Senior officials in Jerusalem who briefed reporters Monday night reported information received that the organizers of the flotilla had laid in a store of poisoned chemicals aboard the ten or so vessels in the flotilla for use against Israeli troops boarding them. They are quoted as saying they had no problem with spilling the blood of Israeli soldiers.

DEBKA (H/T liphfreedom) –Contrary to the purportedly peaceful nature of the flotilla setting out this week to break Israel’s Gaza blockade, Israeli intelligence sources reported Monday, June 27, that some of the activists aboard the boats are extremists who are perfectly willing to forcibly resist efforts to intercept them and are ready to kill Israeli servicemen coming on board.

Another falsehood exposed is the Turkish IHH’s statement that its members had withdrawn from the expedition. This turns out to be a deliberate red herring. Not only are IHH Islamic fundamentalists aboard but also likeminded Arab and other nationals.

In fact, Israeli intelligence had identified at least two Hamas supporters – Amin Abu Rashd, one of the Dutch organizers of the flotilla and former head of a Hamas “charity” foundation in Holland which the Dutch security authorities shut down after discovering it was funding terrorist operations. The other one is Mohammed Ahmad Hanoun, head of another fund for terrorists called ABSPP.

Earlier Monday, the Israeli defense cabinet approved the navy’s plan for preventing the flotilla from reaching Gazan shores by “firm and determined action.”

"This time, fellas, take no prisoners"

The Israeli Navy  held an exercise incorporating several special forces units as part of ongoing preparations to prevent an international aid flotilla from reaching the Gaza Strip in the coming weeks.

The organizers of “Freedom Flotilla 2,” to include 15 ships and some 1,500 pro-Palestinian activists, plan to set sail from European ports later this month and are expected to approach Gaza coast in the first week of July. Members of the Israeli navy’s elite Shayetet 13 commando unit, in conjunction with other special forces teams, on Wednesday held mock raids simulating scenarios that can possibly unfold in case a military operation were to be ordered, including violent encounters with armed activists.
On the anniversary of ‘Marmara’ operation, senior Navy officer says Israel preparing “surprises” for new flotilla to Gaza, soldiers under order to use force but objective will be to take over ships non-violently.
One of several IEDs confiscated from the last flotilla

The Israel Navy is prepared to intercept and take control of the ships participating in the new flotilla to the Gaza Strip, a senior Navy officer said Tuesday on the anniversary of the IDF operation to stop the Mavi Marmara that ended in the death of nine Turkish nationals. “We will order the ship to stop, but if they don’t, we are prepared to intercept and board the ship,” a senior officer told reporters.

The Israel Navy has been asked by the government to prepare an operational response to prevent the flotilla from breaking the sea blockade that Israel has imposed over the Gaza Strip. Under the blockade, Gazan fisherman are allowed to sail three kilometers off the coast of Gaza but no further. Ships are not allowed to enter waters that are twenty kilometers from the Gaza Strip.
According to international maritime laws, however, the Israel Navy is allowed to intercept and take control of a ship that declares its intentions to sail to Gaza even before it enters the waters that are under the blockade.

The Navy has been conducting training exercises in recent weeks in conjunction with the Air Force and in line with the lessons learned from last year’s flotilla. Members of Israel Police and the Prison Service, who specialize in quelling civilian protests and violence, will participate in the operation to stop the flotilla together with the commandos from the Navy Flotilla 13, better known as the “Shayetet.”

The senior Navy officer said that Israel was preparing a number of “surprises” for the ships that are expected to participate in the flotilla.

He said that soldiers were under order to use force to neutralize armed danger and neutralize attackers if necessary, but that in general, the objective and the goal would be to take over the ship non-violently and without casualties on either side.