WOO HOO! McDonald's is killing more Muslims than our troops are

Looks like Palestinian women aren’t the only ones with a growing obesity problem.

The increasing popularity of American junk food in the Gulf’s Arab states has caused an epidemic of diabetes with 27% of UAE citizens and 25% of Saudi citizens suffering from the disease. The expansion of fast food chains has also undermined the Arab boycott of Israel, as Arab governments collude with big business to allow companies like McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, KFC and Starbuck’s into the region. Even the Holy City of Mecca has two McDonald’s, a KFC and a Starbuck’s, amongst others.

The anti-Israel image machine has been doing a number on you for over 60 years.  Today they would have you believe the Gazans are starving.  The truth–as with most of what you hear about Israel–is the exact opposite.  Indeed, palestinians (thanks to the American tax payer) are some of the fattest people on the Earth.

Would you like some fries with that!  Gazans are just below Americans in their level of obesity.  As you can see, the problem with Gaza is not a shortage of foodstuffs, but the lack of exercise.  They are lazy.  The blockade is legal under international law, and it does not prevent any food from entering Gaza, only weapons.  Hamas is attempting to break the blockade so that they can rearm and continue pummeling Israel with rockets.  The world is focused on Gaza only because the Arabs have oil, and the anti-Israel PR machine works 24/7, year after year on your cerebral cortex to turn your brain to mush and zombify you.  Below, Gazan food markets brimming with fresh fruit and all manner of tasty local treats.