When passengers from the Gaza Flotilla Cruise Ships dock in Gaza, this is what they can expect

Luxury Hotels, 5-Star Restaurants, Exclusive Private Clubs (if you can wrangle an invitation) Equestrian Facilities and Sports Clubs, Water Parks with Olympic Size Pools, Upscale Shopping Malls, Beautiful Beaches, Luxury Rental Cars, and much more!

Flotilla Cruise Line




Despite the so-called siege, new shopping center in Strip opened its doors to enthusiastic crowds, offering international brands, much-needed air-conditioning. Mall’s manager promises affordable prices tailored for local residents

Never heard of this mall? It’s probably because the Palestinian Authority and Hamas really don’t want you to see it. After all, it is in a posh neighborhood in Gaza, and they don’t want you to even know there are nice neighborhoods there. They want you to have the false image of a poor starving Gaza. Does this look like a “humanitarian crisis?” No, of course not, but it is where the Flotilla Cruise Line guests will surely go shopping, yet the Arab media will never show those photos.

Being a new shopping mall, we suspect the “humanitarian crisis?” includes a severe shortage of hoop earrings and certain shades of lipstick. This of course are so dangerous that small children will cry when their mothers have to wear dangles instead of hoops on their wear. This is intolerable! Don’t fear though, the Flotilla Cruise Line guests will have plenty of air conditioning to keep them cool while Hamas screams about not having electricity.


The Crazy Water Aqua Fun Park was opened in May 2010, destroyed by Hamas militant, and completely rebuilt. The landscaped park featured three swimming pools, a canal 100 meters long, three water slides, ponds with pedal boats, a restaurant, a cafe, and a quiet area shaded by a tent where adults could sit on carpets and listen to music.


When the Flotilla Cruise Line guests arrive in Gaza, they will undoubtedly want to cool off in the Olympic-sized swimming pool in Gaza opened in 2010.



In stark contrast to regular Western media reports of widespread deprivation and destitution in Gaza, there is a sense of absolute prosperity, as manifested by the grand resorts and beaches along Gaza’s coast.” Visitors will find the beaches crowded everyday of the week with all those ‘starving’ Palestinians.


There is an intolerable condition in Gaza – it is a long distance call to the Palestine Sailing Federation’s mobile number, 970-599-745666 from the flotilla ships! But have no fear – we have a solution to the problem. Gaza Flotilla Cruise Line Guests can easily join the club using the ship-board Internet connection via their Facebook page! Yes, there is no need to wait or worry because surfing in Gaza has never been easier.


Hamas wants you to think they have no roads or decent cars, just camels and old clunkers, but that is not true. In fact, there are plenty of websites, in English, where you can book a car and driver so you never have to get lost while in Gaza. Oh, and by the way, “hiring a driver” is what is known in the rest of the world as a Chauffeur. There are more than 20.000 thousand luxury cars in Gaza today with that number set triple in the next few months.


You don’t really need to remove all those crates of food you’re bringing for the ‘starving’ masses in Gaza. In fact, if you do, there may be no room to store it in Gaza, so overflowing are they with foodstuffs and grocery items, as well as clothing and toys.


ROOTS CLUB – There is no shortage of upscale restaurants in Gaza either. A unique blend of contemporary design and urban chic, Roots Club is an icon in the heart of Gaza City. This multi-use complex – which includes an international cuisine fine dining restaurant, an elegant banquet hall and a terrace café – is just minutes from Gazas key attractions, shopping facilities, and business center. It is only 200 meters away from the white sand Gaza beach.

From luxury goods to everyday household supplies, hundreds of truckloads roll into Gaza each day from Israel, the same Israel that must maintain a blockade on the coastline to keep out weapons and bombs on their way to Gaza terrorists: