Audacity of Dopes' PLAN B – invade Israel through Ben-Gurion Airport

A group of anti-Israeli pro-Palestinian organizations and activists from the territories and abroad are planning to organize a “consciousness-raising event” at the Ben-Gurion Airport and in Judea and Samaria on July 8.

Meir Amit – The project is the initiative of 15 groups and organizations in Judea and Samaria and abroad, most of them local and Palestinian.

1.  Conspicuous among them is the (Communist)International Solidarity Movement (ISM), an international network which belongs to the coalition directing the campaign to delegitimize Israel and which specializes in obstructing the activities of the Israeli security forces in the territories. It has a central role in sending activists from abroad to friction points in the territories such as the villages Bila’in and Ni’lin and its senior members have important positions in organizing the flotillas to the Gaza Strip within the framework of the FGM.

2. According to the website of the event’s organizers, they have chosen to arrive at Ben-Gurion Airport on July 8 because the following day marks the anniversary of the day (July 9, 2004) the International Court in the Hague declared the security

International Solidarity Movement members pose with Palestinian terrorists, 2006.

fence (which they refer to as “the wall”) erected, according to the website, to support the settlements, was illegal. According to the organizers, 500 people have already ordered tickets for the flights, including  families with children. One group connected to the initiative operates in Berlin (according to an interview on Israel Channel 10 TV with one of the activists), and may fly to Israel from there. However, additional groups are organizing to arrive at the same time from other countries. The organizers say delegations will arrive from Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Africa.

Keep it up, terrorist supporters, and you'll have more of these for your posters

3. The organizers are planning a non-violent protest display in support of the Palestinians at Ben-Gurion Airport on July 8. From there they will leave for Judea and Samaria, where they will visit Palestinian villages and cities for a week, accompanied by local residents. They are aware that it will not be a summer camp because visiting the territories may involve risks. They are taking into consideration that the visitors will come into contact with IDF soldiers and a confrontation may arise. They are also taking intoconsideration that it is highly likely that Israel will not allow activists from pro-Palestinian organizations such as the BDS to enter the country and will deport them from Israel, but that should not deter them from arriving. In any case, they will be instructed not to hide the fact that they came to visit “Palestinian friends.”

Audacity of Dopes' Code Pinko Medea Benjamin front and center

4. Ideologically, the organizers of the “consciousness-raising event” regard it as a counterweight to and extension of the flotilla and convoy activity. That is because, they claim, the flotillas and convoys focus narrowly on the issue of the Gaza Strip, while Israel (to which they refer as “the Israeli colonial regime”) continues its “apartheid policies” and “racism” throughout “historical Palestine,” including the Negev (southern Israel) and Galilee (northern Israel), violating basic human rights and conducting ethnic cleansing. The terminology they use (in an announcement issued in March 2011 and since on their websites) clearly indicates that they do not recognize the State of Israel and belong to the international coalition involved in the campaign to delegitimize it.

What about all these 'Rachels' killed by palestinians?

5. In addition to the fundamental objective of defaming Israel to erode its legitimacy in international public opinion, the secondary objective of the event is, according to the organizers, to protest the limitations Israel places on the arrival of anti-Israeli individuals from Ben-Gurion Airport to Judea and Samaria(or, as they put it, the humiliating attitude of the officials at the Ben-Gurion Airport…and the illegal, offensive, arbitrary opposition preventing humanitarian organization activists and peace activists from reaching Judea and Samaria).

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