AUSTRALIA: Does this look like a peaceful protest to you?

These pro-Palestinian terrorist demonstrators who are screaming and yelling and preventing customers from entering this Israeli-owned store claim they were viciously attacked by Melbourne police. 

Biopolymath -(H/T Shirlee F) – According to the pro-terrorist group, 20 protesters were arrested during the action against Israeli-owned Max Brenner store. The chocolateria in the Queen Victoria mall is owned by the Israeli conglomerate ‘Strauss group’; a company that provides “care rations” for one of the most brutal sections of the Israeli military, the Golani brigades. The protest occurred as part of the global Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign against the apartheid Israeli state. The peaceful picket was ‘kettled’ before leading activists were individually targeted, in what seems to be a new tactic from Ballieu’s riot squad. 

Demonstrators maintain that the offensive by the police was entirely unprovoked. Melbourne University student Abdul Aziz described the scene: “I was horrified by the police’s unprovoked behaviour. All we were doing was speaking out against a corporation which boasts about their support for one of the most brutal militaries in the world. Then they just started grabbing people around the neck and dragging them away.” (And thank God they did) 

Civil liberties lawyer Rob Stary said “Tonight’s arrests show the new Victorian government is prepared to criminalise legitimate dissent.”

Coalition against Israeli Apartheid member Omar Hassan, one of the arrestees, remains defiant. “The aim of the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions movement is to draw attention to the racist and militaristic policies of the apartheid state of Israel. It came as no surprise to me that the Police would use violence against critics of Israel. 

Herald Sun – Well-known columnist, Andrew Bolt, see it differently. “I never dreamed I’d live in a country in which Jewish businesses were boycotted and blockaded. The shame. The utter shame. But then I’d never dreamed, either, that I’d be taken to court for expressing my opinion. Or that a news organisation would be denied a government contact for being politically unsympathetic. Or that news outlets would be banned by government ministers for asking basic questions. Or that academics could protest against free speech.”

And that a letter such as this could appear in the Sydney Morning Herald

The wise and timely essay by Samantha Selinger-Morris (’’Old hatreds in a new medium’’, July 2-3) raises an issue that should make Jewish community leaders in Australia rethink their attitudes to the growth of anti-Semitism.

Tragically this upsurge of racism is attributable directly to the perceived suffering the Israeli government has imposed on the Palestinian people. The current Israeli government is more responsible for the spread of anti-Semitism worldwide than any ratbag racist groups waving symbols of Germany in the 1930s…

Vincent Matthews Forestville