AUSTRALIA: New law tells Muslim women, "Lift your veil or go to jail."

Do not pass go. Do not collect $200 or a bigger payoff by filing an “Islamophobia” lawsuit.

NEWS AU  (H/T MattB)THE NSW government has been accused of politically intimidating Muslims with its proposal to change the law so police can demand the removal of burqas for identification purposes. Muslim women can be forced to remove their face veils during routine car stops under new powers granted to NSW police.

The NSW powers, among the toughest burqa laws in the world, are aimed at ensuring police can properly identify motorists and others suspected of committing crimes. Under the NSW laws, police can now order people to remove any kind of head covering, including garments such as burkas and niqabs, during routine stops.

However, Hizb ut-Tahrir, a global political movement that wants Muslim nations united under a caliphate said, “For us, it’s a case of political intimidation,” Sydney spokesman Uthman Badar said. “It’s not a police issue, it’s the fact that a non-issue has been turned into an issue. It happened before with the anti-terror laws and this is doing the same thing.” (Maybe Australians are telling you to abide by their laws or get the hell out?) READ MORE: NEWS AU