CANADA: Even the Hindus are sick to death of Muslims hijacking their public schools

Muslims using the school cafeteria for Friday afternoon prayers has outraged more than just Christians and Jews. Hindus don’t demand and get the same considerations for their religious rituals and they are angered that their children are being force fed halal meat in some schools without their knowledge.

The NATIONAL POST reported on Wednesday that Toronto’s Valley Park Middle School opens its cafeteria for 30 minutes every Friday during the school year to accommodate Muslim students who need to pray. The school board said this is a form of reasonable accommodation of religious practice, a principle found in the Constitution and in human rights codes. Others say that by having an imam come to the school to conduct a prayer service comes dangerously close to the school endorsing a religious practice — something a public institution is not supposed to do. The program has run for three years, apparently without complaint. But recently a Hindu group said it worried about special treatment given to Muslims and the use of school property for a religious service.