NEW ZEALAND: Muslim baghead kicked off bus

Adeeba Jabbar of Porirua in her full-face hijab, similar to the clothing that resulted in two other women being refused bus service in Auckland.

A Saudi Arabian student was left crying on an Auckland street after a bus driver refused to let her board because of her Muslim veil. Good for him!

AUCKLAND – Prime Minister John Key says cultural beliefs should be respected and women should not be discriminated against because they wear a burqa.(CRAP. She could have a bomb under there)


“As she stepped on to the crowded bus, the driver shouted, ‘Out!’ She asked why and was told, ‘Because you cover your face’. He insisted that she get off the bus, then closed the door and drove off.”

The Consulate-General of Saudi Arabia has written to the Government to complain about that incident, and another two days earlier when a driver for the same company, NZ Bus, told another woman to remove her veil.

Key said New Zealand was a tolerant and inclusive society.(That’s the problem. Time to be a little less tolerant of the most intolerant people on earth)

”I think where practical, and on both sides, people should respect others’ culture and cultural beliefs. There is practical reasons why sometimes a burqa won’t be applicable; banks for example for security reasons from time to time they will enforce that.(They are offensive to non-Musilms, that should be reason enough to ban them. Let her go back to Saudi Arabia if she wants to wear a black garbage bag)

There was no need to ban the wearing of burqa in public, Key said. France last year passed a law banning the wearing of face veils in public. Key said he was comfortable with women wearing burqa. ”It doesn’t offend me. It’s part of people’s beliefs.’(That’s why you won’t be in office too long)

NZ Bus said both drivers involved in the incidents had been sent on counselling programmes and had been found to be suffering from ”maskophobia”. ”Both drivers … claim it’s not religious … but they genuinely have a phobia of people wearing masks, hence why we have not dismissed them,” general manager Jon Calder said yesterday.

Sameer Aljabri, the husband of one of the women, said he would lodge an official complaint with the Human Rights Commission on behalf of his wife, whom he would not name. She had been travelling with the couple’s one-year-old son in May. (Get the hell out of the  country if you don’t like it. That’s what Saudi Arabia tells Western women if they refuse to don a black garbage bag)

The letter from the Saudi consulate to the Foreign Affairs and Trade Ministry said that, two days later, student Gawheer Saud Al Thaubity was left on a street crying. (Good, time to realize muslims are not wanted in civilized countries)

Australia, on the other hand, is expanding the rights of police to remove Muslim women’s headbags to check their identity.