Britain, where throwing a pig's head onto the roof of a pub is considered a hate crime

A pig’s head was thrown onto the roof of a shuttered pub which is due to be turned into a mosque. (Now there’s the rub, it is NOT yet a mosque. So why is this being called a ‘hate crime’ instead of a prank?)

MK NEWS – Police have confirmed they are treating it as a religiously motivated hate crime after they discovered some ‘pork products’ on June 24. (Hey, one man’s hate crime is another man’s Sunday dinner)

The pub is due to be converted into a Muslim place of worship after the plan received permission on Thursday, April 14, and has already been the subject of vandalism – there are also reports of this type of incident happening before. (Yes, see below)

The application, made as a current mosque on Duncombe Street is becoming too small for the community, has already attracted protests from the British National Party, and even prompted right wing group England is Ours to invite American pastor Terry Jones, who arranged a Koran burning.

Chief Inspector Ed Mclean said: “We are treating this incident as being a religiously motivated hate crime and officers are working closely with the local community to identify those responsible. “This type of religiously motivated hate crime is unacceptable and will not be tolerated in Milton Keynes. (Exactly which religion is this pub?)

“Officers did attend the mosque earlier in the morning, at about 8.20am, after a member of the public reported some men acting suspiciously. Officers conducted an area search but were unable able to locate any offenders.

This video shows a shot of a dismembered pig. followed by footage of two men clearly throwing something on top of The Plough, a former rock pub on Manor Road in Bletchley.