OCCUPIED DEARBORN: Muslim invaders have taken over and it is no longer safe for Americans to go there

Gee, we’re just like the UK now. America has it’s own NO-GO Zone if you are a non-Muslim – Dearbornistan, Michigan.

THE UNITED WEST – Watch as a Jewish cameraman is spit on and attacked by two Muslim thugs at the 2011 Arab International Festival. Bigotry and hate are on full display in Dearborn Michigan. The Muslim community does not want to blend into the American melting pot. It demands special treatment and its own state within a state. America cannot survive with Muslim enclaves like Dearborn, MI. We cannot become France, or England, or Saudi Arabia.

OPEN YOUR EYES America…this is what happens when you capitulate to a supremacist ideology, energized by an anti-American doctrine of “the Shariah.” What will it take for good Americans to realize that shariah-Muslim thugs, directed by the Muslim Brotherhood, want to destroy America and everything that has been built over the past 235 years! What will it take for the good people of Michigan to find the courage and fight for their state, as city after city become Islamic enclaves telling Americans to…“GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE, MAN!”

Law enforcement does nothing despite being in the general vicinity of the attack. Deputy Alvarado tells Muslim Deputy Assad Turfe who one of the attackers is – the coward in the white T-Shirt with Tattoos on his neck. Luckily the camera picked up the conversation between the two deputies showing how Deputy Assad Turfe does nothing even after learning the identity of the attacker from a fellow officer.

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