BINGO! ‘Unruly’ passenger who went ballistic and had to be tackled by passengers on United flight from Chicago to Germany is an ARAB

The FBI has now identified the passenger as a 21-year-old man,  Saleh Alramakh, of Akron and Riyad, Saudi Arabia.

19 Action News New information on the unruly passenger that caused a plane to have an emergency landing at Hopkins. It happened Friday on a United Flight from Chicago to Frankfort.

The flight attendant pushing the beverage cart says Alramakh started yelling and swearing. He also made several trips to the bathroom, and stayed inside for long periods of time. Flight attendants considered taping the bathroom door shut so he couldn’t go back inside. In the end, passengers tied Alramakh up and taped his mouth with duct tape.

“Kind of just ran up to me and grabbed me, literally, by the shirt and said you need to come with me now,” said passenger Joseph Shulfer. “And I ran back there to see that there were basically three guys wrestling on top of the guy who I later learned had been inside the restroom for, like, 20, 30 minutes and he wouldn’t come out. So we duct taped his mouth shut. He was able to get that off himself and almost choked by swallowing the duct tape.”

Charges against Alramakh are pending. He remains behind bars this hour.

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