Former Czech Prime Minister could face criminal charges for comparing Islam with Nazism

TRUTH = The New Hate Speech

INN – Former Czech Prime Minister Milos Zeman may face criminal charges for calling Islam an ”anti-civilization” enemy whose type of thinking he compared with the Nazis. Speaking at an international conference on Europe last month, Zeman stated, “The enemy is the anti-civilization spreading from North Africa to Indonesia. Two billion people live in it and it is financed partly from oil sales and partly from drug sales.”

The former prime minister, who is known for strong statements and insulting speeches, last week compared the manner and strength of Muslim beliefs in the Koran with the followers of Nazism, who he noted believed in racial supremacy and anti-Semitism. He also asserted that Islam is more aggressive and intolerant than other religions.

Zeman was prime minister of the Czech Republic from 1998 until 2002 and transformed a weak Czech Social Democratic Party into one of the country’s major parties along with the Civic Democratic Party.


2 comments on “Former Czech Prime Minister could face criminal charges for comparing Islam with Nazism

  1. do me people a favor and dont mix muslim with hitler thats exsacly fool Zeman,please go from politic if u dont know the standart things…..islam is nice religion and nobody who know nothing about have the rights talk about.milej Zemane taky by jsi mel zajit do kostela jde to stebou s kopce Milosi.

    • LIAR!!!!! The Moslems were STRONGLY SUPPORTING Hitler in World War II, to the extent of forming one complete SS-division (Handzhar division!!!), so you save us your taqiyya and your kitman!!!!

      Since I don’t know Czech, I’ll answer you in Russian (transliterated for your benefit): Poshjol vón ot zdjésj, mudák!!! [Begone from here, arsehole!!!]

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