Former Czech Prime Minister could face criminal charges for comparing Islam with Nazism

TRUTH = The New Hate Speech

INN – Former Czech Prime Minister Milos Zeman may face criminal charges for calling Islam an ”anti-civilization” enemy whose type of thinking he compared with the Nazis. Speaking at an international conference on Europe last month, Zeman stated, “The enemy is the anti-civilization spreading from North Africa to Indonesia. Two billion people live in it and it is financed partly from oil sales and partly from drug sales.”

The former prime minister, who is known for strong statements and insulting speeches, last week compared the manner and strength of Muslim beliefs in the Koran with the followers of Nazism, who he noted believed in racial supremacy and anti-Semitism. He also asserted that Islam is more aggressive and intolerant than other religions.

Zeman was prime minister of the Czech Republic from 1998 until 2002 and transformed a weak Czech Social Democratic Party into one of the country’s major parties along with the Civic Democratic Party.

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  1. do me people a favor and dont mix muslim with hitler thats exsacly fool Zeman,please go from politic if u dont know the standart things…..islam is nice religion and nobody who know nothing about have the rights talk about.milej Zemane taky by jsi mel zajit do kostela jde to stebou s kopce Milosi.

    • LIAR!!!!! The Moslems were STRONGLY SUPPORTING Hitler in World War II, to the extent of forming one complete SS-division (Handzhar division!!!), so you save us your taqiyya and your kitman!!!!

      Since I don’t know Czech, I’ll answer you in Russian (transliterated for your benefit): Poshjol vón ot zdjésj, mudák!!! [Begone from here, arsehole!!!]

    • Now Miss Nicola it would be v beneficial for you to get someone to help you read the following. You will find it interesting, educational and inspiring! hehe

      Oh you idiot, its v well known the connection with Hitler and islam. He was v close friends with the muslim leaders of the time and you can see the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem with Adolf in the German newsreels of time as Hitler took him all over Germany and made him an honorary German General. You have v little idea of your own religion which is very common among muslims. (If you are not muslim you are defending something you have not got any idea about.) Whether you are muslim or not you have read NOTHING. None of its fake ‘scriptures’ and extensive additional writings or its REAL history.

      So, Adolf adored islam sweetie, he was v open about it and said clearly he anted it for the German people because it was so brutal and savage!!!!! Haha. You can read his own words on this but you seem quite dumb. He learnt all he knew from them and wasn’t shy admitting it. The Mufti of Jerusalem told him about the ‘Final Solution’ in 1941. Genocide you see sweets is allowable in certain koranic and other Islamic ‘scriptures’. Especially for the killing of every Jew on the planet but also for many others who they take a dislike too as well. Like the 1.5 million Armenian Christians who the Ottomans slaughtered in WW1 when they sided with the Germans (because they were hoping to piggy back into Europe with the Germans and then take over you see, they WERNT fighting for Germans, they never fight for anyone else!!) But muslims will NEVER accept this appalling cruel mass murder as a war crime because its in the damn Koran you see dumbo!!!!! So it can’t be wrong can it??? Horrific barbarism.

      But the way they killled them so traumatised the german eyewitnesses some where scarred for life. They left extensive written reports and photographic evidence. Evidence of your ‘nice religion’ dearie. Have a look online. But the Ottomans often used their ‘human slaughterhouses,, throughout their whole history. The New Ottoman Order of Turkey has secretly helped ISIS set them up again in Syria and dear you can see that online too from a few muslims who managed to escape during a fire fight. They had been told they were going to be sacrificed because they were ‘bad’ muslims. Yes sacrificed and that’s a different story from later Islamic writings .Cant be bothered telling you about that because your airhead will only JUST be coping with what I am saying now about real islam.

      So in Islamic ‘scriptures’ Jews must wear yellow and Christians blue. This was where the Islamic ‘bunny’ Adolf Hitler got the ‘yellow star’ that he enforced Jewish people to wear. It was music to Islam’s ears when the vicious idiot said he wanted islam for the german people so once AGAIN they sided with the attackers, not having learnt from WW1!!!!!!! They thought he couldn’t lose, that this was it, allah was finally coming through for them and after 1390 years of trying to conquer Europe allah was going to let it happen as allah has promised in the ‘scriptures’ WELL NO…….they are so dumb, and it was another spectacular FAIL. But islam NEVER accepts responsibility for its horrific behaviour. For siding with the aggressors in BOTH wars some reparations were expected for the appalling suffering and gross mortality it helped inflict on a massive scale. But islam doesn’t see it like that because it has a ‘master race’ mentality and thinks only islam owns the world and everything in it so Europeans are withholding what they say that appalling thing they call ‘allah’
      says is theirs. Ridiculous.

      Their ‘bunny boy’ Adolf learnt the ‘master race’ complex from islam as well as ‘only the german people own Europe. Everyone else except the Scandinavians , the English and possibly the French were sub humans only good for slavery which sweets is archetypal islam!!!!!! They are/have been the greatest slavers in the world, still doing it this second on large sale in Africa, but they were the middle men during the Europeans slave history. The difference is the Europeans eventually had conscience and acknowledged it is against Christian teachings. AND BLOODY ISLAM has the nerve to say its superior to Christianity and Judaism for that matter. Both these faiths are so far superior to islam its gobsmacking.

      You probably also wont know that until the early 1800’s in Europe the people built their villages and towns back from the shore mostly because of the constant raids from filthy muslims stealing the white people for slavery, particularly for sex slaves. There’s so much people do not know but thankfully the truth is slowly but steadily coming out. Including the real truth about the crusades which were defensive only. The Christians of Europe endured horrific raids from filthy muslims for 460 years before they responded. You can see the whole multitude of attacks through the 700’s easily online and then the 1st attack on Rome was 846AD. Long before ANY Crusade. Until they could stand it no longer and knew they would have to do something v serious about it or end up like North Africa. An Islamic dumb backwater, lying about its ‘advances’ as islam has done the whole time. That’s all being exposed now as well

      . Everything in stupid Islamic ‘museums’ has been shown as lies. eg, islam did not invent chess (its ancient Persian). nor the dome, its Roman. You can still see the first dome in the world in Rome today. Its called the Panthenon. They DID not do the maths, they stole that from the non muslims they enforced. The list is huge of what they DID NOT do. So shove off you retarded clown You know NOTHING at all about islam. May I suggest you start reading its ‘fake scriptures’, esp if you are muslim but if you are not you still need to read because you can’t comment on something that you haven’t read the ‘scriptures’ or real history.
      This fake religion is a curse on the earth and now the dumb idiots think they are going to conquer Europe now, at last. When what is really going to happen is that it will be totally destroyed, mecca destroyed, the ‘sacred stone’ in the kaba destroyed (a relic from the so called ‘pagan’ faiths before islam and mohammed just kept it). Gross hypocrisy of the highest order, but its islam. That meteorite is worshipped by muslims. They worship A STONE!!!

      ! So in the Book of Revelation you can read what a man called St John the divine said was in the future. The destruction of the great Satan. He saw visions. An outstanding bit is ‘I saw a flying scroll destroy a great city in the desert near the world’s busiest sea lane’ He wrote in AD95. But his ‘flying scroll is a nuclear missile. We will finally destroy islam totally because its us who are the superior in every way and islam just cannot accept it because it suffers from a huge inferiority/superiority personality complex. We however don’t need to harp on about our superiority, it just IS. We will destroy every trace of islam. We have too. They leave us NO choice.

    • Also silly haven’t you seen the photos of muslims holding posters saying ‘Hitler the Great’ PBUH???? (peace be upon him) They are making him into a prophet of islam and they are right. He WAS. The posters also say ‘get ready for the real holocaust’. So full of hate, archetypal islam sweets.