'OCCUPIED' DEARBORN: Muslim baghead whines about being forced to remove her headscarf in the presence of male officers during a "facial recognition" procedure

OH, BOO HOO! Rachel Chinavare (Muslim convert?) said she was made to sit in a waiting area in the station without her hijab and then was forced to walk into a room containing five male officers to retrieve it from a locker after her request to have it brought to her in a separate room was refused. Chinavare said she felt embarrassed and was denied her religious need for privacy and modesty in the presence of men. 

Arab American News – Chinavare, age 18, had been charged with misdemeanor assault stemming from a dispute with her mother’s boyfriend, who she said was intoxicated at the time in the family’s backyard hot tub.  She said they were engaged in loud and lewd behavior while the pair’s bathing suits were seen laying outside of the hot tub. (Oh, that’s rich. Her need for privacy from men was violated after she got into an altercation with a naked, intoxicated man when all they asked of her to do was to take her filthy headscarf off! Poor thing)
Dearborn Police Chief Ron Haddad said that officers followed standard procedure during the night regarding the facial identification process and in responding to the call and allegation of assault by the boyfriend as well. “The arresting officer exercised great sensitivity to the young lady, explaining the entire process and allowing her the opportunity to obtain the required bond,” he said. “She was investigated at the station and released in less than one hour.  Booking procedures were followed as a photograph must be taken. This was explained to her in full and she appeared to be cooperative.” 
Chinavare was also not allowed to continue wearing her hijab while waiting because it is perceived by the department guidelines as a potential hazard for despondent people who have been arrested and may wish to hang themselves. (In that case, they should have left it with her)
Dawud Walid of Terrorist Front Group CAIR-MI said he was surprised to hear about Dearborn’s policies in treating Muslim women wearing a hijab and respecting their religious need for privacy among male officers.  “Headscarves are allowed for Muslim women in state correctional facilities as long as they are not high risk, and taking pictures while having a hijab on is good enough for the Michigan driver’s license and  for the federal government to get a passport, so why can’t it be good enough for the city of Dearborn?(Headbags shouldn’t be allowed anywhere in America)