TSA: You might be a terrorist if you're under 6 years old, a 95-year-old grandmother, and now, if you have 'POOFY' hair

Wear a Muslim bag on your head and you’ll sail right through airport security. But if you are a Black woman with ‘poofy hair,’ the TSA will pull you out of line for enhanced groping.

MEDIAITE – The TSA is being slammed from both sides of the aisle for their intrusive and often seemingly ineffective search measures on travelers. But the “racism” charge is one seem with less frequency, especially as children and the elderly complain that they are being searched needlessly to avoid racial profiling.

Adiele noted that the hair inspection came after TSA agents ordered her to go through a full-body scan, which she noted was “already uncomfortable enough,” but that she was later told her hair required a second look. “They didn’t give me a reason at all,” she noted, other than saying they needed to inspect “anything that poofs from the body.” Her response to the statement MSNBC procured from the TSA– which noted that specific kinds of hair can require more inspecting than others– was to note that this policy was nowhere on their website or visible to the average traveler. “The whole thing seems so fishy to me,” she added, noting that she was being laughed and stared at during the process. 

About that 6-year-old ‘terrorist suspect’ who got groped by the TSA twice on his way to Disney World.