ISRAEL: McFALAFEL FLOPS! UK Guardian picks a food fight.

‘McDonald’s takes McFalafel off its menu in Israel because of poor sales.’ Not exactly newsworthy, even in a slow news day for the mainstream media, but the Guardian has decided to politicize the story.

(It’s a story that happens in fast food restaurants all around the world.  McDonald’s introduces a new dish, people don’t like it, sales are poor, then one day, POOF! it’s off the menu for good)

From Honest Reporting in an aptly titled story called ‘The Guardian Politicizes Mideast Peas’ the Guardian UK reports, 

It is the standard fast food across the Middle East: balls of ground chickpeas tossed into vats of sizzling oil and served with pickles and salads inside a pitta bread.

But the ubiquitous family-owned falafel street stalls and small cafes faced a challenge earlier this year when McDonald’s introduced the “McFalafel”, the global burger chain’s own version of the Middle East staple, in all its Israeli restaurants. Now, in a rare admission of defeat, it is withdrawing the McFalafel, saying it was an experiment that did not work.

“We realised that falafel doesn’t belong in McDonald’s,” Omri Padan, chief executive of McDonald’s Israel told the news website Ynet. “We wanted a vegetarian dish … but it didn’t succeed. The falafel dish is gradually being removed from the restaurants.”

(OK, fine, end of story, but no….The Guardian has to add a little dig of its own)

Falafel is thought to have originated in Egypt, although Israel now claims it as a national dish.

(Another attempt to demonize Israel by implying they take things that don’t belong to them? This would only come from the sick twisted leftie mind of an anti-Israel biased journalist)

UK Guardian Newspaper Advertisement: What a surprise!