[UPDATED!] LITIGATION JIHAD: Hire a Muslim woman ONLY if you enjoy getting sued

MUSLIM woman sues Duane Reade after she was fired when she showed up for work one day wearing a headbag. Of course, these Muslim bitches never come in for an interview wearing a headbag, only after they are employed for a while. Then they sue you if you don’t like it.

(These kinds of stories are nearing epidemic proportions, and the instigator behind all these fraudulent lawsuits is Terrorist Front Group CAIR)

NY POST – A former Duane Reade employee on Long Island says she was fired when she started wearing a hijab, a traditional Muslim head covering, a lawsuit charges.

Hira Iqbal, 21, claims that boss Errol Smith told her store policy “does not allow people like that” to wear such clothes at work, claims the federal First Amendment lawsuit, filed in Central Islip. A spokesperson for Duane Reade said Iqbal quit and was not fired.

UPDATE: As if you didn’t have enough reasons not to hire muslims, here are 13 more.

Planks Constant (H/T Gerald)

1. Muslim Dunkin Donuts – No Pork on my Fork we read about a Palestinian Arab who sued Dunkin’ Donuts for discrimination against him based on his race by making the sale of breakfast sandwiches with bacon, ham or sausage a mandatory part of his franchise agreement. This is why Muslims cannot assimilate. They seek work for which they are not at all suited, rather they demand that the enterprise suit them.

2. Illegal immigrant Muslim FBI/CIA agent accused of passing info to Hizballah worked in Iraq questioning Al-Qaeda detainees It just keeps getting worse: the Keystone Kops idiocy of the FBI and CIA in hiring this woman and employing her in sensitive work is a manifestation of both agencies’ abysmal failure to address the ideological dimension of this conflict. They hardly know what a jihad is, much less know how to question a potential employee to determine her allegiance to the jihad and Islamic supremacism. On Tuesday, she pleaded guilty to conspiracy to illegally search FBI computers for classified information about Hezbollah and to naturalization fraud. 

3. You’re standing at the checkout counter at Target; you unload you groceries, milk, bread, bacon, some fruit. The cashier, wearing a Hijab stops at the bacon and calls for help. You wait a few minutes for another worker to come by and help ring up the bacon and put it into a shopping bag. You ask if the cashier is Muslim – she says yes. If this were the Twilight Zone you would understand that you are in a world where up is down and left is right. Why would a Muslim work in a place where she is forbidden to handle pork, alcohol, or other filthy infidel products? Welcome to a Target store in Minnesota.

4. Your flight just landed and you exit the airport heading for a taxi. You are carrying a few bags of gifts from the duty free shop. The cabbie, a Muslim, refuses to take you because he suspects you may be carrying alcohol. The rest of the cabbies are Somali Muslims. What do you do? If you want to get home you’ll have to ditch the booze. That’s what happens to an airport that allows Muslims to be taxi drivers.

5. In Australia, where 2,000 of the 10,000 cabbies are Muslim, comes the story of Muslim taxi drivers refusing to carry blind passengers with their guide dogs because they consider dogs haaram despite the legal requirement for taxi drivers, shops, restaurants, hotels and supermarkets to accept guide dogs.

6. Are Minneapolis Taxi Fares Going To Support Al-Qaeda? In many cases American hospitality has been repaid with a refusal by the Somalis to integrate into the larger society that hosts them, bringing lawsuits and allying themselves with radical Islamist organizations. In fact many Somali Americans seem be intent on reproducing nothing more than “little Mogadishus” wherever they have been resettled. The track record of America’s Somali refugees so far suggests that these people are largely unappreciative of the stunning commitment which has been made to them by the people of the United States.

7. A female Muslim sued a Hair Salon operator for hurt feelings because she wasn’t hired as a hair stylist and was awarded £4,000 in compensation. Why she wasn’t hired? She wouldn’t remove her headscarf and show her hair while working [Radarsite: Muslim job applicant: Hire me or else —]. I suppose Muslim women can now apply for jobs as pilates instructors and refuse to work in anything but a full Hijab and anyone who refuses to hire her will be sued.

8. Electrolux settled a complaint with (who else) the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission over an allegation that it failed to allow prayer times for its Muslim employees. The Somali Community Center in Minneapolis had filed the complaint on behalf of 165 workers at Electrolux Home Products in St. Cloud , Minn. Under the settlement, Electrolux agreed to allow the workers time for sunset prayer, provide a Somali translator on occasions when policies or procedures are discussed, give managers and supervisors diversity training, and donate money to a local Islamic center.

9. Two women in Dearborn, Mich., have filed suit after they say a local McDonald’s manager refused them jobs because they wear traditional Islamic dress. “He simply (told me) I had to make a choice and remove my hijab, or I would not be able to establish employment there,” Quiana Pugh said. [DRUDGE Retort] Now why would a Muslim woman want a job when she knows she will be asked to handle a bacon, egg and cheese on occasion? Oh  yeah, L-A-W-S-U-I-T!

10. A Muslim said he is suing Tesco for religious discrimination because he was asked to handle crates of alcohol in a warehouse. Mohammed Ahmed, 32, was employed at the supermarket giant’s Lichfield depot in September last year for a job that included transporting various goods on fork-lift trucks [ifeminists.com].

11ALCOHOL PRIZE OFFER AMOUNTS TO RELIGIOUS DISCRIMINATION? – Imran Khan, 25, claimed that the bottles of wine on offer put him at a disadvantage because, as a Muslim, he could not drink alcohol and was therefore unable to claim the prizes. British-born Mr Khan, who works for Direct Line Insurance, is seeking damages for “hurt feelings” under the Employment Equality (Religion or Belief) Regulations 2003. Mr Khan’s team leader, Louise Cummings, said she introduced the incentives as a means of “improving staff morale and performance”. “If I had realized that I had hurt anyone’s feelings, then I would have taken steps to rectify that immediately,” she added. Tariq Sadiq, for the company, said that another Muslim worker, who had won an alcoholic prize in a similar scheme, had “simply” exchanged it for an alternative.

12Muslim sues Met after being told to fry bacon – A Muslim chef is suing the Met police after being asked to cook pork sausages and bacon for breakfast. Hasanali Khoja is accusing the force of religious discrimination after it refused to guarantee that he would not have to handle pork.

13. From the comment section of Jihad Watch, “I have a friend who works in the government run public trustees office…they have had an influx of Muslim employees over the past 5 years…2 years ago there was a notice circulated that employees were no longer allowed to have decorations on their desks or in the workplace such as Christmas or Easter items as this was inflammatory to those employees that were not Christian and did not celebrate those holidays. They were allowed to have “happy holidays” decorations that did not depict any religious or Christmas content. The Muslim employees were provided an area of the office (which was in view of the employees) to pray several times a day along with a person who led prayers out loud…Muslims did not have to be subjected to Christmas decorations once a year but the employees had to be subjected to muslim prayer daily during the work day. CAIR wants a workplace free of religious discrimination…so much for that.”