UH OH! Glenn Beck ventures into enemy territory – EAST Jerusalem

After Glenn’s speech at the Knesset, he and some others wander over to a reception in East Jerusalem – an area filled with a number of angry, pro-Palestinian radicals. What could go wrong?

Glenn described as he pulled up to the house that there was a huge gate, and razor wire fence all around the complex. As they entered, they noticed multiple security guards before heading up to a gorgeous balcony filled with about a hundred people, according to Glenn and Pat. “They’re making a presentation. And I’m trying to listen, but as I’m trying to listen to what they’re saying, I’m hearing the shouts in Arabic,” Glenn described. “It sounded more like: Let’s kill all those people on the roof.”

While Glenn said the view was beautiful on the balcony and he felt very safe, he said he saw Joe, his Chief of Staff, looking over the ledge with a very concerned and worried look. Joe told Glenn that it appeared that Arab youths were gathering in the streets and throwing chairs in their direction.

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