Latest on the Mumbai Islamic terrorist attacks

Out of India….

IBN LIVE – Ammonium Nitrate was used as explosive substance to carry out the triple blasts in Mumbai on Wednesday evening. Union Home Secretary RK Singh said that Improvised Explosive Devices which used ammonium nitrate and electronic detonators were used in the blasts. Singh said that the IEDs showed that they were not crude devices but indicated sophistication.

A day after three blasts ripped Central and South Mumbai, UK Bansal, Secretary (Internal Security) in the Home Ministry, said that Mumbai Police are carrying out investigations on the fact that a body was recovered with wires. He said there could be a possibility that he was very near to the explosives or there could be a possibility that he was the human bomb as well. Bansal said most of the bodies have been identified and added that “some bodies have been severed and police is in the process of identifying them”.

Senior BJP leader LK Advani, who visited the blast sites early on Thursday, called the three blasts a policy failure. He said, “India should work towards ensuring that ISI be declared a terrorist organisation.” Advani also pointed fingers at Pakistan. “India Mujahideen (IM) gets assistance from Pakistan. The last Mumbai attack is proved to have been assisted by Pakistan’s ISI,” said Advani.

Is Mumbai considered a “soft” target for terrorism?

The Indian Mujahideen (IM), which recently formed a group called the 313 Squad and has been recruiting youngsters to organise attacks across the nation, once again tops the list of suspects. Sources told CNN-IBN that since vehicles were ostensibly used to plant bombs at two of the three spots hit on Wednesday, two alleged IM operatives Mohammed Mobin Abdul Shakoor Khan alias Irfan (32) and his cousin Ayub Raja Amin Shaikh (28) – arrested by the Maharashtra ATS on July 6 – are being questioned as these operatives had allegedly supplied the cars which were used to plant bombs in the Gujarat serial blasts of 2008.

While investigations will reveal more about how and who conducted the serial terror attacks at Mumbai’s Zaveri Bazaar, Opera House and Dadar, certain patterns point towards IM’s complicity. The most important pattern is the number 13. A look at recent attacks across India reveals the pattern: Jaipur serial blasts (May 13, 2008), Ahmedabad blasts (July 26, 2008), Delhi serial blasts (Sept 13, 2008), Mumbai attacks (Nov 26, 2008), Best Bakery blast in Pune (Feb 13, 2010), and now the July 13 serial blasts in Mumbai again.