What is the media leaving out of this story?

A woman of Pakistani origin was the victim of a hate crime by two black women Thursday night. (What, no ‘allegedly’ a victim? Have they tried and convicted the alleged perpetrators already?)

Buffalo News – A Niagara Falls woman is accused of using ethnic and racial slurs and then assaulting the victim in a Dollar Tree parking lot at 810 Portage Road. Police are searching for a second assailant, police Superintendent John R. Chella said. Antoinette S. Ivey, 32, of Ninth Street, was charged with third-degree assault, charged as a hate crime, which is a felony.

The 26-year-old victim and other witnesses told police that Ivey and another woman were driving in a van and yelled an ethnic slur at the victim about 8:20 p.m. as she was walking up Portage Road to meet her husband.

The women allegedly swore at the victim and her husband, and when the victim asked the suspects why they were swearing at her, the suspects exited the vehicle and assaulted the woman, police said. (Somehow I find it hard to believe that that’s all the baghead said to them. I mean everyone knows how much muslims hates blacks whom they refer to as slaves in Arabic)

The victim was slapped in the face, knocked to the ground, punched, kicked repeatedly and had her hair pulled, police said. She suffered bruises, pain and swelling to her head and body. There is “no indication” that the victims and assailants knew each other, said Chella. Ivey was ordered held on $750 bail.

Chella said the assault was an isolated incident and that he couldn’t remember the last time a hate crime was reported in the Falls. The department is required to report such crimes to the state Division of Criminal Justice Services quarterly, and this may have been the first instance to report this year, Chella said.